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Cleaning Vinyl Boat Cushions

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I have white seats in my boat that are black now. I tried Mean Green, bleach, and other stuff. Nothing will make them white again. Any suggestions?

By darlooney from Carriere, MS


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By Joan [13]05/20/2009

Krud Kutter will remove stains, no matter what they are. Available at Lowe's and the price has just been reduced! It runs about $12 a gallon, but works! Cleaned BBQ grille [sprayed on and let set], light scrubbing with brush and it looks new. Removed black soot off painted wall with ease. The best cleaner on the market and is safe for washing clothes!

By Suzanne Bergholz [2]05/19/2009

You might try Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser. I clean my outdoor furniture with them and they come out white again.


You could try Champ cleaner.

Under Products, click Champ.

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