Keeping Your Shower Clean

No one enjoys cleaning their shower. You can make this task less overwhelming by following a few tips for keeping your shower clean. This will help make that periodic cleaning easier. This is a guide about keeping your shower clean.

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For me, cleaning the shower is an overwhelming task. One day while watching a commercial for one of those shower sprays, the words "cleans a shower in 10 days or keeps a clean shower clean" stood out.

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Keep a white eraser sponge in your shower. After you shower, take 20 seconds to wipe down the walls and floor. You will never get those tough hard water stains that only powerful chemical cleaners remove - or at least far fewer to deal with. Also, the porcelain stays so white and pretty. This takes little effort to do!

By susannl from St. Cloud, FL

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After I clean my shower walls and get them all clean, I take my run of the mill furniture polish and I shine my shower walls all nice and pretty. I like to get the pretty lemon smelling stuff to make it smell cleaner in there. I then shine the walls with the furniture wax. You can use Turtle wax as well, but it is more work. Make sure you do not get any on the tub or you will fall and get hurt. This will keep your shower clean with no soap scum residue at all. Eventually it will wear off and will have to be redone. But there will be much more time between cleanings.

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    I found this product online. It is called Water Armour and makes the water just run off your shower doors and tiles too. Soap scum doesn't stick either so clean up is fast and easy and it seems to last forever! They say you can use it on counter tops and even car windshields. It is amazing!

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      This is a motivational tip, as we all already know how to clean our shower stall.

      As soon as you finish your shower and turn off the water, take a squeegee and press all of the residue off the surfaces and down the drain. This takes only about a minute. Then use a clean rag, a facecloth, or your bath towel from yesterday and dry down the walls and floor. Be sure to hit all the chrome and especially the sliding glass door track. If you have a shower curtain, swipe it down, especially around the bottom where it gets mildew. This takes only another minute.

      You will never have to buy cleaning products for the shower again, freeing up space in the cupboard. You can use that money for a latte. You will burn a few calories for the day. You will never have to dread that job, or need to use precious time on your days off work. Your conscious will always be clear, and you can sleep better nights. You won't have to apologize when company uses your bathroom.

      Teach your family to join in the fun. Even if they just use the yesterday's bath towel, it will be fast and easy, preventing mildew. Reward the kids for doing it.

      One last great tip, worthy of a thumbs up for me --- use liquid soap as bar soap has fillers causing that soap film to build up. Remember -- liquid soap. Use up your old shampoo as liquid soap as well.

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        I use X14 for mildew and mold. It dissolves all the mildew in seconds and all you do is rinse off. It can also be used in paint the next time you paint your bathroom and will help keep the mold and mildew from forming.

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        I hate to clean the shower, I get all wet! So I go IN "prepared to take a shower", and bring my cleaning tools with me. Then I turn on the water clean the shower, then shower myself!.

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        We moved into an older home nearly two years ago. The shower floor was probably never cleaned. It doesn't seem like porcelain. It's not black, but I can tell the difference between a nice floor and a crappy looking one. I've tried everything from bleach to everything that money will buy to restore whiteness to this shower floor. Help!

        By Diane from Boise, ID

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        Since you have tried everything, try spraying a small patch with Eazy off oven cleaner. You would be surprised at what you can get clean with it.

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        I keep a spray bottle filled with vinegar and water. I use it after I take a shower by spraying the shower down. I also use it to clean up throughout the house. Sometimes on walls or baseboards, on counters, sinks, and bathroom sinks as well.

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        I keep a Magic Eraser in my shower and go over the the tub and shower every time I take a shower...

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        Wanna know how to keep a shower clean? Do not use soap! Use body wash instead. Soap leaves soap scum, but body wash does not. You will not have to wash your shower as often. Try it!

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        To keep your shower sparkling clean, keep a spray bottle of vinegar on the tub rim. 15 minutes before you take a shower, spray down the tub, showerhead, and shower curtain liner, then before you shower, use a scrubbie and any brand cheap powdered detergent to scrub down surfaces (soap and detergent destroy each other). Keep an old toothbrush handy for small spaces, and you are done! We have horrible hard water, rusty and black mildew here, and it conquers all.

        By Lou from Pasadena, TX

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        What is the best way to clean a shower?

        By John W.

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        If you're talking about a way to keep the shower clean from day to day then use this recipe:

        Daily Shower Spray

        • 1/3 cup rubbing alcohol
        • 1 cup water

        Mix in a spray bottle and shake. Spray on, no rinsing required.

        By Deeli

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        The best cleaner I have found for the shower is "Scrubbing Bubbles". My showers shine! (10/25/2009)

        By sabrinadog

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        I used a company to clean the shower from Buckinghamshire. They cleaned my shower and put a coating on the glass. That was a year ago and is still working great you don't even need to clean the shower after you use it now. (11/29/2009)

        By andyglass

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        The product's name is "Edfred". It is hard to find (it may still be available at Orchard Supply Hardware). It gets everything off without scrubbing. I was warned that it would take the shine off chrome, but it worked great on porcelain and glass, even on a film that had been on there for years. (09/28/2010)

        By k8e

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        Keep a Mr. Clean Cleaning eraser in the shower. Save time buy scrubbing the walls and tub while you in the shower. No toxic fumes to smell, no soapy mess. After you dry off (and while the room is still steamy), use your towel to wipe down the sink, vanity, and toilet. Everything will be damp and will wipe off easily. Toss the towel in the hamper, bathroom is clean and so are you!

