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Removing a Seed Wart

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I have a tiny seed wart on the toe beside my big least I think it's a seed wart. It's been there for about 3 months and hurts when touched or bumped. It's not above the surface of my skin, but looks like it's embedded. Does anyone have any tips on how to remove it? Thanks!



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By M Marrs04/22/2009

I finally was successful by using duct tape. But it took over 4 years! whew. I had a seed wart on my little toe that spread into many warts. I tried to freeze them off but no luck. So then I tried duct tape and it finally worked. I would change the duct tape every 4 days or so and file the warts with an emery board and put the duct tape all the way around my toe. I would wear socks at night with and could feel the duct tape get hot on my toe and sting a little but I'm happy to say don't give up and it will work.

By R.J.G (Guest Post)11/19/2008

I have a seedwart right now and they are tough to get rid of I had one first and got rid of it by having my doctor cutting it out! It hurt but went away for about a year or longer and then my sister got one and she froze it with the freezing stuff and wrapped it with duck tape and it went away and then I got mine back and I took tweezers and am in the process of removing all of the seeds and it hurts but it has to be done also if you smother it with some type of Vaseline it helps!

By keegan (Guest Post)09/18/2008

I have a plantar wart on my foot, and freezing it just doesn't do anything, it looks like its gonna die, but it just comes back. I've tried tweezers, duct tape, and potatoes. None have worked. I might just get it removed surgically.

By Mary (Guest Post)07/04/2008

Soak your foot and take a soft toothbrush and rub back and forth gently then take a corn band-aid with a hole in the center. Then take chalk board chalk (the one that they use in school). Make like a paste and drop it in the hole of the band-aid. DO THIS EVERYDAY! Then the core of it will start coming up. Don't be afraid. My daughter had one and the doctor told me to do this. (I thought he was crazy) IT WORKS!

By Bea (Guest Post)06/26/2008

Its not a seed wart as there is no such thing as a seed wart. The dark dots you see in the wart are (dead?) blood vessels. I should know as I have been fighting warts for years.
I have also tried the Dr Scholls wart remover. Didnt work and I left the spongy part on it till it wasnt frosty anymore. Plantar warts are extremely hard to get rid of due to the fact that they're normally massive (from walking on them) and the skin on your foot is so thick. Warts is contagious, yes, but only about 10% of the population can contract it. Most people are immune. You can loose and gain your immunity to warts. >.< I got mine from a pair of shoes I bought 5 yrs ago. sigh if only I had known

By .laura christensen (Guest Post)04/05/2008

I had one for about 3 mo. it drove me nuts. I did the duct tape for two weeks straight, it did minimize the size but did not go away. So when I did see the seeds I actually took tweezers and removed four seeds. When I removed the fifth one it bleed like crazy, that was the main seed. The next day it was completely gone with a minimal witness mark of where the roots once grew. Tea tree oil also helped with the pain and repairing the dryness.

By (Guest Post)03/31/2008

I had several seed warts on my lower stomach. Duct tape would have worked but I didn't know to use it. The seeds came out on their own and the wart disappeared quickly. They were there for years and then one night they changed and a seed came out of them.

By susan macdonald11/25/2007

My mother had one of those on her back and my granddaughter had a planters wart on her foot.I put duct tape on them and left it on all night.The next morning when i removed the duct tape the seeds was on the tape.Keep doing this until all seeds are gone and the wart will disappear.It really do work,duct tape is really good.

By Meggan (Guest Post)11/25/2007

My mother told me that when she was a kid, my grandma would have her rub a piece of raw potato on the wart and eventually it went away. There's something in the raw flesh of the potato that eats away at the wart. Anyhow, it's a cheap and easy way to get rid of one!

By Jillian11/25/2007

My podiatrist recommended Dr. Scholl's clear away. The freeze away kits are also the same as what doctors get. If you use it, make sure to hold it on the wart for 30-40 seconds if located on your foot. It'll burn some, but that means it's working.

By Kim [2]11/24/2007

I used the remedy in the store by dr schools. It is the freeze one. i did this twice and the wart has not returned. It does sting a lil and works quick!

By Myrna [15]11/24/2007

Here is a link about various warts with pictures.
Looks like a podiatrist is required for treatment of:

By Michawn [18]11/24/2007

Is a seed wart the same as a planter's wart? I've always thought they were imbedded and not abovet the surface. But I heard of something several times, I understand it works well... Duct Tape, try this info.

By Marty Dick [163]11/24/2007

See a podiatrist. It might not be a seed wart.

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