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My puppy has parvo, it's the 3 day of having it. I took her to the vet today where they gave her injections, stuff for throwing up, the runs and antibiotics. She's still throwing up and I am still giving her gatorade every 30 minutes. Does it help that I am giving her gatorade even though 20 minutes later she is throwing it back up?


MarQue from West Valley City, Utah

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By Tanya 1 Flag

March 10, 2010

I wanted to ask if your puppy survived parvo and if you ever managed to held its previous owner responsible?

I have exactly the same story with an 8.5 week pomeranian, except we had puppy for only 24 hours--we picked him up in the afternoon at airport and took home where he was all active and happy. Next day we woke up and he looked like absolutely different dog--he was all weak, thouwing up, having diarrhea. We took him to the emergency care in the evening and he was diagnosed with parvo. He is still at the emergency care and we have no idea whether he will be able to survive. it might sound weird, but during those 24 hours that he was at our home, my husband and I felt in love with him and would be broken hearted and devastated if he does not recover the deseas.

The doctor told me that the only way he could've got this is with his previous owner. I contacted that lady immediately--she admitted that most likely it happened when she took him to the vet, but said she is not going to help us treat him and she does not have any insurance for the puppy. All she said is that if he dies, she will provide another puppy. But, come on, its not a pair of shoes that you can replace once the heel breaks!

At this point, we are extremely worried about the puppy and we pray and hope he will recover. But we also want to find a way to hold a breeder/previous owner responsible for this, because it happened under her supervision and is 100% her fault, which costs us a lot emotionally and financially.

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April 8, 2010

My puppy is now fighting it also on her 3rd day. I'm doing a small dripper (syringe) of Pedialyte every 15 min. Her second day was better. Today she's not that good. But she has been able to keep the Pedialyte down. Try that and all natural chicken broth.

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By Cassidy 1 Flag

April 28, 2010

This is to Tanyazh: Hope your puppy has survived.

When you buy a puppy from someone you assume risk. Risk that this puppy could die from a disease or accident. As horrible as it is, when you got the puppy it seemed healthy. The owner/breeder probably thought it was to. Unless you can prove she knew this puppy was sick with parvo when she sold it to you then there isn't anything you can or should do. It was the risk you took by buying it from her. Same as if you'd adopt from a shelter. They often have kennel cough or end up with parvo etc. You have to accept and expect that these things can and will happen...even though it really stinks!

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By cheryl 1 Flag

June 19, 2010

There is a great vet and reasonable in phoenix. My puppy got diagnosed with parvo today and I took him to Santis pet clinic in Phoenix AZ. The vet is very reasonable and caring. The office visit and test for parvo got deducted from the parvo iv and overnight stays with antibiotics. That saved me 75.00. He is about 1/4 -1/2 the price of other vets depending which vet you go to. Please keep my puppy in your positive thoughts. Thank you and good luck to anyone that has a puppy with parvo.

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My pomeranian has parvo. I've been reading other request and I also would like to know the info about garlic. This is her second day with parvo and I've tried gatorade all day with little results.

Please help,


RE: Parvo Help Needed

Please take her to the vet! parvo can kill a dog very quickly,i lost a lab puppy to parvo. My sis's little dog also got it but a vet was able to pull him thru .i tried the gatorade with my pup but it didn't help enough . (05/23/2005)

By mamaboo

RE: Parvo Help Needed

The vet is your ONLY hope. I hope you haven't waited to late. Parvo is deadly. We have lost 3 puppies to this. Once the virus gets into your yard other puppies can get it and die by just being in the same yard. The only way we found to kill it from your yard is a hard freeze in the Winter. Best wishes for you and your puppy. (05/23/2005)

By Connie.

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Pedialyte not Gatorade and I used scrambled eggs with a dash of salt ,a bit of milk,a bit of garlic or garlic powder & jellied Cranberry sauce mixed in & coated the dish with Kaopectate first .

I hand fed mine & brought 2 dogs through it, I slept on the floor with them & dribbled water into their mouths with a turkey baster,though an eye dropper would be better with a tiny Pom, preferably a plastic dropper found in baby section of store ,that's why I used the turkey baster.

You could also just stick a straw into the fluid then put your finger on top of the straw put the straw in pups mouth , let go of the top & give pup a bit of fluid at a time that way ,just don't let her choke,her dear little heart will give out & never hesitate to paint their paws & faces with food & fluid,they like to be clean .

Hope the little doll makes it. Keep her hydrated! This I cannot stress enough,they can go much longer without food than without fluids!
But please take her to the VET! (05/24/2005)

By Linne Dodds

RE: Parvo Help Needed

I mirror the other replies. Get to the vet asap with this dog because they quickly go downhill and it's not something you can treat successfully at home. I lost a dog to it when it first was discovered and was known as the "dog show disease". It's a painful way to lose a pet. (05/24/2005)

By Roberta

RE: Parvo Help Needed

I hope this helps.We have been through this a few times with ours and other dogs.results vary depending on age of the animal.We had to administer pepto bismol 3ml, 3 times a day; and feed it boiled hamburger and rice (for protein). Try to keep it hydrated if it begins to have blood in stool and becomes lethargic (sleepy all the time) seek veterinarian assistance, this is one of the final stages. Best of luck. (05/24/2005)

By tracy

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Please, please, please take your dog to the vet. This is a deadly virus. My Elkhound had it when he was six months old and he would have died if I did not take him to the vet.

