Removing Underarm Sweat Stains from Clothing

sweat stain on dark clothing

Underarm sweat stains can be difficult to remove. This is a guide about removing underarm sweat stains from clothing.


Solutions: Removing Underarm Sweat Stains from Clothing

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Tip: Use Aspirin In Laundry For Underarm Stains

I've seen several requests recently regarding removing those ugly yellow sweat stains from clothing. I heard this tip this morning and thought it might help someone.

Use one plain, regular-strength, crushed aspirin per half cup of hot water. Dissolve the aspirin in the water. Soak clothes in this for a couple of hours and wash as usual. The stains should be gone.

Source: "The CBS Early Show, this morning's tip segment.

By JustPlainJo from Springfield, OH

Tip: Aspirin Paste for Antiperspirant Stains

A paste of aspirin will work to get rid of yellow antiperspirant stains (and other protein-based stains). This is in addition to the age-old white vinegar/meat tenderizer remedies.

Source: http://www.instructables.com

By pamphyila from LA, CA

Tip: Use Aspirin for Sweat Stains

Make a paste of the cheapest aspirin you can find and grind into a powderish consistency. Then mix with water to form a thick paste. Spread paste over stain and rub in. Can use an old toothbrush or battery stain brush to rub paste into stain. Let sit 60-90 minutes and then wash as you would normally, in cold water.

When removed from washer; magic, no stain! No stain even if you have tried other methods and stain is old. If it is a really stubborn stain, repeat procedure. I have never had to do it more than twice to a really nasty stain.

By Nancy from Wilmington, DE

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Here are questions related to Removing Underarm Sweat Stains from Clothing.

Question: Perspiration Stains on White T-shirts

What will get sweat stains off of white shirts and t-shirts. My partner's clothes always stain under the arms. We have tried using different deodorants, but they still appear. I have tried things like Vanish, etc. what works the best so far is Shout spray and Ace bleach, but they are still visible. Any help will be appreciated.

By nikkib763 from UK


Most Recent Answer

By marsha08/29/2009

Get a small spray bottle and fill it with white vinegar to keep by the washer. Spray the perspiration stains and wash as usual. Vinegar is also good if you have purchase a clothing item that the dye has an odor to it that will not wash out. Just either hand wash the item in vinegar and regular detergent (let the article soak for a while) or launder by itself.

Question: Laundry Advice For Active Teens

My teenage sons are very active. Consequently, their shirts have an odor and perspiration stains even after laundering. They take showers everyday and use a deodorant but they still perspire. Does anyone have any solutions to my problem. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have to get the stains out of their clothes.



Most Recent Answer

By a (Guest Post)10/26/2007

i think baking soda added to your washing, takes out odors, it may remove the stained spots too. I used 1/2 to 1 cup, plus i used my Ariel powder laundry soap along with it.

Question: How to Remove Underarm Sweat Stains from Light Clothing?

I have these dark stains in the underarm section of my white/bone blouses and shirts. The blouses are white and the long sleeve shirt is a Lycra knit. How do remove the stains? I have tried Oxiclean in my HE machine, but it did not work. Thank you.

By Sheila from So. Hadley, MA

Most Recent Answer

By Mary Koehler [8]04/18/2011

Try Hydrogen Peroxide. My daughter just told me yesterday how well this works. We had a water spot on a tile ceiling once, and sprayed it with hydrogen peroxide, and it removed the stain.

Question: Removing Underarm Stains on White and Colored Clothing

How to get underarm stains from both black and white t-shirts?

By Robin from Pocono mountains, PA

Most Recent Answer

By Pam Griffis [10]04/01/2011

I tried a rememdy recommended by a previous post and it worked great on whites. I don't know about colors, though. For the whites, mix a couple of scoups of "Oxi-Clean" with hot water in a sink, etc. Add clothing and let set over night. Launder as usual. It removerd old set in persperation stains. I also tried it on old, set-in blood stains and it removed 95% of therm.

Question: Removing Yellow Underarm Stains on White Clothing

What is the best solution for old underarm stains? They are mostly on the white colors. They are all yellow, both under the arm and on the collar.

By Thea from Phoenix, AZ

Most Recent Answer

By Brent [1]03/30/2011

Sorry, aspirin and water. I reread it and it appeared to be unclear.

Question: Removing Sweat Stains and Odor from Clothing

I need a perspiration smell/stain remover. The smell stays even after washing.

By Harriet from TX

Most Recent Answer

By lora03/08/2011

Try using lemon scented ammonia in the rinse about a cup should do it.

Question: Underarm Stains on Tank Tops

How do I get underarm stains off of my white tank tops?


Most Recent Answer


Try soaking it in a mixture of Oxy Clean, baking soda and water before laundering.

Question: Underarm Stains on Evening Dress

I have an evening special occasional dress. The color is a light brown with silver sparkle throughout. It's a JR Nites by Carol Lin. I wore it once for a wedding, and it was a very hot day. The sweat and deodorant made the color change in spots to a reddish color in multiple areas on dress. I washed it in Woollite and also an oxi-type laundry detergent and hung it to dry. The spots did not change. Any suggestions to save the garment?

