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Fixing a Wood Table With a Nail Polish Remover Stain

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A wood table.

Nail polish remove can stain your wooden furniture if it gets spilled. Because it may have attacked the finish, it can be difficult to remove the stain. This is a guide about fixing a wood table with a nail polish remover stain.


Solutions: Fixing a Wood Table With a Nail Polish Remover Stain

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Tip: Iron To Remove Nail Polish Remover Stain

Regarding nail polish remover spilled on real wood table. Yes! The hot iron with white washcloth worked WONDERS! I was stunned!

By Jojo from Texas

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Here are questions related to Fixing a Wood Table With a Nail Polish Remover Stain.

Question: Nail Polish Remover on Table

My daughter spilt nail varnish remover on our small table. The stain is white and very rough; what can I do to put it right? The table is made of yew, and highly polished.



Best Answers

By leslie [14]01/11/2012

I just reread your post that the table is yew. Painting is probably the least desired effect you are wanting. The high polish is just a very thick layer of clear varnish. The whiteness is the result of the remover trying to break it down (so it could be removed).

Sanding will work, but a faster solution might be to strip the entire surface of the table chemically with a paint or varnish stripper product available most anywhere. Then redo that thick coat of clear varnish.

It may be worth it to seek out a professional furniture refinisher to do this work to get the best result for the beautiful yew wood.

Best Answers

By leslie [14]01/11/2012

Since this was nail polish remover, it has done to the table what it was meant to do to your nails; removed (or at least ruffled) the finish. So the sanding and refinishing will be necessary. Probably the whole table top since you will probably never be able to match the refinished area to the rest of the tabletop.

An alternative to consider is painting instead of staining the wood. Being sure to sand with the grain of the wood, get the roughness restored to as smooth as possible. If you have to spot sand too much, you may create a dip of sorts in the surface. So sand the rest of the tabletop as well, at least the surrounding areas...always with the grain, never against. Then paint the table top with a complimentary paint color. Painting is much easier to do as well as it covers the affected spot better than any stain would especially since you may not be able to sand far enough down to get all the original stain/finish off.

Question: Repairing Table Finish After Spilling Nail Polish Remover

I spilled finger nail polish remover on my wood table. Is there anything I can do to restore the finish?



Best Answers

By aglow08/11/2012

If your top is veneer, please do not sand your table. You could ruin it completely. Carefully remove the finish on the table top with one of the commercial products offered at the hardware or other stores. DO NOT let it drip on other parts of the table or you will end up having to redo the whole table. Your best advice will come from the store personnel who know "how to" restore your table.
You will have several other steps to this process to return your table to useable condition.

Best Answers

By Elaine [129]08/10/2012

Really, the only thing you can do is to refinish the whole top. Sand it down good and reapply some polyurethane. Being the klutz that I am, I have now refinished my coffee table 3 times! LOL

Question: Nail Polish Remover on Table

I dropped a bottle of nail polish on our tile floor and it splattered on the leg of our table. My hubby used nail polish remover before I could tell him no and now there are dull lighter white spots, almost like a water stains, on the wood and the varnish is gone. I called Pottery Barn and of course nobody can remember the name of the varnish since it is an older piece.

Should I just varnish it with clear and leave the spots? I have heard about the iron method, but I am scared. I feel so horrible I want to cry about my floor and my table! Thanks for all your help!

By lacullinane from Omaha

Best Answer

By Louise B. [5]08/06/2010

You have stripped the stain with the nail polish remover. Look for products in the paint store for spot touch ups. They may have something that will fix the spot. Sadly, I think you are going to have to refinish the whole table top to get a good match.

Question: Nail Polish Remover Left Mark on Table

Table with damaged finish.How can I remove a nail polish remover mark from my table?

By Palika from Rancho Cucamonga

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]07/18/2013

In my experience nail polish remover takes off the finish of things, so you don't want to "remove" the mark, but to cover it or restore the original finish. We would have to know what your table is made of in order to help you with that. It may not be possible to repair it. I dropped some nail polish remover on the waistline of fake suede dress; there was no way to fix the mark as it removed the fuzziness. A friend suggested I tie the belt in the front and put a broach on it to cover the mark. Worked well. Otherwise, the dress was ruined.

Question: Polish Remover Spot on Wooden Table

How do I remove nail polish remover from a wooden table?

By Mary Lou D.

Most Recent Answer

By cdoss [10]08/21/2012

Polish remover actually eats through the finish of the wood so there is no "removing" the spot. You can probably camoflauge it with something like Old English.

Question: Nail Polish Remover Marred Table Finish

My little girl spilled nail polish remover on our big new wood table. Now there is a big white bumpy spot on the table. She spilled almost the whole bottle! Our grandma is here; our dad is on vacation! What is he going to do? What should we do about our brand new table, to make is just like we just bought it?

