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Information on Shepherd Boxer Mix

Light brown and white puppy.

I am looking for any info on Shepherd Boxer mixed dogs.

mny81 from Rockford, IL


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By Frances Adams 11 554 09/20/2009 Flag

I don't know what kind of info you are looking for? It is a pretty pup, and will probably be very active and intelligent!
The smartest dogs I have ever had have been mixed breeds.

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By Robyn Fed 394 1,240 09/21/2009 Flag

I would say the dog would be very dignified and happy and full of a zest for life. Shepherds are noted for their intelligence and they are always walking or running the property lines, Boxers are so good natured. I think this dog will be splendid. Sounds like a darling and a winning combination.

Most of all have fun and spend lots of quality time together and go to for lots of free training videos, articles, and podcasts. This is such a great site; fun training that works!

Blessings, Robyn

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By Candy Killion 10 408 09/22/2009 Flag

Go to the AKC website and take a look at their info for both breeds: size, temperament, intelligence; that can give you a little bit of an idea as to what to expect growth-wise, activity level and such.

Agree with another poster who said that some of the smartest dogs I've had have been mixed breeds; also, mixed breeds are less susceptible to whatever particular breeds might have listed as frequent medical issues; e.g. GSD's often can have hip problems, but a mix is less apt to.

Enjoy your pup--what a face!

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By Nan Corpe 7 290 09/23/2009 Flag

That's a cute dog. If it is shepherd/boxer mix it will need lots of exercise (at lease a solid hour a day). They need to keep their energy used up and their joints and muscles in shape so they don't get arthritis, etc. Don't feed your dog before you exercise it, only feed it after to avoid 'bloat.' It will naturally be protective, so you will want to socialize it well with other dogs and people. Good luck.

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 10/18/2009 Flag

I just wanted to say how cute and adorable your doggie is.

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By Helen Elizabeth Jordan 1 09/21/2010 Flag

AW it's so cute. I have a boxer/ shepherd myself, whose name is Samson. His face looks like a shepherd and his body is most like a boxer, First off let me tell you they are extremely intelligent. Don't underestimate them just because they're "Mixed". Second they need a lot of exercise. Mine is only about 4 months old and he can already run faster than me. Also since they like to be active they eat more than usual.Third if the puppy has long ears you might need to clean them. Use a damp cotton ball. Fourth puppies really like to chew, since their cutting teeth, rawhide bones are really good for their dental health, and they have extremely sharp teeth, so watch out for your hands they could nip you and not even mean or realize it. Fifth they have sharp nails; they'll need to be clipped. Sixth they need regular trips to the vet, as all dogs do. They are protective and territorial so the visits to the vet should be good for them.
And obviously, love.

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