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Lemon Tree Not Blooming

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Lemon and blossoms on tree

Lemon fruits are produced from blooms nearly year round under good conditions. This guide is about lemon tree not blooming.



Here are questions related to Lemon Tree Not Blooming.

Question: Lemon Tree Not Blooming or Producing Lemons

I have a mini Meyers lemon tree. It will produce flowers, but then they fall off. I have had this tree for about 4 years, but have had no lemons. It is in a large planter. It is now putting out new leaves, but I want lemons. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

Hardiness Zone: 4a

By Debi from Minnesota, MN


Most Recent Answer

By missymoose01/23/2011

I received a tip last year to take a paintbrush and gently paint or dab each flower to transfer pollen. It seemed to have worked since lemons grew on my tree last year. Hope this helps.

Question: Lemon Tree Not Blooming or Setting Fruit

I am from Durban South Africa. I planted an Erica lemon tree almost two years ago and up to now have only had 4 buds and no fruit. Please help!

By Julia R


Most Recent Answer

By Grandma J [46]11/04/2012

Doesn't sound like it got pollenated. Most trees you need more than 1 tree for this to happen.

Question: Lemon Tree is Not Blooming

I have a lemon tree that is over 5 years old. To date it has never bloomed. I have dug a shallow ditch where the branches end and I have put organic compost into this. I also water daily only in this ditch after the monsoons until the next monsoon. What am I doing wrong?

By Marie

Most Recent Answer

By Kathie K. [1]07/02/2011

Citrus trees do not like wet roots. Be careful about over watering! If you get heavy rain once a week, you do not need to water at all. I have a huge lemon tree with 100's of lemons and only water deeply once a week because it doesn't rain in California where I live.
Good luck!

Question: Growing a Lemon Tree

If a lemon tree is sprouting new leaves does that mean it won't bloom?

By Sharon

Question: Lemon Tree Not Blooming

My lemon tree of 4 years is not blooming for the first time and there are no thorns on the limbs. Could the tree be dying?

By Connie L from Wichita, KS

Question: Lemoncito Blooms Decreasing Each Year

My lemoncito had a good bloom in 2009. In 2010 it only produced 12 this year I only got one fruit. The tree and leaves are healthy, but there are lots of small buds growing at the bottom from the seeds that I damp from my orange tree. It is well fertilized and watered all year round.

By Elvira

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