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Pinky (Domestic Shorthair)

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Pinky (Domestic Shorthair)

Pinky is a 4 year old domestic shorthair cat. We adopted Pinky with his brother, Fuzzy, in February 2007 from a local rescue.

Pinky loves to reach out and grab people's feet. My son is not too happy about that one! He also really loves the laser pointer and will run into the open looking around for it whenever he hears the keychain on the end of it jingle. He'll chase that thing for 30 minutes. After it's disappeared, he swears it's still there somewhere!

Pinky had intestinal surgery in October 2008 (from swallowing too much fur)! We have 4 other cats (5 total) and we have to police him so he doesn't clean ALL of the other cats!



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By Kerry Browning [2]01/28/2009

Love to read about Pinky and Herr Ball. Members of ThriftyFun are generous and sharing folks.

By crazyliblady (Guest Post)01/28/2009

Pinky looks kind of like my cat, Morgaine. She loves to have her belly rubbed and will politely beg for it by laying on her back and waiting for someone to come rub her belly. Here is a good picture of her and Merlin. Merlin is the black one and Morgaine is the white and gray one.

RE: Pinky (Domestic Shorthair)

By jan king [1]01/28/2009

Pinky's actions remind me of our dear cat , P.T. ( He died several yrs. ago and we still think of him every day. He was a wonderful cat) He was one big fur ball and also liked to bite feet. We used to tease and say if he lived in Germany the frauline felines would call him Herr Ball!

By Heather Kinsler01/28/2009

He appears to be a Tuxedo cat. We have several variations on his pattern at our house. Great cats!

By grandma Fran (Guest Post)01/28/2009

We had a female Siamese named Charlie and she too was a "cleaner" though she never had stomach problems (thank goodness). From her first litter we kept two boys and she cleaned them until they rebelled when they were about 2 years old. She was so neat she felt their whiskers were unnecessary and kept them chewed down to the fur...they looked odd to say the least, wiskerless cats for two years. Also she would climb up on my husband's shoulder and "clean" the hair on the back of his neck or sit by his arm and smooth down the hair there too. That was the "cleaningest" cat we ever had.

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