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Removing Stains on Countertops

Cleaning Stain From Countertop

Spills and general use can leave stains on your countertops. This is a guide about removing stains on countertops.


Solutions: Removing Stains on Countertops

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Tip: White Wine for Countertop Stains

A scientist in Oregon has discovered that white wine not only disinfects countertops and kills salmonella, but it removes stains from countertops as well. So for you ladies who have a stain on the counter, pour a little wine on it and see if it helps.

Source:, a great site for newest discoveries, written for the average person. Amazing.

By Pikka from Westminster, CO

Tip: Removing Stains from White Counter Top

Dampen the counter top and sprinkle some good ol' baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) on the stain, just enough to cover it. With a little elbow grease, the stain will vanish.

    Source: Baking soda is great for so many things - from being a natural tooth paste, to natural deodorant, and stainless steel sink shiner!

    By cmontondo [1]

    Repairing Marks on Porcelain Countertop

    Porcelain CountertopThis is a guide about repairing marks on porcelain countertop. A porcelain finish can get marked and scratched. Removing or covering these blemishes can help it look better.


    Tip: Removing Food Coloring Stains from Counters and Tabletops

    I used to decorate cakes for fun and always ended up with red food coloring on my counter tops. Then I discovered it could be removed by making a paste of cream of tartar and water. Place a small amount of the cream of tartar and water mixture on the stain, and then rub with a clean wet dishcloth. If it doesn't come right off, leave the cream of tartar paste on the stain longer before washing off with a clean wet dishcloth.

      By Myrnajean1 [1]

      Tip: Removing Stains from Laminate Countertops

      Lacquer thinner will easily remove stains from Formica countertops. Be careful not to get it on the wood edge as it will also remove the finish on the edge.

        By deanamaurer [1]

        Tip: Removing Stains From Countertops

        For wine stains, I just mix a molding plaster and then bleach it to form paste. Apply the paste on the stain and leave for 30 minutes then rinse with water. For organic stains like juice, tea and coffee, I use 3 drops of ammonia and 12 percent of hydrogen peroxide.

        For oil stains, mix 1 cup of flour and a mild washing soap form into paste by adding water, then apply this paste on the stain, cover with plastic and leave it overnight. In the morning, remove the plastic cover and remove the paste, then wipe your countertop with a moist cloth and the stain will be gone.

        You can keep your counter stain resistant if you seal your counter regularly.

        By creese15

        Tip: Kool-Aid Stains on Counter Tops

        A paste made with baking soda and water will take Kool-Aid stains out of counters.

        By Tara

        Tip: Removing Fruit Stains From Countertops

        To remove a stain such as food color or fruit stains from a light-colored cabinet top, try putting some dishwasher soap, preferably gel, on a wet cloth and lay it on the stain. The stain should disappear within a few minutes.

        By Peanut Patty

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        Here are questions related to Removing Stains on Countertops.

        Question: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

        How do I get coffee stains off of my white kitchen counter tops? It's worse than Kool-aid.

        By Trudy from PA


        Most Recent Answer

        By Sherri [2]12/09/2010

        I also use baking soda to clean the white countertops, works good also when you have stains from food coloring or kool-aid, works everytime

        Question: Coffee Stain Removal

        Does anyone know how to remove a coffee stain from a countertop? I have tried bleach, baking soda (it was old so I might need a new box), and oxyclean. Nothing has worked! Please help!



        Most Recent Answer

        By Randall (Guest Post)01/27/2009

        how about coffee stains on sheetrock wall? thanks in advance.

        Question: Removing Stains from a Countertop

        I have a stain on my kitchen counter top that I am unable to remove. I think it is coffee or rust. I am sure the counter top is either Formica or a laminate.

        By Marlene from Phoenix, AZ

        Most Recent Answer

        By Linda L. [82]09/22/2010

        Oops or GooGone should work. If they don't, the stain may be permanent.

        Question: Removing Stubborn Stains on Laminate Countertops

        What can I use to remove stains on kitchen counter laminate? I've tried Oxy Clean paste, Clorox, Windex, Grease Lightening, baking soda paste, etc.