By Marta

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Give the dog sugar water and PEPTO BISMAL you know that pink stuff at the store. We have saved many this way. (05/28/2005)

By Runrhonda37

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Take him to vets asap! (07/13/2005)

By roy martinez

RE: Parvo Help Needed

The President of my rescue group found a Vet who said to treat them with plain old boiled chicken and she swore it saved every puppy/dog she had ever rescued with Parvo (boil chicken, no additives of salt or anything, remove bones before giving to dog, give dog both the broth and the chicken until he's feeling better). (07/14/2005)

By Cherub77

RE: Parvo Help Needed

My 2 pound, 8 week old terri-poo has survived Parvo! If anyone suspects that their puppy has Parvo, and can not afford the treatment from a vet, please email me. I may be able to help! robvanderark @ (remove spaces)
doing my part to help another pup survive the deadly Parvo-virus. (07/18/2005)

By Rob Vander Ark

RE: Parvo Help Needed

I am a foster mom for a rescue. My rescue had just received 8 puppies from a 40 dog puppy-mill. I lost 3 puppies and saved 5. And from the puppy-mill he lost every last one. Go to Walmart super-center buy nutritional breakfast drink 6pack (equate) cheap stuff, 2 plain yogurt, big container, karo syrup, 3-4 bulb suction, (booger suckers), & children medicine syringes. Take a nutritional drink full can & mix it with 1 cup of yogurt. bulb syringe it & force it down the mouth, then I took a medicine dropper filled it full (about 6mls)of karo sryup, & forced it on the side of the mouth so the sugar can get absorbed in the gums. If the syringe becomes to sticky fill it with water & give it to the dog. This way you are treating the dog for dehydration, low blood sugar, yogurt kills the virus and heals the intestines, & the drink gives them vitamins that the body is lacking. I alternated until the yogurt was gone. I also bought the equate brand of anti-diarrhea stuff & vomiting. I gave them 1 ml of each per 10 lbs. My puppies where better within 3-5 days. But make sure you do this every 3-4 hours. If you want to save money (vet) & your precious babies. Also buy bleach. Take a spray bottle with 3\4 bleach & then the rest water. Spray your shoes when you go out & come in from the yard. Mop all your floors if possible with bleach & water. Try to use as much bleach to as little water. Do this every day for about 2 weeks guaranteed to have that bug gone. If the dog is kept in a kennel outside to go potty, bleach & hot water it. I did it to my yard & cement, it did fine. Yeah I did kill my grass some, but I watered it a couple hours later after I let the bleach soak in, Now I have green grass. If the dog sleeps on blankets or toys, try to wash in hot water & bleach. If the dog is allowed on furniture Lysol it very good. I did all this for 1 1\2 week & spent only $30 on all supplies for 8 puppies. But I did lose 3 because I didn't catch it right away. If your dog is not showing any signs of activity, or strength please do go to a vet. If they can try to save them. My 3 still died. (08/08/2005)

By Bobbie H

RE: Parvo Help Needed

I really don't know what to say, I just lost a 3 month old pit to it 20 minutes ago. We took her to the vet got meds, and did everything we could do to help with what we could afford, but it was just not enough. She was fine, we just moved on saturday, took her home saturday night by monday night she was not feeling to good and today she past. Just be careful, and please get her help if not, please put her to sleep. It's very hard, for everybody that goes though it.

By laura

RE: Parvo Help Needed

My dog had parvo-would not eat, drink, vomiting, did not even have the strength to get up---a lady that works at the vets office told me to give him two tsp of vegetable oil (it coats the lining of the stomach and stops the bleeding) within 2 hours he was up and walking around, drinking pedialyte and by the next morning was eating--by two days it was like nothing ever happened to him. (08/30/2005)

By joyce

RE: Parvo Help Needed

<img src="" align="right" hspace="10" />My maggie is fighting parvo right now she is 7 days in her fight. we just got her on friday and she was ill by saturday all I can say is take her to the vet maggie didn't even look that bad at first but with in a few hours she had gone from bad to worse and she was at the vets getting help already there is hope Maggie's temp went down to normal today and her blood count is improving we are not out of the woods yet but we hope we have jumped the hurdle (10/27/2005)

By lori

RE: Parvo Help Needed

<img src="" align="right" hspace="10" />Take her to the vet and have them get her Tamaflu It is crazy we tried this as a no knowing if it would work another vet said she heard it works like a miracle and within 36 hours of taking the drug she is home with me weak but no more symptoms and getting better every day (10/30/2005)

By lori

RE: Parvo Help Needed

We just bought two boxers puppies. They were from two different litters. Mine is a white boxer 10 weeks old my dads is a reverse brindle 8 weeks old. Mine is pretty energetic she still plays eats and acts ok. She just sleeps a lot but my dads is pretty sick looking we found worms in his stool, treated it but he still had diarrhea. they both had it at first mine is starting to harden. But not diesels. he still has some energy but not a whole lot, can worms make the sick or do you think its parvo? (11/02/2005)

By shawna

RE: Parvo Help Needed


Parvo is nothing to fool around with take them to the vet just to be sure I wish you the best of luck and hope it is only a parasite problem (11/05/2005)

By lori

update on Maggie

Maggie is like a miracle. she is doing great! When it comes to parvo bring your baby to the vet and insist that they give her or him TAMIFLU!!! IT IS FOR PEOPLE BUT SAVES PARVO PUPS IT CAN BE BOUGHT AT WALMART BY PRESCRIPTION. Maggie was dying on wednesday night. we gave her the meds early wednesday. we thought we were going to lose her late wednesday ,but by thursday morning she was fever free and starting to act like a pup. please don't fool around this is the worst thing that has happened to me and I'm sure Maggie, but this drug saved her (11/06/2005)

By lori

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Thank you for i had no where to turn. This was almost like losing a child and i thank you for all your help and hope what happened to me and maggie i wish never to happen again. So let me help others. Please let your vet know that this drug does work. Tamiflu - your vet can get it by prescription. (11/06/2005)

