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Removing Anti-Reflective Coating from Glasses

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The anti-reflective coating on my prescription glasses is so scratched I can hardly see out of them. Occulist won't remove it and wants to charge me for new lenses! Any suggestions as to how I can remove the coating myself?

By Sourcerer from UK


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By c willis01/17/2011

Go to Hobby Lobby or any craft store and buy Armor Etch it's a glass etching and rub on and wash off with water. I could hardly see out of my glasses and I tried this product today and it took the coating off and they are like new glasses

By Sherri [4]03/04/2010

I am just wondering where you people are getting your glasses from?! I work in an optometrists office and sell glasses. Years ago, with poorer quality materials, this was a problem, but with new products and technology to apply coatings, we never see this happening anymore. (there is the rare case of a bad batch, but that is very seldom)

If the glasses are new, there should be warranty against that, at least in our office, we offer a 2 year warranty with anti-glare coatings. Sometime you do get what you pay for, going cheap isn't always best. You only do have one pair of eyes!

By jscsgrl01/06/2010

I've never had a problem until my most recent pair of glasses...purchased from a different optometrist - cheaper lenses than my regular opto quoted. I'm wondering if the lab applied a poorer quality coating...I had my last pair for 10 years - the glasses wore out before the coating!

Meanwhile, I'm very interested in removing it rather than spending $180 for new lenses!

By Cajun [55]10/31/2009

Go to an Automotive Parts store and purchase Plastic Polish/Cleaner/Scratch Remover (several good manufacturers such as Maguiers, 3M,Mother's, Novus). Use a non-abrasive cloth and begin the hand-polishing process. It should remove the coating and minor scratches. Don't be aggressive; use a little TLC :)

By Misty [19]08/23/2009

I also hate my anti-reflective coating on my glasses. I do not have an answer either. I just know that next time I buy glasses, they will NOT have this coating on them!
Good luck in finding an answer. I am curious as well.

By Dena Roberts [31]08/18/2009

Me, too. Scratches, holes in the coating, looks like peering through water all the time. Extremely irritating! To read, I have to look over the tops of my glasses. Looking forward to replies as to how to get this "stuff" off my glasses. Thanks for asking the question.

By Holly [350]08/18/2009

I have had nothing but problems with the anti-reflective coatings in terms of how long they last, even when using the correct cleaning methods - so I no longer get them.


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Question: Removing Anti-reflective Coating on Glasses

I purchased a prescription pair of eye glasses about 8 months back. It is a branded glass with an anti reflective coating. Now the left side lens is not clear, as the coating has developed some scratches. I want remove the total coating on both the lenses so that I can see clearly. How to do it?

By R. Srinivasan

Most Recent Answer

By Stephanie [142]01/27/2014

I'm not sure you can remove the coating yourself without damaging the lenses. Have you contacted your optometrist for help? Mine has always been really good about fixing issues with my family's glasses and there's never been a charge (and my boys are ROUGH on their frames). They may be able to remove the coating, or it's possible that the lenses may even be under warranty, although I do remember being warned that the protective UV coatings do scratch easily - worth checking at least.

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