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Use Vinegar as a Natural Odor Eliminator


I am looking for a recipe for vinegar and water air spray.

By Connie from Winston-Salem, NC


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By Aldancer 1 7 03/04/2010

I agree with Debbie52. I used it often in my home and when the kids & hubby are sick, and coughing up! Bring it to a boil and let it simmer slowly at your stove top. At first, you will smell heavy vinegar then it will go away! Good Luck!

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Archive: Use Vinegar as a Natural Odor Eliminator

I buy a plain spray bottle and fill it up with Apple Cider Vinegar and when a nasty odor permeates the house, I use this. Put it on mist and smell how the odor disappears. You may smell vinegar at first, but then a freshness will override the vinegar. It's cheaper and healthier than the store-bought sprays!

By Delta from Jackson, Miss


RE: Use Vinegar As A Natural Odor Eliminator

Wow! I've heard of leaving a bowl of vinegar on the counter when you're cooking to eliminate odors, but I've never heard of spraying it in the air. It sounds like a good idea. I'll have to try it!

I am wondering about if the vinegar might slowly ruin sensitive fabrics, like silk or velvet upholstery and the like, especially if it's mixed with the UV rays from sunshine. I'd think you'd need to be careful where you sprayed the mist, but it sure does sound like a wonderful and super-cheap idea and the price can't be beat! (12/08/2008)

By Cyinda

RE: Use Vinegar as a Natural Odor Eliminator

Another way to use vinegar to get rid of odors is to simmer a pot of vinegar on your stove for a few minutes. Can dilute half and half with water. Especially good to remove a burnt cooking smell. At first, your house will smell like you're making pickles, but that quickly gives way to a fresh smell.

No need to worry about vinegar droplets damaging sensitive fabrics either, as per Cyinda's post. But the spray bottle is instant! (12/13/2009)

By anlod

RE: Use Vinegar as a Natural Odor Eliminator

Wouldn't apple cider vinegar be sticky? (12/13/2009)

By melmarr

RE: Use Vinegar as a Natural Odor Eliminator

I also learned from digging around on that vinegar is a great alternative to fabric softener in your wash. (12/13/2009)

By daswede

RE: Use Vinegar as a Natural Odor Eliminator

When I was steaming some cabbage one day, I stupidly let all the water cook out and then the cabbage burned. That smell was really bad and I thought it would take forever to go away. What I did was to simmer some water and vinegar in a little saucepan on the stove for a while. Then I shut it off and just let it sit there on the stove over night. Next morning instead of waking up to a bad cabbage smell, there was no smell at all.

I use vinegar for all sorts of things, especially in the wash. It disinfects and softens. I buy the large size container for as cheap as I can find and if I see a really good deal on it, I buy several jugs to keep on hand. I go through it fairly quickly but don't mind since it is cheap and does a good job, plus I like that it is natural. It's still the greatest product to clean your drip coffeemaker as well! (12/13/2009)

By Debbie52

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