By lori

One survived... One didn't

<img src="" align="right" hspace="10" />I have just spent the last week taking care of my two dogs. Peanut was the first to get sick. I wish I would have found this site a week ago. I may have been able to save both of them. With Peanut, all I did was force feed her Pedialyte every few hours and try to keep her covered up. She was better within three days. Butter on the other hand, I did the same for her and on her third day she just couldn't make it anymore. I ended up taking her to the vet and they said that with medical treatment, they didn't think she would pull through. Her blood sugar had dropped so low that she couldn't even move much on her own. I feel for anyone who has ever had to go through taking care of a dog with Parvo. It's so hard to watch your dog die. The two dogs were from the same litter. Thank God I didn't lose both of them. Losing one was hard enough. Good luck to anyone going through this. (12/09/2005)

By Tracey

RE: Parvo Help Needed

I just lost 5 puppies to parvo less than 2 weeks ago. So very painful! I took them to the vet. and was misdiagnosed as being worms, then when I took them in again, it was too late.

I tried the parvoaid and parvoguard stuff and didn't work.

The vet. didn't even try to give me any meds to treat he said the parvo strain they contracted was a very strong strain and they would die anyway.

Best thing, try to give vaccines right away before they contract parvo.

By Trinity

RE: Parvo Help Needed

PARVOVIRUS CAN LIVE FOR OVER A YEAR IN YOUR HOUSE AND OUTSIDE CAN WINTER-OVER EVEN A HARD FROST. It is a very hardy virus! You will need to bleach everything even the grass and repeat, because there are no guarantees it will work. Some kennels will not provide a dog for up to 3 to 5 years to a home that has had parvo. This is a virus that kills!

You can bring it home on your feet from pet stores that permit dogs. Your puppy can pick it up from walking where a sick dog has been. Get all the parvo shots, even if you don't do the rest of dog shots. Keep puppies away from any dog areas until you have completed the parvo-shot regimen. Pups come from their mom's with some immunity, but it wears off.

A vet is the only one who can treat parvo. Carry your dog in the vet's office and watch them clean the table. Your dog may need IV's. If the bowel telescopes the dog will need surgery. Even vaccinated adult dogs have been known to contract the parvovirus. Prevention is the key.

I know this is a horrible time. Shame on your vet!! Try to keep documentation about him and report him to your state association and then change vets. Good-luck to you. (02/02/2006)

By Vicka

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Use this only if you cannot afford the vet bill ($600-$1000/per dog) for treatment of parvo and you know beyond the shadow of doubt that you dogs will not make it without some special attention. O.K: I have two puppies (lab/rott mix) and they are nearly over parvo. The vet said they had worms and gave me some dewormer. They were three days in and I don't think they would have made it another day if I had not listened to this old man who raises hunting dogs for a living. He told me that he had never lost a dog to parvo and gave me his remedy.

I didn't want to administer this treatment to my dogs, but they were going to die undoubtedly within the night. First, he gave them water and let them vomit the thick fluid from their stomachs. Then he removed all water bowls so that they cannot get to any. He took a syringe (same one the vet gave with the dewormer medicine) and gave them gatorade and some of a 100% fruit juice energy drink. For some reason, they don't vomit these liquids back up. Gatorade is an extremely good hydrating liquid and the energy drink gives them vitamins and minerals that they will definitely need to continue the fight.

After getting them accustomed to taking the gatorade, he took the same syringe and filled it with 1/2 cc (one-half) (this is about a teaspoon) of bleach and the rest gatorade. He gave this to the pups and held their mouths closed so that they had to swallow. Surprisingly, they didn't show any sign of pain from the bleach going down. Then he continued to give them gatorade and energy drink via syringe. We left the alone for about 30 min and when we came back, there was a noticeable difference.

By 3 hrs later, I heard them bark for the first time in three days and when I went into the garage, the smallest one came running over and wanted to play. The larger puppy did a bit of walking around, which he had not done in a day and a half. Throughout the night I checked on them and gave them gatorade and energy drink through the syringe.

You will notice that as they begin to feel better and better, the less they want you to give them the gatorade. Keep giving it to them periodically until you see that they go over to the bowl filled with gatorade only (no water!) And drink for themselves. This morning. Only about 12 hrs. after administering the treatment, both puppies came up to me when I went out this morning and they also ate and drank (gatorade of course - no water for them right now).

On my lunch break I went home to check on them and they were very active and playful (only 18 hrs. after treatment!) I do believe they are going to pull all the way through. Yesterday before treatment, they were at about 15%. As of my lunch break, the smaller was about 90% and the larger is about 70%. So, if you can't afford the bill and have nothing to lose like I did, I hope this works for you as well as it did for me. Thanks. God bless. (05/03/2006)

By Dog Reviver 101

RE: Parvo Help Needed

I just wanted to come back once more to let you all know the progression at this time. Honestly, I can barely believe it. Both of my pups are at 100%. They show no signs of ever having Parvo; they are eating, drinking water and able to hold it down (no vomiting), their deification (boo boo) is solid, and they are so full of energy that they almost knocked me down when I went into the garage today. I'm just glad that they are OK. I hope this helps someone who faces the same situation that I was in. I used to not be able to understand how people got attached to animals, but in only four days, my puppies have become like children to me. I really care about their well-being. It was a hard decision and I admit that I was scared that there would be an adverse reaction that would only take them out faster than the Parvo. I thought that it would burn their throats or tummies and they would start yelping in pain. Well, none of that happened, Thank God, and the little "Chaps" are OK. Good Luck to you all! (05/04/2006)

