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Removing Lipstick Stain on Silk

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I got red lipstick on a white silk dress, how can I get the lipstick off?

By furch from CA


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By Sandy [6]08/30/2009

Victoria's Secret sells a product specifically for lipstick and other oils on lingerie. I think it was $10 but a little goes a long way and it really does work.

By Monique [105]08/30/2009

I have heard that WD-40 will remove lipstick stains but I am not sure if this will work on silk but you could try a tester patch.
Put a spot of WD-40 on your blouse in an inconspicuous place (under the arm for example) and then wash as you would normally. If there is no sign or residue of it then you could try it.
Saturate the lipstick stain with WD-40 and then rewash. It should come out perfectly.

Good luck,
Monique :)

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