By Sierra

Most Recent Answer

By John M.02/09/2014

There is no option for this but to strip the whole area wether it is a leg or a top. Then you will have to decide how to refinish the item. Proffessionally is the best solution but is the most expensive as many of these finishes are french polished which tales some considerable skill to do. others are a lacquer sprayed on in layers.

The main problem is in colour matching and may require mixing different shades to get the desired effect. If yuo are determined to DIY then please got to your library get some books on the subject then practice on some similar timber or veneered woods. starting French Polishing is simple and just requires brushing but the hand finishing takes a delicate touch and some practice to achieve that glass like finish. Best I can offer in the circumstances . good luck. john m.

Question: Nail Polish Remover Damaged Table Finish

How do you remove a nail polish remover stain from a dark wood kitchen table?

By Maria

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]11/09/2014

I have found it impossible to remove it. The chemicals dissolve and dry with the finish on the wood. So you need to refinish the table top, removing the current finish and restaining and refinishing. Or just learn to live with it. It is a real job, but wood refinishing is a rewarding if messy hobby.

Question: Nail Polish Remover Mark on Wood Table

I have spilt nail varnish remover on my mum's oak table and it has left a big white mark down the leg. Any suggestions?

By Katie

Most Recent Answer

By Molllwells01/05/2014

Well I got told to put mayonnaise and ashes on the table and let it sit for 5 minutes, then gently rub it into the stain with a cloth (which should also help to remove the ashes and mayonnaise.

Next wet a cloth and put some soap on the table, then rinse the table and let it dry well.

Then pour 4 Tbsp's of wood oil onto the stain, then rub it all in. Then it sit for 10 minutes, and wash the table again with the soapy cloth.

Then get another cloth and dampen it slightly and put it over the stain. Put an iron onto the cloth (using high heat) and rub it in a slow circular motion, keep checking your stain. DO NOT let the iron sit or it will burn it more!

Hope it helps xx

Question: Nail Polish Remover Left Stain on Table

How do I get nail polish remover off a wood table? It took the finish off, how do I get it?

By Jessica S.

Most Recent Answer

By Frugal Sunnie [11]04/25/2013

I'm sorry to say, there is no 'getting it off' because the nail polish remover has removed the finish on that surface. You're going to need to re-stain and then re-varnish at least the spot that has been stripped by the nail polish remover.

There are several products in the paint aisles of any big-box store (WalMart, Target, Home Depot, etc) or you can go to a dedicated paint store (Benjamin Moore, etc). Staff at any of the stores should be able to help you match the stain and find the small cans of the stain and varnish.

The stores will also have free info and instructions brochures to help you get a good application that will last a long time.

Question: Nail Polish Remover on Coffee Table

What can I do to fix where I spilt fingernail polish remover?

    By melinda burke [1]

    Question: Nail Polish Remover Damaged Wood Table

    How do I repair the mahogany wood table? I spilled nail polish remover on it.

    By Tina D

    Question: Repairing Nail Polish Remover Stain on Table

    So I spilt a small amount of nail varnish remover on a light oak dining table. The patch went really pale. I read up on here about mixing mayo with ash so I did that, left it overnight and now it';s gone really dark and into the grains and is looking worse than before! Any ideas how I can fix this?

    By KayR

    Question: Nail Polish Remover Damaged Finish on Wood Table

    I spilled half a bottle of nail polish remover onto the dining table. I tried to get it off by wiping with paper towels. Some stuck onto the surface. Then I tried scrubbing it off which made marks and scratches on the surface of the table. Any easy way to fix this?

    By Sam

    Question: Polish Remover Spot on Wooden Table

    I've got several drops of nail varnish remover with one large one on my oak table. Any ideas on how I can treat this? Thank you. Maria

    Question: Removing Nail Polish from a Wood Table

    How long do I apply hot iron with white cloth to wood table?

    By Maria M. from Asheville, NC

    Question: Nail Polish Remover Stain on Varnished Furniture

    How do I fix a varnished table with a nail varnish remover stain?

    M Lees from Cumbria


    Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

    Archive: Nail Polish Remover Spilt on Table

    My daughter spilled nail polish remover (acetone) on my kitchen table, and then wiped it up. My table now has a large cloudy, rough area where the remover ate through the finish on the wood table. Are there any ideas on how to fix this, or am I stuck replacing this table or having it refinished? Help, the table is only 1 1/2 years old! Angela

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilt on Table

    Try rubbing cigarette ashes with a dab of mayonnaise on it. (06/22/2005)

    By Joanne

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilt on Table

    I have a bedroom dresser that also has nail polish remover damage on it. I called a furniture refinisher, who came to my home & he said that he would have to wet sand it & then refinish the top of the bureau so as to make it all the same color @ a cost of $150. I decided to put a bureau scarf on the area. Can you use a tablecloth? Or do you have a lot of elbow grease to sand the top of the table? In any event, good luck (06/22/2005)