By Dog Reviver 101

RE: Parvo Help Needed

First of all, my heart goes out to everyone who has a dog suffering with Parvo. My 10 week old teacup chihuahua is at the vet right now with Parvo and I am devastated. However, I don't understand all of the people who have dogs but can't afford to take them to the vet. We owe it to our animals. If you can't afford the proper maintenance and care of your animals, then you shouldn't take on the responsibility. It is a major humane responsibility and a costly one. I do not have the cash to cover the vet bill for this treatment, but I am able to put it on a credit card. It will not be pleasant paying it off, but this is something I was cognizant of before I adopted this puppy. We have to be responsible and ethical. (06/03/2006)

By carmen

RE: Parvo Help Needed



By c-los

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Anyone with parvo case please take your dog to the vet a.s.a.p. Parvo is FAST. Nasty virus!! Will kill quick and dog is in stomach pain. The vet will not only treat but give the dog stomach pain relievers. Don't wait to see if your dog gets better on it's own. It won't. The dog will continue to vomit and have diarrhea losing blood in it's diarrhea. It's like DIEING SLOWLY. Parvo dogs need MEDICAL HELP!

ALSO reassure your dog or puppy that you love them. LOTS OF LOVE!! I heard depression might progress the disease.

If your pet is not drinking on it's own and is vomiting, and you can't get to a vet right away to get your pet on IV, PLEASE go to grocery store, or convenient store and buy PEDIALYTE. It's to prevent dehydration in children who are vomiting and having diarrhea. Through a syringe, a little at a time.They'll swallow it. Even if they spit it up 5 min. later, at least their stomach was able to soak up some of it. It quickly replenishes, as it states. After a few min. to let your dog relax, give some again until u can get to the vet. HYDRATING IS IMPORTANT!! If the puppy won't drink it at all from the syringe or anything, some people will put a little in their butt and hold it for a minute so it soaks up through colon. I know it sounds gross but YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR PET HYDRATED UNTIL YOU CAN GET TO THE VET!!!! It's safe. Use vaseline or something like it so it won't hurt him.

I have 2 chihuahua sisters, 1 yr. and 2 months old at the vet right now being treated for parvo. Now I can sleep, I've slept very little all weak reading up on Parvo. The first one went in 6 days ago & is doing good. The 2nd one started showing symptoms 2 days ago and when she had diarrhea with blood I called and the doctor told me to bring her too even though he knows I've broke. He doesn't even ask for a promissory note. I've borrowed some money to pay something so far. $300.

When I took the first one to a vet they told me she had parvo and wanted to charge an arm and a leg. I left her there so she can begin treatment, went home and spent 3 hrs shopping/calling around for a better price for parvo treatment. I had to leave $300, a deposit, all my savings, I had withdrawn from the bank that day on my way to that vet. I had less than a hundred left in my pocket and they wanted another $200 by end of day or they said, "Sorry, don't meant to sound harsh but we would have to discharge her if you don't bring in the other $200 by end of day. During my calls The Humane Society recommended an excellent vet who charges $600 for entire treatment compared to some charging $3000 if it took a week, and that he would work with me on payments. I called crying, begging for their help and explained my situation. The receptionist talked to the vet and he said to bring my dog in. I went to the first place and transfered her to the current vet. I am not working right now, no credit cards, bad credit and if I have to pawn my stuff, borrow money, whatever I have to, I will. I blame myself for not vaccinating them anyways, so I feel like it's my own fault anyways.

At the vet at least you know they know what to do and your dog will have the best chance. Plus you can rest. The vomiting and diarrhea won't stop and will put you and your family through a lot!! AGAIN, take your pet to vet, don't try home remedies. THIS VIRUS KILLS FAST WITHIN 2-3 days.

Some vets don't have a heart all they care about is the money. I know their business has to survive but that first vet was a vampire. It's been 6 days now and she's doing a lot better. They say I might be able to bring her home in a few days. But yesterday I had to take the 2nd one that came down with parvo. She stayed to begin treatment too.

Call around even if it takes hrs and try to find a vet that will work with you or have you write a promissory note. The Humane Society or the pound can probably recommend a vet that is not as expensive as others.

My vet is Agustin Gonzalez, DVM in
Hialeah, Floirda, that's in Miami.



By Iluvmychihuahuas

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Hi, it's me again. I just came across this excellent website about Parvo:

It says that the GastroIntestinal (GI) tract gets damaged and nutrients cannot be absorbed. That's another reason the vet uses the IV because Antibiotics cannot be given orally for this reason. They are given either as shots or are added into the IV fluid bag. Therefore, unfortunately, there's a chance the Pedialyte and any food we squirt in their mouth is not even being absorbed, especially if they vomit it.

Blood in stool makes them lose a lot of protein & iron among other things.

By Iluvmychihuahuas

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Do not try to save the parvo stricken puppies yourself. I just lost 4 out of 6 of my precious babies and I will never be the same again. It was Friday night when my puppies started being lazy and not eating. I came to this web site to see what to do, and did them all except for the bleach thing. I would never do something to a puppy I wouldn't do to myself. I was waiting for a call back from a veterinarian, they never called. I stayed up the whole night giving all six of them fluids, anti-diarrheal and anti-nausea medicine. They just puked it all up. Saturday came, and I started getting desperate, one of my puppies was really bad. I rushed her to the ER, and waited 45 minutes for the vet. Sweet Daisy died right there in my arms. I buried her, and continued working on the other dogs to no avail. Those puppies held on for me all day Saturday. I tried and I tried, and they just puked more. Sunday morning finally came, and as I carried 3 more limp bodies to my car and headed for the humane society. One by one the put them down, Honey, Yankee, and then Rocky. No one would help me, I had no money, I had pet insurance, but it didn't cover this. I had nothing, and I had to sit there on the filthy floor, with my adorable babies, and hold them while they were put to sleep. I have not stopped crying since. I cannot get the smell of death out of my nose, and all I see are bleach stains everywhere. I did a little research, and if you go to, they have advice on how to get help with the vet bill. If you cannot afford it, do not hesitate to have them put down. To see the suffering is gut-wrenching, and you cannot fathom how that feels until you see the aftermath. Everything is still, no one greets you at the door, and silly things like balls and bones break your heart. Do not put your puppies through this, if they cannot get proper medical attention, please end their suffering. You do not want to remember you puppies drooling all over-themselves and falling into their vomit because they are too weak to stand. It only took 24 hours for my life to turn into a living hell, please do not let it happen to your babies.
-In loving memory of Honey, Daisy, Yankee and Rocky.