        By Deborah from Vero Beach, FL

        Most Recent Answer


        It's not mentioned what kind of stains but I've removed even Sharpie Permanent Marker marks and even super glue with ease from my laminate counters using 'acetone' nail polish remover that I already had on hand.

        Question: Stains on Solid Surface Countertops and Sink

        How do I remove stains on Correll countertops and sinks? I have tried 1/4 cup bleach and filled up the sink with water. I have used Comet and Lime Away. I can a lot and the stain is from that.

        By REB

        Most Recent Answer

        By Harlean from Arkansas [139]10/04/2011

        I am not familiar with that type of counter top, but I use a paste of baking soda and water to clean many surfaces, so you could try it. Just pour on a little baking soda and add a little water to it and scrub with a sponge or dishcloth. This has kept my counters stain free for over 10 years and is the only thing I have ever used in my oven which is also over 10 years old and looks almost new inside. I shine my stainless steel sinks with the same remedy. Also the porcelain sinks in the bathrooms.
        Harlean from Arkansas

        Question: Drying Mat Left Stain on Kitchen Counter

        I used a kitchen mat to dry wet utensils, but the kitchen mat has left a dark print on the white counter top. How do I remove the dark stain? Please help.

        By PB

        Most Recent Answer

        By cassyslate03/13/2014

        The marks are from the dyes in the towel. You may want to try scrubbing the area with a moist sponge and baking soda. Then, if there are any marks left, bleach area and let set. Depending on the dye, it should come up.

        Question: Removing Dye Stains on Counters

        I have pink Joss stick stains on white laminate. The sticks were laying on the counter behind sink at GD's residence and got wet, leaving behind bright pink staining. What is the best advice for removal of the stain, please?

        By Carole M.

        Most Recent Answer

        By thriftytea [1]11/19/2013

        Hello! Have you tried a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser? I would normally suggest a cheaper more eco friendly method, but if its a really really tough stain, I have my emergency pack of magic erasers just incase. They've gotten rid of grass stains, paint, permanent marker and a bunch of other things I thought were impossible to clean. I found the erasers work best when you leave them dry and spray the area you want to "erase" with a mist of water 2 - 3 times from a spray bottle, so the eraser itself only becomes lightly damp. If those things get completely soaked, they don't seem to work as well, in my experience/opinion! Good luck!

        Question: Coffee Stain on White Counter Top

        I have coffee stains on my white kitchen countertop that will not go away. I have tried so many things on it, but am afraid to try anything industrial as I live in an apt.

        Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

        By Kat from PA

        Most Recent Answer

        By nancyg06/07/2013

        Have you tried rubbing the stains with baking soda and a little water?

        Question: Removing Toothpaste Stains from Laminate

        What can I use to remove toothpaste stains from a laminate bathroom counter top? Thus far I've used peroxide, bleach, various bathroom cleansers, ammonia, and CLR. Any one with experience with this stain problem? Thank you.

          By pudgeallen1932 [1]

          Question: Repairing a Burned and Cracked Countertop

          I have a small (quarter sized) burn mark and 1.5 inch crack on my white countertop. Any suggestions to either replace the counter cheaply or repair it without any noticeable difference? I've already tried Magic Eraser, vinegar, baking soda and other cleaning products. The stain has faded, but still is somewhat visible and crack is still visible.


          By Jackie

          Question: Removing Stains on a Kitchen Counter

          How do I remove stains from the counter? I have tried vinegar and Ajax. I am not exactly sure what type of food stain it is.

          By Marge B

          Question: Removing Water Stain on Countertop

          I have a grey shellacked countertop. It has a white cloudy discoloration on top from water. How can I fix it?

          By Natasha

          Question: Removing a Scorch Spot from Countertop

          How do you remove scorch stains from kitchen counter tops?

          By Joy

          Question: Cleaning a Stain on Stone Countertop

          I recently cleaned my oven racks on my counter top on top of paper. Now I have marks from the paper on the counter. I have removed the colour, but still can see the marks from where the paper was sitting. Any ideas? The counter top is stone.

          By Jodie

          Question: Removing Stains from Kitchen Counter

          Can I use baking soda to clean non white counters? I have black dye stains which ran from cupcake paper on my dark brownish kitchen bench. How should I clean it? baking soda, vinegar, nail polish remover?

