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Cleaning Wax Off Countertops

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Anyone who's ever said "just wait for it to dry and chip it off" has never actually tried to clean wax off a nice shiny countertop. I spilled candle wax and it wasn't the kind of wax that gets hard. It stayed soft and gooey even after I laid a bag off ice on it to freeze it.

Here's what I did to get it off. I scraped up as much wax as I could with a non-metal instrument (I used a wooden chopstick, but I bet a credit card or Popsicle stick would work). I got a small stack of paper towels and my clothes iron. I put a paper towel over the wax and ironed the paper towel. I repeated this a few times with new clean paper towels, sopping up more wax as I went along. Once most of the wax was gone and while the remaining wax was still warm, I cleaned the rest off with window cleaner.

I even tried this on an old wax spill and it worked beautifully!

By Jess from Chicago, IL


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By caper_197201/30/2014

Question? I have a wax burner and my daughter just accidently spilled it all over my counter top. I got most of the wax off but my countertop has a film over it where it was all split. I tried using different cleaners and it doesn't seem to work. Any recommendations?

By Jennifer Bisson07/07/2009

Try a hair dryer instead. Start with a non scraping tool to remove the excess then melt the wax with a hair dryer on LOW! Finally, blot with pieces of a brown paper bag. This way you don't have to clean the iron of afterward and the brown paper bag will soak up every last bit of wax.

By Cricket [201]07/06/2009

This is perfect timing! I spent all yesterday afternoon melting some candle wax and cleaning out jars that they were in. I have a mess on my counter! I scrubbed most off with a brill-o pad but can still feel it. I"ll take the iron to it tomorrow. Thanks!

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