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My Dogs Won't Eat Dog Food Only Human Food


I have a 1 year old miniature Jack Russel. She has already had her 1st season. (all fine). For a little while now my dog has gone off her food. She is still very active, still drinking, no loose poos, she might have a little every now and then, but not much.

As soon as she see the kids eating, she wants what they have or what we are eating. It is probably my own fault, for giving her some treats of our food. But it has gotten to the point where she refuses to eat her food because she wants our food! Can someone please help on what to do.

By Michelle from UK


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By KATHRYN 2 08/01/2010 Flag

Do not give your dog human food, only their dog food that is how I get Jack to eat his dog food and I also have Border Collie.

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By Dena Roberts 35 491 08/03/2010 Flag

I feed my dog "human food". Dogs were wild animals and ate meat, like we do. I make her a stew from meat (beef or chicken), potatoes and peas. I simmer it for a few hours until it is nice and tender, because she is 16 years old and likes soft foods. It smells delicious and has none of the preservatives store bought food has. The vet gave me some vitamins to give her, as she needs calcium, etc. and she is very healthy and very old! If you give your dog "human food", just make sure it isn't junk food like processed meats (wieners, sandwich meats, sausages, etc.) which we shouldn't be eating anyway!

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By Duane De Vries 1 59 08/01/2010 Flag

We used to have a dog like that. But I found it quite easy to fool her. I put her dog food in a dish on the dining table. And when we were done eating I would scoop some of it onto my plate. Then, carrying the plate so she could see me, I would scrape it from my plate into her dish and she would promptly eat everything!

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By vicki hood 4 564 08/02/2010 Flag

Commercial dog food sold at regular market contains poisons. Read how they use euthanized pets (poisoned) amongst other disgusting things in pet foods. All for the mighty buck. Fecal matter too. One of the worst in the ingredients is corn. Now genetically modified. Can cause severe allergy and weakening of the immune system. Science diet often contains corn. Raw diet is best. If you must have kibble as part of their diet, special orders or check with groomers and internet services for decent human grade foods. I hear Proctor and Gamble even bought out Innova and California Natural. That will be down the tubes. Vaccines will ruin your pets immune system. Study what you can before you make that decision. Read how parvo shot causes parvo. Build immune system for healthy pets.

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By Sherri 10 551 08/03/2010 Flag

She should not eat human food! What do you mean she had her first "season"? Isn't she spay yet? Please do not breed her. There are too many dogs that already need a home and of course she will live longer if you spay her.

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By Nikki 6 11/19/2010 Flag

Okay my comment is to one the poster and two muttmom:
A dog will eat what it is given if not given anything else. Don't give in be strong and wait for your dog to eat its own food.
Then to muttmom: commercial dog food is not poison, yes some brands have very bad ingredients in them, and some brands have a lot of fillers in them (fillers being food with no nutritional value to them like corn) corn is not bad for a dog it is fiber it goes right through them. There are some really good brands on the market now that are organic, holistic, and limited ingredient which are really good for dogs, and are designed for their bodies needs. You talk of studying yet you don't research what you preach. You have to read both sides of everything.

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By yeomando 1 03/25/2014 Flag

My lhasa apso puppy is nearly 5months and over the past couple of weeks we thought we'd get her used to trying all different food, including ours - bad idea! it really is best to only ever feed them their own dog food as mine wouldn't touch her food instead waiting out for us to give her scraps meaning she was loosing weight. So I went to the pet shop to get advice and warned us not to give pedigree complete as it was like McDonald's so we started giving her James welbeloved.

However still no change and was still only eating 2tiny bowls a day while still begging for the food we eat.
So I started sitting with her whilst she ate and pretended to eat too, it sounds ridiculous but honestly worked! As she wants what we eat, every so often throughout the day I picked up her bowl and pretend to eat. Now I've got her eating 3 big bowls per day, which is a big difference. Routine helps and it's also best to rule out any medical problems, good luck! :)

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Archive: My Dogs Won't Eat Dog Food Only Human Food

How can I get my female dog to eat her dog food and not human food? My female dog only eats human food. I also have a male dog that is getting the same way. What can I do to them to eat dog food?

