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Acrylic Paint on Clothing


How do I get dried acrylic paint off of shoelaces?

By Pamela from Villa Park, IL


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By Rob 1 52 02/05/2011

I suggest you try a solvent, such as alcohol or methylated spirits. Then rub the affected area quite hard.

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Archive: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

I would like to know how to get acrylic paint stains out of cotton fabric and cotton/polyester fabrics. My kids were doing crafts at camp and got paint on their good clothes, how can i remove the unwanted stains? Marleen

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

I removed white paint off my husbands navy jacket with Pine Sol. Don't know why I even tried it but the paint was not fresh and it came out with some rubbing. (08/22/2005)

By siris

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

I have found a product called Goof Off II worked well for removing acrylic paint......spray well and rub it in and wash as usual. I have had a few that needed several treatments/washes but it all came out for me . Good luck! I got mine at Menards. (08/24/2005)

By Donna

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

I'm an artist and have had the same thing happen. I've had luck with a product called "Krud Kutter." This stuff is great. A hardware salesperson turned me on to it and I will be forever grateful. It's also quite cheap. What a deal! Good Luck! (08/25/2005)

By Barb

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

I was successful removing acrylic paint with WD-40. Took some rubbing, but it did dissolve most of the dried paint. (02/23/2006)

By Seth

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

Original Pine Sol (15% pine oil) works! Pour big glob on stain and immediately scrub with toothbrush. This removed 2 week old dried (in some cases already washed with other ineffective stain removers) acrylic paint from denim, cotton knits and spandex. Got the tip on this site. (09/10/2006)

By Joanne Kelly

Archive: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

How do I get red acrylic paint out of my white nylon jacket, blue jeans, brown pants and brown vest?

Autym from Ear Falls, ON

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

I was almost going to cry after my daughter got acrylic paint on her new coat. I used the 'goof-off' that someone recommended and out it came! I sprayed it on and scrubbed it with a toothbrush and it all came off. (11/20/2007)

By Laurie

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

I just got yellow acrylic paint on my jeans. I used Windex and scrubbed, and the paint came out with so little left that you could barely see it. (02/25/2008)

By Jackie

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

My college freshman got artist grade yellow acrylic paint on a North face jacket. And not just a little, it was caked in areas. I soaked the areas that had the paint on it in Pine-Sol (because that was what I had) and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then with a kitchen knife I started scraping and scrubbing the area. It takes some time and patience but it worked! I was so thankful. (04/03/2008)

By Dena

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

As a student artist, it's almost impossible for paint to not get on your clothes. My suggestion is just using soap water and a cloth. This works for both wet paint and dried paint. It's not recommended if the garment has been sent through the washer and dryer though. (06/10/2008)

By Kayla

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

I used to do a lot of painting with acrylic paints. I left my shirts on the washing line through the rain and then let it dry in the sunshine, it was out there for a couple of days and sure enough it came out. So, if you still haven't found the answer you could try mother nature. Plus, she doesn't cost a penny! (07/16/2008)

By a good source

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

The Windex did not work but maybe because I had a generic version. The Pine Sol did it, I had almost instant results. I have my favorite pants back! (08/04/2008)

By Tracy

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

Thank you, thank you, thank you the pine sol worked great and you saved an expensive suit! (09/29/2008)

By anne

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

Thanks everyone! You've given me hope and a lot of suggestions to try. Every other website said "forget it" and recommended buying new clothes. Will report back on which method worked for me. (10/27/2008)

By Laura

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

THANK YOU! My 2 y.o. daughter got into one of her sister's art kits with acrylic paint and smeared it all over her cream colored 100% cotton sweater dress and leggings. It was dried on, but I had a little lemon pine sol left in the bottle so I poured a little directly on each stain and rubbed the material together and it all came out! I ran out for the pants, so I sprayed some simple green on them and that worked too. (01/11/2009)

By 4girlsareplenty

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

I just tried Windex on my 10 yr old's turquoise tank top and the yellow paint is virtually gone! THANK YOU Jackie! (02/02/2009)

By E Ronakov

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

Wow! Thanks for the Pine sol tip. I was very skeptical that this would work as my daughter's shirt had already been through the wash, but I figured I had nothing to lose. It took a little elbow grease and an old toothbrush, but I was able to scrub out pink acrylic paint on my daughter's pale blue knit top. It even got most of the stain off a ribbon that's tied at the neck of the top. Amazing! (02/17/2009)

By Diana

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

Just removed acrylic paint from jeans including sewed portions with Pine sol (original with 15% pine oil) following recommendations on this site. I used a hard tooth brush and the color has not run. Great result! Thanks all for posting useful tips. (03/01/2009)

By Charles

Archive: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

My blue colored shirt has got a few deep white spots of acrylic paint. Please help with suggestions on how to remove these stains.


Archive: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

How do you get acrylic paint off of clothes?

By vanordem

Archive: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

I have a dried red stain from acrylic paint in my jeans, how can I remove it?

By Julia from USA

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

Try fingernail polish remover. The kind "not" made for artificial nails is stronger. Sometimes rubbing alcohol works, but try the fingernail polish remover. Just dab some on with a cotton ball, wait about 5 min, then keep dabbing with a paper towel. You might also try an old toothbrush to get into the nap. Afterwards, pour on some liquid laundry soap then wash in the machine in warm or cold water. (not hot!) You may have to repeat this 2 or 3 times. Do not put any stain in the dryer or iron. The heat will "set" the stain!

If this doesn't work, try the other type of fingernail polish remover (made for artificial nails) or, they also make a paint remover for clothes. It's sold in craft stores, fabric stores, and some home stores (like Home Depot). (01/18/2010)

By Cyinda

RE: Acrylic Paint on Clothing

I have had success with hand sanitizer and dried in paint. I had it handy and it worked. Took some rubbing. It also cleans paint from paint brushes. Good luck. (01/20/2010)

By flying-brush

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