(b)Editor's Note:(/b) Parvo is horrible. So sorry to hear about your loss. It's a terrible disease. I hope the other puppies make it. (06/26/2006)

By Daisy

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Affording Parvo Treatment: First call around for best price but of course, that it's a good vet. I left my dog at one vet with a deposit so he can start treatment, went home, called around and went back to take her to a much cheaper and still good vet, WITH HER IV, since I had paid for it already. Try to see if your state has a website to check if the vet's license is current or try to find a number. Florida has the info on under Veterinary Medicine. You just enter the vet's name. Also the local Humane Society or Shelter might be able to recommend one who charges less than most other vets. Use your Credit Cards if you have to, BORROW MONEY, PAWN YOUR STUFF!! Even that HSUS.ORG website says to PAWN YOUR STUFF, you can replace a TV but not your pet!! There is helpful information on that site about help for vet bill. The site has suggestions and that you can call them and maybe they'll be able to refer you to local organizations or vets that can help, EVEN TO CANTACT THE NATIONAL CLUB for that breed!! In some cases, these clubs offer a veterinary financial assistance fund.

I had to search the website a bit and finally found the exact page. It is:
<a href="

Humane Society of United States: 202-452-1100

But you have to act FAST!!!!
TAKE A DAY OR 2 off of work so you can do your research.

LAST RESORT: If all else fails, CALL AROUND & FIND A VET THAT WILL LET YOU SURRENDER THE PET SO THEY CAN TREAT IT AND THEN PUT IT UP FOR ADOPTION. You never know, by the time the puppy is ready to leave the vet, maybe 6 days to 11 days, you might have been able to come up with the money. Find cheaper vet so it's easier to find the money. (06/26/2006)

By Iluvmychihuahuas

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Daisy, I'm sorry for your loss. I pray for you and all the puppies. How are the other 2 doing? Hope well. God Bless you and your puppies. (06/26/2006)

By Iluvmychihuahuas

RE: Parvo Help Needed

<img src="" align="right" hspace="10" />TAMIFLU WILL HELP YOUR DOG!! IT SAVED MY PUPPY'S LIFE!

We have a darling mini dachshund puppy named Tybee who is 4 months old and weighs 5.8 lbs. On Saturday night Tybee stopped eating and wasn't very active. Sunday (Father's Day), she began vomiting and by Monday morning she had bloody diarrhea. I took her to the vet immediately and she was diagnosed with Parvo. My vet started IV fluids and antibiotics and told me that Tybee would be in the hospital A LEAST 1-1/2 weeks (maybe longer) on IV Fluids! Sunday night (before taking my puppy to the vet) I feared that this could be Parvo. I stayed up all night researching on the internet and came across info on the Tamiflu experimental treatment for Parvovirus. I printed it out and took the info to my vet and asked her if she knew anything about this new Tamiflu treatment and she did not.

Thankfully, my vet was open to trying the Tamiflu treatment for Tybee. She called in a prescription to our local drug store for Tamiflu liquid. The first dose was given at approx.. 2:30 p.m. on Monday afternoon. I called the veterinary hospital every few hours checking on her condition and she slept through Monday night with no more vomiting or diarrhea. Early Tuesday morning Tybee was given her second dose of Tamiflu. Still no more vomiting or diarrhea all day on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning when the vet tech checked on her Tybee was eating, drinking, and wagging her tail and bouncing around the cage! When I talked with the vet later on Wednesday morning she said that if Tybee continued to eat and drink during the day (without vomiting or diarrhea) she would be able to come home in the evening.

I picked her up at 5pm and other than being a little thin, she seemed completely normal back to her old self again like nothing ever happened! Tybee seems completely recovered after ONLY 3 DAYS in the hospital! Tamiflu is truly a miracle drug for Parvo!

If your vet is resistant to this treatment, INSIST that they use it! If you suspect parvo, please, please take your puppy to the vet immediately! It is CRUCIAL to start the Tamiflu and IV treatment early. The combination of Tamiflu, IV Fluids, antibiotics and LOT'S of prayers, is is your best bet of saving your dog's life. My vet bill was $247.00 for treatment for 3 days and the Tamiflu was $40.00.

Tamiflu treatment for Parvo was discovered by veterinarian Dr. Broadhurst from Pinehurst, NC who is currently conducting clinical trials. Dr. Broadhurst uses Tamiflu to treat Parvo in puppies in a Rescue Shelter with a 100% recovery rate.

Please email me and I will be happy to forward you all of the information that I have for Dr. Broadhurst, and the Tamiflu dosage instructions, etc.


Good luck and God Bless!


By Tybee's Mom

RE: Parvo Help Needed

I have a 8 month old rott 90 lbs, my neighbor had the litter mate to him 100lbs, their dog 1 week ago started eating grass, getting lazy, then wouldn't get up. He wouldn't eat or drink, his fecal smelled horrid! His urine was almost green. They took him to the vet, vet said he was negative to parvo, and told him that he was probably poisoned and that he didn't stand a chance put him to sleep.

