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Cleaning Oil Paint off Hands

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While painting, if you have stained your hands with oil paint, it is not easily washable with water and soap. Instead apply a little baby oil and wash, there will be no sign of paint and your hands will be smooth without any roughness of the paint.

By Krithika



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By kkkk (Guest Post)01/26/2009

Use scrubby bubbles if oil doesn't work!

By staci (Guest Post)11/22/2008

Thank you so much.

By Rachel (Guest Post)07/22/2008

Thank you. Thank you. Got varnish all over my hands and they were so sticky. Went onto the net looking at how to get it off as five goes with soap and water had failed! Used Pure VEGETABLE OIL and it worked. Just washed it off with soap and water. My hands are so soft now too!

By Germain Couet (Guest Post)06/12/2008

Aaah olive oil! my favorite substance saves the day again!

By Ashley (Guest Post)04/20/2008

Oh my gosh! thanks so much i used pure vegitable oil and OMG! it worked i thank u so much!!! Can't beleive it worked!! It took like 1 miniute and It worked Thanks XD

By Harry (Guest Post)03/21/2008

Decided to paint my lounge room walls with an oil based paint and it flicked all over my hands, arms and face from the roller.
I tried soap and water - no. Orange oil - no. Mayonnaise - no. And was concerned about turps on my skin.
Read here about oil .. tried it .. and IT WORKED !!
Used it while standing in the bath/shower and then rinsed off with warm water and soap.
Thanks guys.

By Jason (Guest Post)03/14/2008

I used canola oil and that worked. In addition, I had this oil soap called Murphy Oil which also worked.

By Alex (Guest Post)01/17/2008

I had my hands completly covered... i had to use my tounge and toes to type XD thanks alot!

By begginer painter (Guest Post)11/21/2007

Wow! Olive oil worked great. Thanks a lot. Oil get rid of oil. Take 1 minute to clean all messy hands.

By LAURA (Guest Post)11/04/2007

I used olive oil it works wonderfully! Paint on.

By Gus Giannola (Guest Post)06/23/2007

I just Used Olive Oil to get Oil-based paint of my hands It worked wonderful....Hands are Totally clean . I recomend it 100%...

By Sherry (Guest Post)05/11/2007

I got on the computer with sticky hands and sticky fingers trying to find out what will take this kitchen cabinet stain off of my hands. Baby oil worked like a charm!! Thank you!

By luke (Guest Post)01/24/2007

thats a good idea and worx 2!!!! ty

By JanaCoyote & Mudpuppy (Guest Post)11/23/2006

We had paint all over our hands! We had no baby oil, so we used Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The paint is gone and our hands received a great treatment!
Thanks for the idea.

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