        By Kim McG

        Clean the Shower While You Clean Yourself

        FOR REAL! My husband has been serving overseas for 6 months and gets to come home for a month before going back for another five. So I've been slacking on the bathroom cleaning. I had been scrubbing the tub for 4 DAYS! and couldn't get it clean. Saw this tip last night and got a magic eraser and SHUT UP it's awesome. It all came right off. If I weren't so cheap, I'd invest in the company ;) (08/28/2004)

        By Suzanne S.

        Clean the Shower While You Clean Yourself

        You can clean all the soap scum off showers floor and door, what ever with shower gels it breaks down the soap scum. Wipe and rinse off. Sparkling shower really. (09/06/2007)

        By sevencat.

        Clean the Shower While You Clean Yourself

        I love Magic Eraser! I have told many friends about it, and they all love it. Works great dry or wet or damp. I won't clean without it. Karenhope (03/21/2009)

        By Karenhope

        Clean the Shower While You Clean Yourself

        FOR REAL--Suzanne you brought back memories there. Best of luck. Marg. England (03/22/2009)

        By jehosophat jones

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        Does anyone have suggestions for cleaning a shower that has a film that won't seem to come off? I have tried Downy and scrubbed it, but neither of these methods worked. Thanking you in advance for any ideas.

        Jackie from Walker, LA

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        I use baking soda dry, like cleanser. (10/25/2006)

        By Mary Ann.

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        The quickest and easiest cleaner I've ever used on any of my tubs or showers was, believe it or not, Easy Off Oven cleaner or similar product. Spray it on, trying to avoid chrome, allow to sit - I've left it for as long as 15min. Then just rinse off, no scrubbing involved. It has never damaged any of my fixtures or discolored or otherwise harmed my faux marble or fiberglass tubs. Be sure your bathroom is well ventilated, tho. Good luck. (10/28/2006)

        By Tripleb

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        I use Tilex Soap Scum Remover. There should be hardly any scrubbing unless you have let your shower go for a very long time. In that case you could do it a second time and maybe use some sort of brush. Once your shower is clean spray it with Shower Fresh or one of those products to prevent the scum build up. You just spray and leave it on. Do this after every shower. Be sure and spray your shower curtain liner as well. Good luck. (10/31/2006)

        By bjptl

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        Make sure it's soap scum. I nearly broke my back and both arms trying to get "soap scum" off the shower in the house we bought last year. Then I realized that when the sellers painted, they got overspray all over the enclosure. (09/03/2007)

        By Marilyn

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        I have had my own cleaning business for 15 years and the best way I can suggest is to keep you shower clean is the following:
        There is a product called Zep grout whitener at you local Home Depot. Use this to get the grout clean and it also cleans the soap scum off the tile and glass shower doors. Use a brush to scrub the grout etc. Try not to let it set too long on the metal trim as it will pit it. It works like a strong Limeaway.

        If there is mildew behind the grout you might want to take the grout out and replace it with new only in the trouble areas. After your shower is clean and dries, use a grout sealer also at Home Depot that you can spray to seal the grout. I have done this on my bathroom tiles and I have had no problems. Maintaining it is now the answer to a clean shower. Twice to three times a week I spray my shower five minutes before I get in with Scrubbing Bubbles then when I am done I just spray the shower down. Good luck and I hope this helps.
        Mai (09/04/2007)

        By maiasain

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        I use 1 cup Dawn dish washing liquid mixed with 1 cup white vinegar this works awesomely. (11/08/2007)

        By Shannon

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        I love the Arm and Hammer Shower Fresh spray (about 2 dollars a bottle at Wal-mart), but found that Paraben-based ingredients in my shampoo, body wash and shaving cream were not only leaving soap scum, but clogging up my pores as well. Changing brands and using that spray regularly has dramatically cut down the "slime".

        I found this out because my boys have their own bathroom, and the bathtub was squeaky clean all the time (used daily.) I compared ingredients one day and their "baby" wash didn't have the petrolatum or paraben (think of wax?). (11/08/2007)

        By camo_angels

        soap scum on doors

        You can also use baby oil on your shower doors. It keeps scum from forming since water rolls off. (11/12/2007)

        By Adrian

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        As far as general cleaning, I've found the Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom cleaner with orange works quite well and has a nice smell. Now as for mold and mildew buildup, I went through 4 different cleaners trying to remove that stuff and no luck, then I found the ZEP Commercial mold and mildew remover. That stuff "eats" the mildew right off without scrubbing. Nothing better than it. Just remember its commercial grade stuff so wear gloves and be careful what surfaces you get it on cause it will strip the coating right off metal (05/08/2008)

        By Jared

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        I like to use Clean 'n Brite. It is really cheap and makes lot and lots of cleaner. I use it for the grout and the wall and shower curtain. Acid cleaner works good on glass. Use some lemon juice. (05/10/2008)

        By Jeff

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        I use a soft Brillo pad on the tiles. It works wonders, easier than a brush. While I am showering, I clean the floor with a Billo soapy pad. I do this with my feet in circular motion. The stuff comes off right there. This should work on your glass shower doors as well. (05/14/2008)

        By ROSY

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        I have used Lime Away on the white cracks especially along the rim of the bathtub, scrubbing with a toothbrush and that worked really well. The brown cracks turned white. Make sure to use gloves with Lime Away. (01/31/2009)

        By Lanaye R.

        Shower Cleaning Tips

        Use plain ol' reliable WD-40. It will clean off the film immaculately. Just spray it on, wait 10-20 seconds and wipe off. WD-40 will also clean the chrome faucets and shower heads. They will come sparkly clean. (02/25/2009)

        By Jimmy D

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