1 week later, my dog started the same signs, these dogs can see one another but never interact. I immediately took him to the vet, and he tested pos. for parvo. The vet was "STUPID" he would not give me a direct answer on what i should do for my dog, he wouldn't tell me what he would do in the situation, nor offer any helpful info. He said treatment would cost me 4-6 hundred dollars and they accept no payments, then he proceeds to tell me that they don't want my dog there with the parvo, and i couldn't bring him back for a year if he lived. They sent me home with meds, an IV bag and told me to administer these. They didn't tell me for how long but said i should know in a week if he was going to pull through or not.

He will drink on his own with only a 3rd of it coming back up, but he is so skinny and won't eat at all, I have thought of trying peanut butter but I'm uncertain if that will work or not. I'm going to try several of these food mixtures you all have spoke of, but the bleach thing... I wouldn't do that to my child and i can't see myself doing that to my dog. If he were to die, i would feel guilty of poisoning him as well. The bottle strictly states to not ingest. Why would we give it to our dogs? After 2 days of antibiotics, IV, water and pedialite, he still has the energy to take himself outside to use the bathroom and sit around and sniff but he is still very sick and vomiting but he has not left any fecal in the 3 days. So i don't know if there is blood in the stool or not, but for everyone to say to go see a vet, yeah thats great, too bad my vet sent me home. (07/16/2006)

By leslie hutchison

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Leslie Hutchison: how is your doggie doing? I hope better. After the parvo treatment I continued to give my chihuahuas Pedialyte mixed with their water until the bottle ran out. Also, when they began to eat, the vet told me to give them boiled chicken. Boil chicken for 30 min. then cool down. Vet also said I could add rice to the chicken. The doctor said regular dog food might be too harsh for the stomach and they naturally reject dog food at the recovery stage. The chicken is good for protein since they get so skinny and they loved it. Your dog might also like tuna, scrambled eggs, vanilla pudding, vanilla ice cream, not chocolate, don't ever give a dog chocolate. Not too much milk products. Soft food. It's like when we get over a stomach virus, we don't run to eat steak or burgers or pizza, our stomachs still feel weird. After about 2 weeks of this they began to eat their regular dog food. I would leave it out for them to try it when they felt ready. (07/18/2006)

By Iluvmychihuahuas

RE: Parvo Help Needed

This message is for iluvmychiuahuas, and anyone else that gave me information. Neiko started showing the symptoms of parvo on thursday, i thought it might have just been heat exhaustion, Saturday he was no better, although he hadn't developed diarrhea yet. We went to the vet and he said he tested positive for parvo, so we took the meds, the IV's and treated him at home, he stayed the same saturday and sunday.

On monday, he took a drastic turn for the worse, he got very weak despite all my efforts, prayers, and love, and at 4pm he couldn't hold his head up any longer, his tongue was out and was panting very heavily and I have the a/c on very cool in the house. I had just got off the phone with our vet and told him and he said that i should just keep IVs on him and he still could possibly come out of it all, well I walked back in the house and he started seizure like symptoms. My b/f went to call the vet back and tell him that I couldn't do it anymore i wanted to bring him in and have him put down.

I couldn't stand the pain he was going through any longer and it didn't get that far, I put his head in my lap and just massaged him till his last breath, it took all he had to put his paw on my hand. He struggled so hard it was so difficult for him and us, it was me and my 14 year old daughter that sat with him his last moments and I honestly don't know if I will ever attempt to get another dog. He was only 7 months old and we grew very attached to him.

Anyone who has a pet with parvo, they aren't kidding when they say it's 50/50 and having a black and brown large dog makes it even worse... Good luck to everyone and thanks for caring.

Editor's Note: So sorry for your loss Leslie. It's such a horrible disease. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. (07/18/2006)

By leslie hutchison

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Please help, I have a 13 week old red doberman. She's beautiful! On Saturday she started with parvo symptoms. today i took her to the vet and the results were inconclusive, they wanted to keep her for two days but i couldn't afford this. So instead they ran some blood tests and gave me some antibiotics t give her. I tried giving them to her, but she throws up every time. Should I try the bleach and gatorade thing? I'm scared that she'll die, my kids are so in love with her! I can't afford a vet bill, I feel so bad. Can I give her the bleach/gatorade treatment while giving her the antibiotics? Each pill is 22.7 mg of Baytril. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer. ilhuikacihuatl at sbc global dot net (08/07/2006)

By Haydee

RE: Parvo Help Needed

This message is for haydee, there is a man that is on here a further down, he raises coonhounds, and he swears by the bleach thing, if your going to do it, there isn't time to waste, you need to start the treatment immediately. The bleach won't kill the dog, but the parvo definitely will. I have been through it several times, and this was the first time I tried it at home, but I tried it, and was just too far along for it to help. He was keeping himself hydrated, but it just wasn't enough on the strength, along with the bleach, try protein shakes as well. The protein is what they need for strength and the bleach/gatorade for hydration and to kill the infection in him. Good luck and I hope you have better luck than we did. I had read that you use 1cc of bleach to 3cc of gatorade, tried that a few times and then the guy i told you about said a few tablespoons to 1 quart of water, but write him personally, he'll reply back promptly. Good luck and god bless (08/08/2006)

By leslie

Archive: Parvo Help Needed

My puppy has Parvo, it's the 3rd day of having it. I took

her to the vet today where they gave her injections, stuff for

throwing up, the runs and antibiotics. She's still throwing up and I

am still giving her Gatorade every 30 minutes. Does it help that I am

giving her Gatorade even though 20 minutes later she is throwing it

back up?

MarQue from West Valley City, UT


RE: Parvo Help Needed

If the pup is still responding and not getting any worse, by all

means keep feeding it the Gatorade. I would even try protein shakes

if the pup will allow it. You want to keep as much nutrition in him

as possible, because it gets worse before it gets better. Feed it

whatever it will drink, because it could come to a point where he

won't drink anything, and he'll need what he's already got in him.
Good luck.
Is this by chance a Rott? or a Pinscher? (11/26/2006)

By neiko

RE: Parvo Help Needed

I agree with mamanature on this one!