By Donna from Parma, Ohio


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Archive: How to Remove Underarm Sweat Stains from Light Clothing?

I have a white t-shirt with sweat stains under the arms. No amount of soaking or washing seems to fix the problem. The shirt is still in good condition so I would really appreciate any advice.


Archive: Perspiration Stains on White T-shirts

I am looking for tips for removing perspiration stains from white t-shirts.

Carol from Buffalo, NY

RE: Perspiration Stains on White T-shirts

Have you tried using automatic dishwashing detergent? I use the liquid kind and put it on full strength for stubborn stains, let sit for a while before washing, can also rub it in. It doesn't bleach out the color on colored clothing like regular bleach. (06/29/2006)

By Anna from ME

Archive: How to Remove Underarm Sweat Stains from Light Clothing?

My husband's shirts are pretty white, but the underarms are not. These are not new shirts, but are in good condition. They are a poly cotton blend. I usually use ammonia in the laundry so the fabric does not get destroyed. And not at the same time, occasionally bleach.

By savtajon from Cleveland

RE: How to Remove Underarm Sweat Stains from Light Clothing?

I was just talking about this the other day. Try lemon juice and sunlight. It may take more than one application. Good luck. (06/20/2009)

By 2oma

RE: How to Remove Underarm Sweat Stains from Light Clothing?

My daughter has had dark sweat stains on her light colored shirts for years. I have tried bleach, spraying with bleach, Spray and Wash, and vinegar. Yesterday we tried the paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. It worked a little, but was still very visible.

I then tried rubbing with Cascade granular dishwashing detergent. It came out. Just to make sure it wasn't a combination of what I had been using, I got another one of her shirts and used just Cascade. Worked there again. Took some scrubbing on both, but I am so excited that we figured out a way to get rid of her sweat stains. (07/23/2009)

By kmbeck777

RE: How to Remove Underarm Sweat Stains from Light Clothing?

Also, it will help if you stop using the solid / stick-type underarm deodorants. They contain waxes and oils that rub into your clothing and bind with the threads. I looked at two different stick brands and both contained castor oil, which is well-known to permanently stain clothing. (08/20/2009)

By mark.eting

Archive: Removing Sweat Stains and Odor from Clothing

My husband gets sweat stains on the armpits of his shirts. I have tried different detergents, soaking the shirts with many different "solutions" with no fix.

Also, some times the odor stays with the shirt and after the shirt has been worn for awhile there seems to be a deodorant residue that stays with the shirt and gets all crusty. Please help I am embarrassed for him.

By Alyssa from Casper, WY

RE: Removing Sweat Stains and Odor from Clothing

Take Clorox II powder and mix it with ammonia to make a thick paste and place on the armpits of the shirt and let it stay on there for 1/2 hour and then wash as usual. It the stains are really bad it may take more than one time. To get the bad smell out of your clothes toss in a cup of apple cider vinegar at the beginning of the wash and it will take out any smell. (03/03/2010)

By Deeshep

RE: Removing Sweat Stains and Odor from Clothing

Add a cup of baking soda in addition to laundry soap to your regular washing cycle that should help. I do this on a regular basis for any smelly laundry and it always smells so clean afterward. (03/03/2010)

By wyomingal

RE: Removing Sweat Stains and Odor from Clothing

I noticed when my husband bought a different deodorant/antiperspirant is when his shirts started to stain. I would suggest he try a different brand and make sure that he waits til it completely dries before dressing.

That said; to remove odors and most stains, I soak in white vinegar and it works for nearly everything. What I did the first time I tried this method, I used warm water and about a cup of white vinegar in a prewash. I let the machine fill up and swished the clothes around until they were all wet, then I stopped the cycle and let them soak for 30 minutes. Then let it finish the prewash and wash as usual.

Now I add a little white vinegar to the rinse cycle every time, but just a splash. White vinegar gets rid of odors and does not leave any adverse scent. (03/03/2010)

By dvg

Archive: How to Remove Underarm Sweat Stains from Light Clothing?

Is it possible to remove sweat stains from whites that are old?


Archive: Add Aspirin To Your Laundry To Prevent Underarm Stains

I don't remember where I got this tidbit from but it seems to work. If you put an aspirin in the washing machine with the laundry, it helps with underarm stains.


Archive: Removing Sweat Stains and Odor from Clothing

Does anyone have any sure-fire solutions for removing yellowish sweat stains from underarms of white shirts?


RE: Removing Sweat Stains and Odor from Clothing

He needs to put vinegar under arms after bath. Nothing else is needed, good luck. (04/11/2010)

By kffrmw88

RE: Removing Sweat Stains and Odor from Clothing

I just heard this on the CBS Early Show this morning, and posted it as a contest submission: crush one regular aspirin per half cup of hot water. Dissolve the aspirin in the water and soak your clothes in it for a couple of hours. Wash as usual.

As for the odor, I'm with everyone who says to use vinegar. I put a couple of caps of white vinegar in my laundry's rinse cycle. It's not only a good odor eliminator, it softens my clothes. But then, that might be different if I hung my clothes to dry. (04/15/2010)

By JustPlainJo

Archive: How to Remove Underarm Sweat Stains from Light Clothing?

I am looking for ways to remove under arm stains on whites.