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ChapStick Stain on Microfiber


My son drew happy faces on my new camel color microfiber sofa with a chapstick. I can't get it off. Can some one please give me some suggestions on how to get off the chapstick stain?

Vanessa from Brooklyn, NY



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By Gayle 41 08/15/2006 Flag

First of all I would suggest you read the paperwork that came with the sofa. Usually there is a cleaning code for the fabric on the item. I got this from some website.
"W -- Use water-based cleaner. Spot-clean this fabric with the foam only of a water-based cleaning agent such as a mild detergent or commercial upholstery shampoo.
"S -- Use solvent cleaner. Spot-clean this fabric with a mild, water- free dry-cleaning solvent from your local grocery store or home store. Use sparingly, in a room with the windows or doors wide open.
"S-W -- Use water-based or solvent cleaner. Spot-clean this fabric with a dry-cleaning solvent, mild detergent foam or upholstery shampoo.
"X -- Vacuum only. Clean this fabric only by vacuuming or light brushing to prevent accumulation of dust and grime. Water-based foam or solvent-based cleaning agents of any kind may cause excessive shrinking, fading or spotting."
Always work from the outside of the stain in, or you will spread the stain.

When you bought it were you offered a stain protectant program? If you were and did not take advantage... oh, well. If you did get it, look at the paperwork for it and usually you are to call the number for the company that supplies the stain protectant, and they will tell you how to remove the stain.
Oil based stains on microfibers are the hardest to get out, so if you do not know, you might have to test the methods on an inconspicous area.
P.S. I work in a furniture store.

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