You would not give your child bleach or anything else without a

doctor's advice. It is the same with your puppy.

I am a vet nurse and speaking from experience some will make it

and some don't, but they need professional medical advice. Not home

remedies you wouldn't even try on yourself let alone a puppy a tenth

your size. Please see a vet.

"Post By mamanature (Guest Post) (10/26/2006)
Under no circumstance should you give this puppy bleach! Absolutely

not you should not treat this puppy on your own. If you do something

that is not proven you will live with the guilt of possible have done

worst damage and suffering.

I know you are having a tough time please take to vet or give the

puppy to someone who can take care of the bill for the

vet." (12/20/2006)

RE: Bleach Remedy

Of course bleach will work to kill the parvovirus. Isn't it also

proven to kill the AIDs virus? Could be mistaken on this one, but I

believe it is. Why then, don't we treat humans with bleach? Because

it's "toxic". Ever notice if you even inhale a lot of bleach it makes

you dizzy and stuff?

My mom breeds dogs and we've lost many puppies to Parvo, but we've

also saved a lot. Here's what we do:

  • drops of Parvaid medicine, in my opinion one of the best in

    fighting it.

  • syringes, without needles, full of Gatorade in the morning and at

    night, and then a syringe full of water if they still aren't


  • a syringe full of baby formula when they aren't eating.
  • Pepto Bismol to control their nausea and diarrhea, which works

    amazingly well.

  • Sometimes if a puppy is really sick, injecting water under the

    skin helps hydrate them too. Don't put too much, or you could

    overhydrate them.

For the syringes of water and formula, just go by your pet's

normal eating or drinking habits. My puppy is only a few months old,

and he's half Weiner dog and half Chihuahua. He and our Rottweiler

puppy got so sick we didn't think they'd make it. Our Rottweiler

didn't move for three days, and wouldn't eat or drink. We'd been

doing all of these except injecting water, Pepto, and formula. Now

that we've done that we can see a big difference. Those three contain

vitamins they need to live.

Just let your puppy know how much you love them. Let them know

there's a reason they're fighting to live. (01/26/2007)

By Brenda

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Bleach: When I read the post it seems to me they were talking about

using the bleach to clean with outside, not give it to the dog.

Bleach is about the best cleaner around. It kills more bacteria and

virus's than just about anything else out there (even Hepatitis C and

AIDS). Bleach should always be used in a well ventilated area.

GSE: "Grapefruit Seed Extract" or the name-brand "Nutribiotic" is

an all natural product that you can buy at your Health food store.

GSE will kill just about any and all germs out there. (even MRSA) GSE

comes in a liquid and can be taken internally by humans (maybe dogs

too?). It is extremely concentrated and should "always" be diluted

when using on the skin, in the mouth, or when taken internally. (read

more information from the URL below)

For Humans: You can add a few drops of GSE to any shampoo to stop

scalp and skin infections. Use 1 drop mixed with toothpaste for

dental infections. Take internally as an antibiotic, kill germs in

water during emergencies, etc. Read below for GSE's many more uses.

"Citracidal" is the name of a more concentrated form of GSE.

Citracidal is a GSE cleaner. Citracidal is sold to hospitals as a

less toxic way to clean and kill germs on hospital surfaces. This

would be a much healthier way to clean than bleach and it would kill

just as many organisms as bleach.

Below is a web site that has all the information you will ever

need about GSE and Citracidal:

A bottle of GSE at your local Health Food Store should run you

about $12.

Be extra careful if you have liver disease or Hep C as the GSE can

be a bit hard of the liver in large doses. It can be absorbed through

the skin, so use latex or rubber gloves when cleaning with it. As

with all "natural" products, just because it's "natural" doesn't make

it "harmless". (01/26/2007)

By <a href="


RE: Parvo Help Needed

for more info about GSE:

<a href="

GSE's FAQ:"> (01/26/2007)

By <a href="


RE: Parvo Help Needed

I had two pups with parvo. The one that was kept at the vet on IV and

continuous antibiotic survived. The one I tried to treat at home did

not. I would never ever try to home treat a pup once it's begun

throwing up. If you add 20 drops of echinaecia/goldenseal tincture to

the mix every three hours it may help, but if the dog won't stop

throwing up, it belongs at the vet on IV. (03/29/2007)


The true factor not ever mentioned here is that parvo lives outside,

in the ground. The most common thing I hear is if one dog dies, they

get another and mysteriously these dogs are getting it also. Yes,

treat the yard, all dog dishes and the pet sleeping areas often, and

for at least a year before getting another sweet innocent puppy.

Please? (03/30/2007)

By Mel

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Tamiflu. I recommend it the instant you think you might have a dog

with parvo. It works much better if caught before symptoms develop.

If you have multiple dogs, get them all on Tamiflu immediately even

if there are no symptoms. The main thing is hydration. If you are not

able to be with your dog all day to force liquids, then you must go

to a vet. At the bare minimum, request your vet tap the pup with an

IV catheter and ask to administer the IV yourself.

