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Restoring Shine To Dull Stone Countertops

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I just installed granite counters in my kitchen. I have been cleaning it with only water and it is rather dull. What can I use to bring the shine back? I heard it is best to stay away from chemicals.

By Rose from Malvern, PA


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By Pam Griffis [4]07/20/2010

Granite needs periodic polishing (and you need to put a sealer on it once a year). To save my arm from all that rubbing I bought an inexpensive electric car buffer from Costco for $20. I just go to my local tile store or you can find products at Home Depot, etc. to pick up one of their products to give my top a fresh look. I have several friends who swear by Glass Plus (not Windex) as a daily cleaner.


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Archive: Restoring Shine To Dull Stone Countertops

How do I return the shine to my dark Silestone countertops? They always look dull after cleaning with soap and water which was recommended. They are only 2 years old.

Monica from New Braunfels, TX

RE: Restoring Shine To Dull Stone Countertops

Silestone recommends "Countertop Magic" which cleans and polishes countertops. But you might only have a water mineral deposit problem. Vinegar usually helps remove that. (10/23/2008)

By Red Neck

Archive: Restoring Shine To Dull Stone Countertops

I have Silestone counters in my kitchen. I love them, but how can I get them shiny looking like when they were installed?

By Wendy from Austin, TX

RE: Restoring Shine To Dull Stone Countertops

Dollar General has auto wipes, to clean dash and such. I use them on mine. It lasts a few weeks. There are at least 30 wipes in the container, @ 2.50. (12/03/2009)

By iamtheway

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