Wax Stains on Clothing


How do I remove melted wax from clothing?




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By Whitney (Guest Post) 11/03/2008

I'm going to have to try this. I wore a brand-new shirt to get my eyebrows waxed a few weeks ago and the girl dripped wax on it! I've washed it, treated it and brushed it with a toothbrush and hot water (all that did was pill up the fabric.) I have to try the hot iron and paper towel trick!

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By Tasha (Guest Post) 11/15/2008

I spilled red candle wax on my white and black wool coat. Now for the paper towel and iron. Does the paper towel have to be wet or dry?

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By brittany (Guest Post) 11/16/2008

All of you just saved me 200$. I spilled wax on my sisters brand new pants. Thanks so very, very much. xoxo Brittany

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By julie (Guest Post) 11/30/2008

This was very helpful but I didn't have iron on, so i just boiled water and held the fabric over the steam. The wax just seemed to evaporate it worked wonders. Thanx so much for the advice.

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By Elliott (Guest Post) 12/19/2008

WOW! putting a papertowel on top of the wax and then ironing on low heat worked so well! I was amazed to see it go away, thanks!

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By Michelle D. (Guest Post) 01/03/2009

Tonight I got white candle wax on my jeans, cotton shirt, and 100% cotton ribbed sweater. The low iron with the paper towel worked wonderfully with the jeans and the shirt, however, did not do very well on the ribbed sweater. Great idea! Thanks for the help!

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By (Guest Post) 01/08/2009

It didn't work for me.

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By Mouse in the House (Guest Post) 01/15/2009

Hi all-
My boyfriend spilled red candle wax all over a cotton button-up shirt. I read your postings and tried the trick of ironing over it (with a paper towel between the shirt and the iron to absorb the wax). This took the bright red out, but left what looked like huge greasy spots behind.

I then soaked those spots in "Goo Gone" (a cleaner that removes glue, sticker gunk, wax, etc) for a few minutes, washed the shirt by hand, soaked the spots again for 4-5 minutes, then washed the shirt again, and threw it in the dryer. You can't tell AT ALL. Looks brand new.

Thanks for the advice!

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By myriam (Guest Post) 02/05/2009

Thank you so much the paper towel trick, worked really well. Now my mom won't find out about my accident. lol

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By Elley (Guest Post) 02/11/2009

Worked perfect! I stained a sweater with disgusting brown wax almost a year ago, tried the ironing trick then used shout on the stain. There is NO remnants of wax. Thank you!

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Archive: Candle Wax Stain on Clothing

I spilled candle wax over a pair of pants. washed them, now i have grease stains. Any suggestions for getting the grease stains out?

Deb from Riverhead

RE: Candle Wax Stain on Clothing 05/09/2006
I use Basic H by Shaklee, it is a super concentrated organic cleaner, that, in full strength or 1:1 ratio with water, can take out grease from anything, especially clothing. My husband uses it to clean off our garage floor as well. It is safe for all fabrics, and is safe for septics. You can order through www.shaklee.com under Home Care. I am an Independant Distributor, # ZM06763 (do not have my website up yet) or email me with any questions at healthy_home101@hotmail.com Kelly Cunningham
By camo_angels
RE: Candle Wax Stain on Clothing 05/09/2006
PS: this also takes off latex paint, chewing gum, adhesive of stickers/glue, permanent marker, and ANYTHING else Goof Off can, and then some!
By camo_angels

Archive: Candle Wax Stain on Clothing

How do I remove candle wax from a terry cloth jacket?

Vicki from Cincinnati, OH

RE: Candle Wax Stain on Clothing

With an iron heated to low and some viva paper towels you will place the paper toweling over the candle wax, then lightly press the warm iron on the paper towels and this will warm the wax so it can be removed. (05/10/2006)

By angellface

RE: Candle Wax Stain on Clothing

Try putting an old dish rag on top of the wax and then use an iron on it. The wax should soak into the old dish rag. Good luck (05/11/2006)

By Christy

Archive: Wax Stains on Clothing

How do I get wax out of clothes?

Julie from St. Helens, OR

RE: Red Candle Wax on Clothing and Carpet

Just one ply of paper towel, iron over it and change the paper towel once some wax is absorbed. This SAVED my favorite fleece jacket. (01/02/2006)

By Christy

RE: Wax Stains on Clothing

Thanks for these tips. I've had one of my daughter's black work shirts (poly/cotton blend) in the freezer for MONTHS till I could figure out how to get that wax out!

God Bless, Sheila (09/09/2006)

By GrammySheila in Port St. John, FL

RE: Wax Stains on Clothing

OMG. The old dishcloth and iron on low heat worked so absolutely great. It was like magic!

Thank you so much! Now my mom wont kill me :D (01/15/2007)

By dipset

RE: Wax Stains on Clothing

My girlfriend left a candle warmer on to long with a candle on top of it. When she walk over to it it spilled all over her dresser and carpet. I have to say that the paper towel and iron on low heat worked very well. Who ever came up with that idea, thank you. It saved her alot of work of scrubbing the dresser and carpet. (03/05/2007)

By Binks

RE: Wax Stains on Clothing

OMG! It worked! I was so thrilled when I tried it and it actually worked. My son spilled candle wax from a pumpkin at Halloween on his brand new hockey track pants (just got them the day before!). I scraped off the wax as good as I could and threw them in a cold water wash thinking this would work. When I pulled them out of the wash, my heart sank! There was still white residue left. I had no idea what to do. Thank you for the great tip! I will tell everyone about this one! You're great. :) (11/02/2007)

By Regan

RE: Wax Stains on Clothing

Thank you so much. We had a blackout last night and I got wax all over my Ugg boots and my wool jacket and pants. This worked great. I thought I was going to be out of a lot of money! (12/03/2007)

By Xenia

RE: CandleWax Stains on cashmere/wool coat

Please tell me the safest way to remove candle wax from my BRAND NEW cashmere / wool coat. I'm sick over this; I waited so long to buy a new coat, and now I'm afraid it's ruined! (02/06/2008)

By gigina

RE: Wax Stains on Clothing

Thanks for the great tip! This worked like a charm. I poured red candle wax on my brand new white sofa by mistake so immediately I iron it with with a paper towel until it was almost gone. After that I used oil of olay hand and face bar soap and cleaned it with a wet rag. It worked -not even a trace of the candle wax. Thanks a million! (04/12/2008)

By Natalie

RE: Wax Stains on Clothing

I just used a white rough sock, 100% cotton. Put your iron on med. (04/28/2008)

By helpful

RE: Wax Stains on Clothing

I was about to kill my boyfriend for ruining my pants, tried this, and it worked like a charm. You are life savers! (07/25/2008)

By kelly

RE: Wax Stains on Clothing

The paper towels method has saved one shirt and two pairs of pants, even when colored wax spilled. Tip: if the dye stains the material but you have gotten the wax out, just pre-treat, then wash! (10/15/2008)

By susaie

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