          By Kelle


          Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

          Archive: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          We've recently purchased our first home. Already we've put stains on our nice, white kitchen countertops (made of laminate?). I don't know much about cleaners, but have tried Fantastic with Bleach and Windex. The stains didn't even fade at all. I'm not sure what the stains are from, but since they're circular, I'm guessing they're from perhaps tea or coffee in cups. Help! Thanks much, Libby

          RE: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          Use baking soda or BonAmi cleaner which does not scratch. (06/14/2004)

          By Toni K.

          RE: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          I have had the same problem and I keep a small bottle of 50% Clorox and 50%water just for things like that. It works on stains and mold on the counter tops. Good luck. (06/15/2004)

          By kap

          RE: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          I'd contact the manufacturer of the worktop if you know who it is and ask their advice. Also, if this is a newly built house, (as opposed to a just "new" to you house), I would contact the builder, tell them the worktops are not practical/made of a suitable material for their function and ask for them to be replaced. After all, do you really want to look forward to removing stains from these worktops for the next 10-20 years?

          Regards. (06/15/2004)

          By Jo

          RE: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          I always am able to remove any kind of stains on my countertop with a little bit of "Soft Scrub" with bleach. (06/15/2004)

          By Pam

          RE: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          I use a little Comet and water. The stains come out immediately. (06/15/2004)

          By Kim

          RE: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          Have you tried the new Mr. Clean erasers? They are amazing! I had the same problem and they got the stain out with no effort at all. They work on everything. Even old sneakers. (06/16/2004)

          By ga158

          RE: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          What worked on old stains on my old white countertops was a paste of Oxiclean. Take a sponge and get it wet with hot water, pour a little Oxiclean on the stain and set the sponge down on it, scrub a little and in a few minutes the stains were gone.

          Susan from ThriftyFun (07/07/2005)

          By ThriftyFun

          RE: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          Bar Keepers Friend works like magic and does not scratch laminate. Don't replace your countertops, any surface will require cleaning. (09/27/2005)

          By guest

          RE: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          You'll be surprised of my amazing discovery! Just like all of you, every Clorox product ruined my white countertop. I accidentally found the cure. Pour a liquid silver cleaner on the countertop (the cream form doesn't work), and it will become white as snow within seconds. Cool?

          You need to use the kind in which you are supposed to dip your silver jewelry and it works like a miracle. I've done it for 2 years now every week, and it has not damaged my countertop at all. So you can go for it with no problem. Have fun! (03/22/2006)

          By sophy

          RE: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          A solution of 75% Cascade crystals and 25% Clorox diluted in hot water will remove just about any stain without altering the color. I even use it to get out stubborn stains from my white laundry, mostly cottons. It doesn't work well on anything "stretchy" or silky. Somehow, the Cascade reduces the severity of the bleach while it keeps it's cleaning power. (03/19/2007)

          By love2decorate

          RE: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          After I read your posts, I ran right out and got Tarn-X and it worked instantly. I had a feeling my yellow counter top was the result of too much Clorox, but wasn't convinced till I read the posts. Thank heavens for the internet and your valuable posts. (12/05/2007)

          By Pat

          RE: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          Toothpaste with baking soda also works very well. (02/29/2008)

          By Carol

          RE: Stains on Kitchen Countertops

          I have a red countertop and used a Mr. Clean eraser and ruined the top. It took the shiny finish off and now it stains badly. (03/26/2008)

          By jlbhba99

          RE: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          Just a note to everyone. I used Tarn-x to remove a yellow bleach stain and it worked wonderfully but six months later, I sat a pan in the same spot and it made a stain that could not be removed with the same method. I am still trying. (07/07/2008)

          By kaj6918

          RE: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          I have white laminate countertops and the best thing I have used is Grease Lightning. It removed a rust stain from my counter and Kool-Aid stains too! (10/23/2008)

          By Sharon

          RE: Stains on White Kitchen Countertops

          Hi there all, go back to basics! I had a horrible yellow bleach stain. I used good old fashioned bi carb (baking soda) and vinegar, and left it to sit, then scrubbed, put more on, then left it and scrubbed again. It worked a wonder, no gloves, no dangerous chemicals, no stress! (10/27/2008)

          By Jade from Australia