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Determining the Value of Precious Moments Figurines

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I want to sell Precious Moment figures, does anyone know how to find the value of them without their boxes? Is there a website?

By Kat from PA


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By Joan [13]06/11/2010

A person will never know if they get an honest price or not. I have a few snowbabies, but I am real selective about which ones I buy, there has to be some special feature to them. I don't even buy one a year (I only have a certain amount of space.) I have a couple small antiques that I would like to sell, but whenever I ask somebody if they know a trustworthy antique dealer, they don't seem to. I don't have a car so it is hard for me to get around.

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]06/09/2010

Unfortunately there are just too many Precious Moments out there so I don't think they are that valuable. I suppose they are worth about as much as someone is willing to pay and that may not be too much :-( I too have quite a few that I don't care about now and wish I'd never collected. Ebay is great but with it came lots of competition for selling collectibles. There is just a big glut in the market now. Good luck getting a little something from them. I also see them showing up at garage sales and when they are priced real cheap they sell and if they are higher, they sit. If you have any more rare ones you might do ok with those. Checking to see the closing bids on ones on ebay should give you an idea. Do a search for the ones you have and see what they sold for.

By Grandma J [46]06/04/2010

If you are looking at a price at which you paid for it, not going to happen. I am one of those out there adding to my snowbaby collections etc. I just picked up 'new' boxed stuff at a garage sale for $4 per item that I know were $30+. I watch online too. It is important when you collect things to think forever when you buy them. Same thing back in the 80s when people bought these plates, sold as get your money back when you resell them. Not. So they go for a buck or two at garage sales, ebay. What one person considers a treasure, another might think dust magnet.

By Liz [15]06/03/2010

Search for your figurines on eBay. Click "completed auctions" to see what they've actually sold for (rather than what people were trying to sell them for). If you watch the "sold for" prices for a couple weeks, you'll get a very good estimate of their worth. Good luck!

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