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Freezing Lunchables

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Can Lunchables be successfully frozen without sacrificing taste/texture? I would like to stock up when I find a great sale on them, as my dd loves them. Thank you in advance for any help on this.

Janice from Illinois



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By Linda (Guest Post)07/12/2008

Why don't you have her save the trays and make your own "lunchable. A bit of cheese, a few crackers and some ham or turkey-so much healthier! And cheaper. Or offer these only on special occasions or once a week-they are NOT a good choice nutrition or cost wise for what you get. Add a piece of fruit to her lunch, too!

By janice [61]07/12/2008

Thank you for the responses. I will keep in mind about the crackers and have some fresh on hand for her if i freeze the lunchable.

By terimdy (Guest Post)07/12/2008

I have found when serving freezable lunches come out best using whole wheat bread or subway style buns cut in half and frozen.

By Teri Moody (Guest Post)07/12/2008

For lunchables whole wheat bread gets less moisture in it.

By (Guest Post)07/11/2008

All you could do is try one and see what results you get. Check the dates on them, maybe they will last in a covered container until you use them all.

By blueflye (Guest Post)07/11/2008

I have froze the meat, cheese and cracker ones before, the crackers got a little soggy and soft when thawed, but otherwise the meat and cheese and everything was fine.

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