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Can Dogs Eat Raw Oats?

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Is it OK to give my dog raw oats or should I cook them?

Dorothy from England



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By CC [2]09/19/2008

I like the 1/3 rule of thumb below.
Personally, I would Not feed my dog raw oats and the reason for this is that they will swell with the liquid of the bile in their stomach.
It is easy to cook and would be much better.
Rice is a good alternative also.

RE: Can Dogs Eat Raw Oats?

By Oberhund (Guest Post)09/05/2008

Actually, commercial dog food is one of the worst things you can feed your dog. (Canned food is slightly better, since it's a little less "cooked" than dry.) Commercial dog food is over processed, and full of suspicious ingredients (like diseased animals, dead dogs and cats, junk from the floors, etc.) It's much healthier to feed them a diet of fresh, human grade foods. Just make sure to balance out the protein, starches, fats, and fruit/veggies. A good rule of thumb is the rule of thirds. 1/3 protein, 1/3 starch, 1/3 veggies/fruit. You can add a Tbsp of healthy oils like cod liver. Anyway, just make sure all the ingredients are dog safe. Cooked oatmeal is easier for your dog to digest, although he won't digest all of it. There are lots of great books out there full of recipes and advice about feeding your dog. There are probably lots of great webstites, too. And, you can even buy raw dog food at high end pet stores.

For those who think dog food is the best choice, consider this: what did people feed their dogs before commercial dog food, and the concept that we should only feed our dogs dog food was an advertising campaign by dog food companies.

By Leonie Edge (Guest Post)09/04/2008

Juliette de Bairacli Levy in The Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat, recommends oats, amongst other non-normal dog foods. I think her book is wonderful and my dogs (and cats) are living proof. Marvelously healthy, with a very rare visit to the vet ie not one in years!

By dotann (Guest Post)09/04/2008

Hi. I asked this question because my dog has been put on a low fat diet and someone suggested I give her oats (porridge) instead of dog biscuits because it is low fat.

By Louise B. [4]09/03/2008

Are you talking about porridge or actual oats that you feed horses? I think that some dogs like to eat porridge, although it is likely better to feed them dog food. Dogs need more vegetable matter than cats, but I think it would be easier to feed them their own food.

I don't think dogs could digest actual oats, as they do not have the teeth necessary to grind it up. I would say that raw oatmeal would also be difficult for them to digest. They don't have molars like we do to chew up granola!

By scott E. (Guest Post)09/03/2008

It is good for them. Whole grains are good for us and them. If he likes them, good for him.

By Me (Guest Post)09/03/2008

Why do you want your dog to eat them? I wouldn't feed them to my dogs in any way. There are so many good tasting (to them) foods you can give them.

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