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Dog Pooping in My Bed

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I have 3 dogs. Two I've had for four years, and one I've had for 11 years. My neutered dog has never used relieved himself in the house in the 4 years I've had him. Friday when I came home from work and he had peed on my bed. Monday I came home from work, and he had pooped on my bed. Why is this happening and how can I correct it?

By Amy from Berlin Heights, OH


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By Sherri [6]02/23/2011

Hello, Please take your baby to his Veterinarian for am exam. There might be a medical issue that is causing this to happen.

By Myrna [13]02/23/2011

The easiest solution is to shut the bedroom door or put a gate across it to keep animals off the bed while you're gone. No fun working all day and then coming home to soiled bedding needing changed and a mattress needing scrubbed.

Have you considered covering your mattress with plastic to keep it from being ruined? Or buy one of those large plastic liner pads and apread over the top of the bed to keep the bed dry and cleaner if you don't like the first option.

By Sharon [9]02/23/2011

Dear Amy you might look at something that might have up set your dog. We had a cat that always used the litter box until my son got married his new wife didn't like the cat and threw things at her. The cat then started peeing on the rug in her bathroom. But when shut out of her area the cat always used the litter box. Cats and dogs can be vengeful.


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Question: Dog Is Pooping in Owner's Bed at Night

I have a 8 year old Chihuahua that has just started pooping in my bed at night. It is as if she sleeps so soundly she doesn't know that she does it. Why is she just now doing this and how do I stop it?

By Sharon

Most Recent Answer

By heather inwood [11]09/06/2011

I find that my dogs go to the toilet not long after their main meal, so I feed them their dinner at 4pm in the afternoon.


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Archive: Dog Pooping in My Bed

I am the owner of a mini pincher. He has developed the habit of (for lack of a better word) pooping in my bed. They are only small ones that look like they've slipped out? Frankly, I'm just disgusted with the whole problem. Does anyone know a way I can get him to stop?

Grossed out from Pittsburgh, PA

RE: Dog Pooping in My Bed

I am a big proponent of crates. Crate your dog at night until he can control himself. My daughter crated her dog from the beginning and now she will sleep with her and no accidents. Look up crating online, there is a bunch of info on it. (02/24/2006)

By Irish

RE: Dog Pooping in My Bed

Check with your vet, there is sometimes a medical problem for lack of control of bowels. (if just small ones), is this unusual size for the dog? if it is it may be a medical problem. Also, don't feed the dog late in the afternoon, this may help also. I also sleep with my small dog, and this is what I would do first. If these came out clear, then, I would crate the animal, (let him know what he did first), or I keep mine in the bathroom with paper to use at night, if they can't control themselves, and there is no medical reasons for it. (02/25/2006)

By Glinda

RE: Dog Pooping in My Bed

Find out what's wrong. If the dog checks out physically at the vet's then think what emotional changes might have happened. Think about anything that has changed in the house. Is the dog taken outside enough to go to the bathroom? If this is something new then you need to find out what has changed. There's a reason for it. Dogs don't deliberately do things just to make us mad. If anything they do everything they can to please us. (02/25/2006)

By Vic

RE: Dog Pooping in My Bed

Min Pins are prone to be attached to one specific person. If there has been a new addition to the family or you are spending less time with him, they will do that as kind of a dominance issue. My husband used to have a Min Pin and when we got married, he started doing the same thing by using the bathroom in the floor at night. We had to start putting him in a crate. (02/28/2006)

By Rachel

RE: Dog Pooping in My Bed

He's probably not pooping on purpose. My Jack Russel started this at 5 years old. I caught her in the act as she was sleeping on my lap and a little ball of hard poop just rolled off of me. I brought her to the vet and he said irritable bowel syndrome, but it's not messy. (11/22/2007)

By Th Mster

Archive: Dog Pooping in My Bed

<h3>RE: Dog Pooping in My Bed</h3>

My dogs are crate trained and poop outside. I've noticed that when I'm not showing her "the love" or if she was a bad girl, she will come in and poop on the bed as if to say "I'll show you." (10/23/2008)

<p>By Tina</p>

<h3>RE: Dog Pooping in My Bed</h3>

I can not believe all the feedback. I also have a Min-Pin, who started pooping in my bed. When he was "supposed" to be sleeping, at least I was. I live in Michigan and it has been very cold here, he also hates snow. I have been cutting down on his food in the evening and it seems to help. Thank god, no one wants to sleep with poop. (01/19/2009)

<p>By Queen of Poop</p>
<p align="center"><img src="/images/feedback_image.lasso?id=80117210" width="400" height="303" alt="RE: Dog Pooping in My Bed"></p>

<h3>RE: Dog Pooping in My Bed</h3>

Put up a baby gate to your bedroom to keep your dog out of that room during the day. It works. (07/03/2009)

<p> By <a href=" ... 8">skaym</a></p>

Archive: Dog Pooping in My Bed


Dog Pooping in My Bed
*** I have two Chihuahuas and they are always pooping under my bed. I have had to pull my bed out over and over again to clean it because I can't get under it. I tried sprays, but they just won't stop. Anyone have this same problem and come up with a solution? I would really appreciate the help.

By kdub2823 from Spring, TX

RE: Dog Pooping in My Bed

It's easy, keep them out of the bedroom. Put them in a cage and take them outside ever hour or 2 and then they can go to the bathroom, or maybe just leave them outside until they go. (08/03/2009)

By danward

Archive: Dog Pooping in My Bed

Why is my dog pooping in my bed? She's a 5 month old Chihuahua. She's litter boxed trained and when it's warm enough to go outside, she will. But, it has been extremely cold out lately, so she hasn't been outside. Could that be the problem? What should I do?

By Sandy from WI

RE: Dog Pooping in My Bed

My pets of mine did this. A vet told me its because they smell the bodily fluids from my husband and I. Jealousy. We just kept the door closed to the bedroom. I made a pillow for him out of a old pillow case. We gave him extra attention took him with us more often when we went out. (made him feel special) After a while we were able to leave the door open. We just never allowed him in there again. We trained him that the bedroom was our space. Hope it helps. (12/09/2010)

By Firedancer67

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