    By joesgirl

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilt on Table

    Let mayonnaise sit on it for about an hour, wipe off and the put 2 or 3 paper towels folded in half on top of the mark and then run an iron over top a few times. Lift the paper towel to see if there is any change. If it is just starting then continue ironing and after about 4 strokes over the spot look under the paper towel to check progress. (11/30/2005)

    By HLFike

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilt on Table

    I just split nail polish remover on my boyfriends coffee table! I am trying the mayo trick ..Hope it works! I hope he still has some Christmas spirit left. (12/26/2005)

    By Jess

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilt on Table

    I just used the ashes with a dab of mayo and it looks 100% better, it's not completely gone but it's also not completely noticeable like it was. Thanks for the tip. (08/18/2006)


    RE: history of Nail polish remover

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knew the history of Nail Polish remover, like when nail polish remover was first used, and what was the reason for using the product.

    Editor's Note: Nail polish remover is made of acetone or a non acetone solvent. It was first developed (polish remover) to remove nail polish but the chemicals in it have been used as solvents for much longer.

    I'd look up acetone and the other ingredients in nail polish remover and look them up individually. (12/03/2006)

    By Sona

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilt on Table

    Where do you get these ideas? ashes? (12/16/2006)

    By You people

    Mom's mad at me

    I accidentally spilt Nail Polish Remover on my moms dresser which is wood, and she was so mad, and I don't know what to do. Please Help Me (03/12/2007)

    By Angelica.

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilt on Table

    Oh my gosh, I was freaking out but I just tried the mayo and ashes trick on my coffee table because I spilled nail polish remover at it is already making a difference after a few minutes. Thanks so much! This is the only place I found that had any advice other than getting the table refinished. Its amazing! (06/16/2007)

    By Christy

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilt on Table

    Try washing it with hot water and soap a few times so the remover doesn't sink farther into the wood. If that doesn't work than try mayo. (06/20/2007)

    By bobo

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilt on Table

    Can someone clarify the cleaning of the nail polish remover from the surface of a wooden coffee table. I read above to use mayo and ashes, but how EXACTLY do you use it?

    PLEASE, someone help me. This seems to be the most useful website I have found yet. (07/09/2007)

    By Tina

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilt on Table

    Hello my daughter spilled nail polish remover on my 6 mos. old wood table help (07/10/2007)

    By jenny

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilt on Table

    Oh, oh. I should have looked at this site first. My daughter spilled nail polish on the table, and I used nail polish remover to remove it. It removed the nail polish and the finish, now i have a huge cloudy stain on my table, and still hiding it from my husband. HELP (08/28/2007)

    By Kerry

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilt on Table

    I have accidentally put Nail Polish Remover on my Microwave Oven. It formed white cloudy patches on the black plastic as well as silver colored body. How do I remove them? Does someone has any tip? (09/06/2007)

    By Vish

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilt on Table

    My Mom bought a brand new white gloss table which cost in and around £500. I actually put pen on it before, and I panicked and put white nail tip nail polish on top. I'm scared to try anything else, and after many attempts to cover it up, my mom found out and I'm grounded for two weeks. (09/16/2007)

    By Anna

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilt on Table

    I also have nail polish remover damage on my kitchen table. how can I touch it up? (10/08/2007)

    By Linda

    Archive: Nail Polish Remover Spilled on Table

    How do I remove a nail varnish remover stain from a varnished table?

    M Lees

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilled on Table

    Last time one of my girls did that, I just sanded the table top and re varnished it. It's not that hard to do! (11/04/2008)

    By Shosha

    RE: Nail Polish Remover Spilled on Table

    I've just spilled nail polish remover over my 'rents wooden coffee table, trying the mayo trick as we speak. Hope it works! (12/11/2008)

    By Carla

    Archive: Nail Polish Remover on Table

    Does anyone know how to get nail varnish remover out of an oak veneer table?


    Archive: Nail Polish Remover on Table

    We had permanent marker on our expensive oak tabletop. My wife used nail varnish remover to remove it, but it's now left 3 dull marks on the table. How do we repair this to make it look right again?


    Archive: Nail Polish Remover on Table

    My daughter got nail polish remover on our cherry wood table and it removed the finish. What is the best way to get the finish back? Are there any cleaning supplies that will bring the finish back or make it not so obvious?

    By andreandave from Lancaster, PA

    RE: Nail Polish Remover on Table

    I once spilled some isopropyl alcohol on my tabletop and it messed up the varnish :-( I washed the entire table vigorously with soap and water and then used a rag to wipe a good amount of sesame oil on and around the spot, let it sit until the oil completely soaked in to the damaged portion and then lightly wiped the table with a soap and water rag. You can still see the damage, but it's very faint.

    About the only other thing you can do is sand and re-varnish. There are lots of other ideas in the ThriftyFun archives below. (03/25/2010)

    By Deeli