By Kathryn from Lexington, KY


RE: My Dogs Won't Eat Dog Food Only Human Food

I'm no expert in this, but it seems to me that you just don't give them human food, no matter what (not even as a treat). Only offer dog food. If they're spoiled to people food, they might resist for a while, but eventually they'll be hungry enough to eat their dog food.

I'm thinking of it in terms of a stubborn child. They might not be happy, but eventually self preservation (not starving) will prevail. Best of luck! (06/29/2010)

By mrs.story

RE: My Dogs Won't Eat Dog Food Only Human Food

Agree with mrs. story. No people food and no treats, but everyone in the family has to back you up on this.

Set the dog food down for fifteen minutes in the morning; if they don't eat it, bring it back up and set it down again for dinner. Again, if they're still turning up their noses after fifteen minutes, their time is up, take it away.

If you haven't caved in, by the second day most dogs will pretty much eat whatever is offered. Going one day to get the message across isn't cruel or unusual punishment (according to our vet, it's crueler to feed nothing, but table food. It's not the right mix of nutrients the dog needs and also tends to promote obesity and dental problems). (06/29/2010)

By PupperMom

RE: My Dogs Won't Eat Dog Food Only Human Food

Dog food sold to my daughter for her Brutus (a Pug) caused him to suffer kidney failure, and she quit her job to stay home and take care of him after he became paralyzed from the "waist" down. He was treated pretty much like a baby. Totally incontinent, he was bathed, lotioned or powdered, and diapered 24/7 for 4 years before he passed away in her arms.

He was never in pain according to their new vet who advocated no dog food at all. Melonee cooked for him and he was given supplements, vitamins w/minerals just like people take although they were bought from the vet. Just the fact that Brutus lived another 4 years making him 14 when he died was more than they dared hoped for, but proved beyond a doubt that people food was best.

Now, they have a Boxer almost 7 years old. Our granddoggie Sadie Belle hasn't had dog food since the kids got her when she was about 4 months old, and she is the happiest, healthiest and smartest dog we've ever seen. Rethink or relearn that lesson regarding dog food vs. people food. Like everything else, it depends entirely on how and what the people food is.

Chicken, lamb, brown rice, and loads of cooked vegetables, eggs and grits for breakfast with half a banana along with her vitamins keeps her sleek, vital, and totally energetic.
Dog food has little more than meat leftovers and only God knows what else they put into it. Chicken toenails, entrails, combs and ? for starters.

We recently met people who have a hatchery. That sounds fairly innocent, right? The eggs hatch, and the new little chicks are immediately thrown in plastic bags (10 per bag) and frozen. They are sold to cat and dog food makers in the USA.

I think it's way past time that we as human beings paid some attention to how and what our pet foods are made from and how. I truly believe we'll decide that cooking for our pets isn't such a bad idea after all.

There are all sorts of good vitamins and supplements for them just the same as for human children who are not eating their spinach. You will not have to worry about what goes into your baby's food if you prepare it yourself and the same goes for your fur babies. All the pet food recalls should have been a wake-up call for us.

Dogs should never have onions, so you do have to pay attention to those kinds of things when you're cooking something for yourself that you plan to share with your doggie.

Sadie loves her fruits and vegetables. After she has her breakfast at 8am, she goes into the living room and stands at our SIL's chair and waits for her vitamins. No one has to call her. She knows what to do and when to do it.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, she comes inside and stands at her bowl, knowing that it'll be full at 5pm. She might even lie down and take a nap right there, but she won't leave her bowl until she's eaten. Good habits are great, but not all that easy to do sometimes. It's necessary though if you want a nice healthy pet.

<p.Hope this helps.


By PookaRina

RE: My Dogs Won't Eat Dog Food Only Human Food

Offer her dog food and water and nothing else. She won't starve. But on the other hand according to my vet there's nothing wrong with feeding your pet people food. (06/30/2010)

By nineleven47

RE: My Dogs Won't Eat Dog Food Only Human Food

I'm glad you were strong and stuck with it! I'm sure they wanted their people food, but eventually a dog has got to eat. I wish there was an easier way. I wonder if, someday, you'll be able to give them little treats, or if that will un-do your progress. I had a dog who happily ate his dog food, but if we had takeout I'd share a few of my French fries with him. It was fun and he enjoyed it. But it wouldn't be worth it if they then refuse dog food again.
I'm really glad it worked out for you. Thank you for updating us. (07/01/2010)

By mrs.story

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