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Chihuahua Peeing on Everything


My parents have a Chihuahua dog and he likes to pee all over everything, even on furniture. Seems like when we moved in with our dog Sam is when he started to do it. We have been here for 4 months. What can we do to stop him.

Rita from Davenport, IA



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By Little Suzy 105 379 11/26/2007 Flag

Is he fixed? The other dog being a male is probably why he's doing it. He's marking his territory. They say getting them neutered does the trick but I donnot beleive that. My dog still does it at some one else's house when another dog lives there. When a dog comes to our house, he doesn't do it. I guess he knows his scent is already there. Ha! Ha! Aren't they cute??

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By Robin (Guest Post) 11/29/2007 Flag

You could try having him neutered, if he's not. He's just trying to be 'alpha' by marking his territory. Not sure what to do other than that. Talk to your vet.

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By glinda (Guest Post) 11/29/2007 Flag

He is marking his territory, and will continue to do so as long as "Sam" is there. If the chi was a pup, it would be different. But, evidently he is grown, and that is his home and territory. Chihuahuas are very dominant of their territory. I have 5, but, they were raised together from birth. Together they are a tight knit group. And operate as one, being a "pack". If I were in your shoes, You can get him fixed, that does cut down on the "marking the territory" habit, some. But, since there is another dog in the house, there may be an "alpha dog" problem. (alpha dog is who's boss of the dogs). Chihuahuas are usually the boss, they got big attitude. So, if he is not getting his way as "boss" that is why he is acting up.

You can get the chihuahua fixed, but, INSTEAD, I'd think about getting rid of Sam, and getting you a puppy, The chihuahua should except a puppy better, ESPECIALLY a female chihuahua puppy. I had a one male chihuahua in the house at one time, and brought in another chihuahua puppy, and he really enjoyed her being there, and waited for her to grow up. Give it a try, you may like a female chihuahua puppy. Good luck, from a dog lover.

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By connie (Guest Post) 11/30/2007 Flag

Try putting the pants you get for a female dog that is in heat on him. You can use a panty liner for a pad. He won't like it but it works. Be sure to let him out without the pants reqularly. Male dogs always want to mark their territory, having another dog increases the instinct.

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By judy (Guest Post) 11/30/2007 Flag

I do pet sitting in my home and i have found that neutering the dog does not always solve the marking problem. I use MALE canine diapers. You put a sanitary pad in them that you change throughout the day. Works great for me. The diapers can be purchased in pet stores or thru pet supply catalogs.

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By defaerietayls (Guest Post) 12/15/2007 Flag

They make a belly band that you can put on him. It fits around his middle and cover the PeePee. It won't stop the action but it will save the house.It looks similar to a woman's head band. They wide stretch material ones. Neutering might help, but he is probably marking his territory and showing dominance toward the other dog. Both needs to be neutered if the other is a male.

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