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German Shepherd/Husky/Ridgeback Mix?

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Anyone have a German Shepherd/Husky mix with a pronounced ridge on their back? I presume she also has ridgeback in her.

Pam from Melbourne, Australia



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By George R. (Guest Post)12/30/2008

I have a cross ridge back/German Shepard and he's so wonderful. Best dog ever.

By Matt (Guest Post)11/10/2008

I had a ridgeback and Husky mix. The dog was a NIGHTMARE! Impossiable to train and started to get aggressive. After three years the dog had to go.

By Lynda (Guest Post)08/30/2007

Yes! My neighbor does. It's golden with a distinct ridge of hair growth and a wonderful watch dog, and pet to four small children. It doesn't like to stay out for long though, likely because of the heat? God bless you. : )

By Carrie [2]08/29/2007

I don't recall a ridge, but a narrow black stripe down the back of a Rhodesian ridgeback.

Go to the AKC website and read about your breed characteristics.

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