Parvo is not for the weak of heart or weak of stomach. I am a pet

owner and foster home provider. I only recommend Tamiflu because my

vet recommended it. Thank God she did. (05/26/2007)

By BigPuppyFamily

RE: Parvo

Our 9 week Rotti recently came down with parvo, we went to the vet to

verify, the fecal test was negative, but all of the symptoms were

there, we got amoxil, iv fluids and anti nausea meds, after the 2nd

day of treatment there was no improvement. We went online and

ordered Parvo Guard overnight delivery, and within 2 days of this

product and constant fluids, I'm glad to say he is finally up and

eating drinking on his own. (02/02/2008)

By George and Teresa

<img src="/images/feedback_image.lasso?id=91421186"

width="400" height="303" alt="RE: Parvo ">

RE: Parvo Help Needed

I recently had the same problem. I gave my dogs Parents Choice

pediatric electrolytes, found in the baby section at your local

grocery, instead of Gatorade (Gatorade helps with hydration, but does

not replace the electrolytes lost in dogs from vomiting and


Just to be safe, we took our dog to the vet and it cost $150. If

you can't afford that, then see if you can pay it out, some vets will

let you. My dog was better within a day. The vet may have to put

fluids back in your dog and keep them over night.

Also some people give there dogs Pepto Bismol, which coats the

linen in the intestine that the virus attacks. That is what causes

the bleeding anyways, but too much Pepto could cause microtumors in

some dogs. If you use this method, use a low dosage and give it to

them before they eat and wait about 30 minutes.

Chicken noodle soup is usually the best thing to feed them because

chicken broth is full of nutrition, but you may have to use a

syringe. Don't over feed because the dogs intestines are sore and you

don't want your dog to constantly have diarrhea.

Also, every time they puke or poop, make sure you rehydrate them

with the Pedilyte because it also contains vitamins and other

minerals that your dog loses during vomiting and diarrhea. You can

only do this for a few days and if your dog has bleeding, you can

only do this for a day because otherwise your dog could die. Let me

explain, the virus is tearing away the protective lining and causing

them to bleed out and if too much blood is lost, more blood has to be


People, get your dog a veterinarian administered parvo shot. You

can call ahead of time and go pick it up. It is cheaper then having

to watch your pets suffer. It is painful to you and your dog.


By Amanda

RE: Parvo Help Needed

No gatorade doesn't help. I went through this. I syringed Pedialyte

every 20 minutes. My vet wanted to put her down. I went against their

wishes and took her home and nursed her back. After a full 24 hrs of

pedialyte she came around a bit, but they need protein.

So what I did was bought Carnation Instant Breakfast, instead of

milk. I mixed with Pedialyte and syringed. On the third day she was

able to stand and was more alert. I then boiled rice and lean chicken

and fed her. She loved it.

I kept her on a bland diet for a week or so. She came around.

After Parvo she had green poop, so I took it to the vet to be

analyzed. She had Coccidia I was worried again. But the antibotic

cleared it up. Thank God. I hope this is helpful to you. Best of

luck. I hope your pups get well. (08/01/2008)

By Stacey

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Here is an excellent webpage about treating parvo puppies at home:

When you pinch your puppies skin, it should go instantly back into

place like it does if you pinch the skin on your own arm. Check his

gums, they should be a nice dark pink. If his skin sticks for a

second or his gums aren't a nice dark pink, he is dehydrated.

The #1 reason parvo puppies vomit is from dehydration, so making

sure they are properly hydrated is especially important. You can

give 1/4 of the dose every 15 minutes, to help make it easier to keep

the fluid down or give him an enema.

We've used Parvaid to heal parvo puppies and it works excellently

and is really good at preventing puppies from getting parvo if used


Check the Wolfcreek Ranch site for retailers.

Hope your puppy gets better quickly. (10/24/2008)

By <a href="

profile=thr306274">healthy pets

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Give her Pedialyte not Gatorade, because there are more electrolytes

in it than Gatorade. That is what she needs right now, and make her

drink it, give it to her as much as possible I saved my dog's life

she had it really bad. (10/28/2008)

By Crystal

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Try Emertrol for vomiting you can buy it at the drug store. Try

chicken noodle soup in an eye dropper just the broth. Pedialyte in an

eye dropper. I had spent $2000 at a Vet and a Walgreen's Pharmacist

told me try the Pedialyte and it saved my dog. (12/01/2008)

By Rita

RE: Parvo Help Needed

Parvo is tough. And lots of people will have anecdotal advice. Bottom

line is that it is very deadly and all you can do is provide

supportive therapy and wait. If you catch it early, then better.

First, it's a virus, but as it attacks, then bacteria start wreaking

havoc on the intestinal system. Because the intestinal/digestive area

is so compromised, oral administrations just don't cut it. Ideally:

IV fluids, injected antibiotics, anti-nausea medication, and (due to

virus) Tamiflu (suspension) started early can have an impact (but

expensive, and now with Swine flu, almost entirely unavailable).

To provide calories and keep electrolytes in check, you should

also give sugar water or at least rub molasses on gums. Sub-Q fluids

can help, but often just isn't a sufficiently efficient way to

administer fluids (plus, very stressful to the animal). I've also

used enema-administered fluids containing antibiotics and Interferon

(be careful, don't use too much, hold there for a while to absorb). I

saved one pup after doing this, but entirely anecdotal.

Another anecdotal experience: Upon recognizing the tell-tale smell

of parvo in feces, presenting lack of appetite, watery stool, I

immediately re-vaccinated for parvo (modified live vaccine) and

started doxycycline (Fish-Biotic). We keep all this on hand. I had

just lost another pup to parvo a week earlier. We pull from a shelter

in which parvo/distemper thrive, but we like to pull the pups and

give them a chance by treating in a foster environment. We quarantine

in a separate room, and they are not allowed to go potty in any

common areas.

We sanitize with bleach solution, then when better, they must

potty in a special area for a full month. We soak down the area

periodically with bleach-water hosing. If the animal survives for 5

days, you are basically over the hump. Some breeds are particularly

susceptible and it is far more deadly: Pits, Dobermans, and


Best of luck, but you will lose about 30% assuming you catch it

quickly and you do aggressive intervention, more with the more

susceptible breeds. Best wishes to all. (09/30/2009)

By <a href="


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