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Removing Nail Polish Stains From Silk

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A woman putting on nail polish.

Fingernail polish is not easy to remove from this delicate fabric. This guide is about removing nail polish stains from silk.


Here are questions related to Removing Nail Polish Stains From Silk.

Question: Removing Nail Polish Stain from Silk

How do I remove nail paint from a silk saree?

By pallavi

Question: Nail polish on Silk Dress

I got nail polish on my silk dress and it dried out. I can't get it off. What do I do? It's really expensive and brand new.

By Kaitlyn

Question: Nail Polish on Silk

Red nail polish splashed on my delicate silk blouse. I took it to the dry cleaner, he said it may cause damage because it is very delicate. So I am so upset because it is expensive. It is just a little stain. Is there any solution? Thanks. Victoria

Question: Nail Polish on Silk

How can I get nail polish out of a silk formal dress?

By Judy from Leighton, AL

Most Recent Answer


Here are instructions for removing nail polish from silk.

Question: Getting Nail Polish Off a Silk Skirt

I just got nail polish all over my new silk skirt. What should I do?

Most Recent Answer

By woory weasel (Guest Post)08/07/2008

I got pink nail polish on a white 100% cotton shirt I used 2 kinds of spot remover but it just thinned the shirt area. HELP!

Solutions: Removing Nail Polish Stains From Silk

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Archive: Nail Polish on Silk

How do you remove nail polish on chiffon, silk and satin material?

Corinne from Malta

RE: Nail Polish on Silk

ouch, be extremely careful but try putting clear nail polish right onto of the colored polish(this will soften it) and pull it up. (05/31/2009)

By Steph Kit.