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Substitutions for Canned Tomatoes

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What can I use to substitute canned tomatoes when making things like beef stew, gumbo, or spaghetti? My kids do not like tomatoes and I was wondering can I just substitute with canned tomato sauce?




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By nanajenn04/18/2015

I have an allergy to tomato so in stews I use pumpkin purée and sliced zucchini. I also use plum sauce for hamburgers etc. This seems to work well for me. 

By Karen Peiffer09/17/2009

I have been able to find tomatoes in jars lately. Look in the health food type stores. You should be able to find them. They taste better and you don't have to worry about BPA in the can lining. (Bisphenol A) BPA can cause cancer.

By doodles [8]02/12/2008

Tomatoe puree is better than sauce as it is the same as what you would get if you put them in the blender. You'll probably have to try a couple of "practice" dishes to adjust quantity and seasonings to taste. Good luck!

By Janet in Iowa (Guest Post)02/07/2008

I use Tomato Juice alot now,, you can also run the
tomatoes through a blender,I do that as well cause my husband does not like tomotoe chunks in anything.

By Vi Johnson [237]02/06/2008

Yes you can use tomato sauce...Do the kids like pizza/ Spaghetti - O's or canned ravioli? They have tomato sauce/paste in them. Good luck .GG Vi

By betty webb (Guest Post)02/06/2008

v8 juice, tomato paste, tomato sauce, vegetable broth could all be used. Chicken or beef broth will give a different taste.

By lavonneann [6]02/06/2008

I use tomato juice and tomato paste when making spaghetti sauce.

By Grace (Guest Post)02/06/2008

I don't like tomatoes either. I take all tomatoes put them in the blender. I don't like the texture of tomatoes but once they are in the blender, they are okay. I even do this to tomatoes before I can them. Hope this helps. Grace

By Mary Koehler [8]02/06/2008

You could use tomato juice or V8 Juice would have lots of flavor and vegetable value in. If tomatoes are cheaper, put them in the blender so there are no lumps.

By Patti (Guest Post)02/06/2008

Tomato juice works great for stew and soups or
mix tomato juice with some paste? I hate lumps
of tomato too! But I love tomato flavored
anything. I always substitute. If you want some
veggie taste added too, add some V-8 juice.

By Robin (Guest Post)02/06/2008

I think it would be fine to do that. You would have the tomato taste without the chunks of tomato. Good luck!

By mcw [79]02/05/2008

You can either use tomato sauce or tomato puree which do not contain the lumps of tomatoes which your children probably don't like.

I make my own homemade spaghetti sauce out of tomato puree, then add all the spices.

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