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Pink Countertops

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I just bought a house and will need to paint and replace all the floor coverings. My problem is that the kitchen has pink countertops which are in good condition. The cabinets are white. What do I do to make the pink work in the kitchen and how do I make it flow with the rest of the house. I am not sure what color of floor coverings to put in the house.



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By Regina Forbes [2]06/03/2009

I just finished painting my kitchen/dining room. I also have a pink counter top. I have a snack bar too. I have lots of oak,cabinets and floors. I put up a chair rail, painted it white. The top of the chair rail in dining room is yellow ( Ace Hardware Chilled Lemonade.)This color goes in kitchen over the cabinets. The bottom of the chair rail is blue ( soft denim) It is a jewel toned blue. My door is Gray. Windows are timed in white too. I must say it is beautiful!I wouldn't have put these colors together til I picked the blue for a bedroom. I'm very pleased.

By Joyann (Guest Post)07/27/2006

Lucky you. I got pea-greeen counter tops in my mobile home, Yuck! I cant afford to replace them right now. Pink does not sound too bad. Could this be a case of "the counter top is always greener on the other side"?

By Arianna (Guest Post)03/21/2006

We bought our home 1 year ago, and it also has light pink countertops in the kitchen with dark brown cabinets. What I ended up doing is painting the walls gray. Surprisingly, the pink countertops seemed to receed and no one notices them anymore! The other two colors I have in my kitchen are beige appliances, and white table and chairs. It works together in a soft, unobtrusive way.

By alex rock (Guest Post)03/07/2006

I agree that if you keep the pink, it will need a retro setting. Black and white checkerboard would be "neat-o" and "swell". It's a classic kitchen flooring and would go with any future renovations, too.i

By Jill [2]03/05/2006

You don't have to live with the pink countertops. Home Depot Or Lowes has special paint to redo countertops and make them any color you want. I would repaint them myself or hire a home improvement service that does refacing of countertops or repainting them. Pink is too retro for me. Jill

By C (Guest Post)03/04/2006

The color chocolate goes well with pink.

By christi (Guest Post)03/03/2006

You could go really frilly with the curtains and I thinks silver appliances set on the counters would set off the pink.

By Sue03/03/2006

Have you considered black. Black and white squares would match for a kind of retro look. I agree that for a contemporary look that beige or brown would be a good choice. The accent pieces that you use will bring all of the colors together. Have fun.

By Carol (Guest Post)03/03/2006

Consider using burgundy with the pink to add another color.. This will give it a traditional look.. For a more contemporary look use beige or brown with your pink countertops.. I say, if it looks like a mistake do it again..

By Sheli03/03/2006

Using decor that blends the colors of your countertops and other parts of the kitchen/house will help. Curtains with nice designs and detailing and colored bottles are wonderful for this.

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