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Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

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I live in an older mobile home and would like to put peel and stick or regular tiles over the back splash in the kitchen that is made of laminate, like the counter tops. Can this be done?

By Judy from Braham, MN


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By REE [1]08/21/2011

I have done this at camp. Do not leave gaps or it will come up as water eventually will leak through. The counter area must be clean & dry, use the tiles and if they are not sticking you will need to use an iron to heat it up (put clean white paper on tile to protect it, move it often). This is also a good way to remove the stick on tile <g> use a brass scraper (stiffer) to help scrape it up when its warm. Make sure you do not cut on it, do not put hot pots on it, lift up the drain board and let area dry, when wiping counter do not leave water standing, wipe dry.

By Chantal02/26/2011

No. I would advise against that, m.o ~ Actually, what looks really nice, easy maintenance etc. You can find it at Home Depot or maybe Rona's. It's a board, back splash. They come in different sizes. I had a navy blue one, blackish in between to simulate the tiled edges. And it was very affordable and washable, etc., Low maintenance. Easy to put up. Did it myself.

If you use peel and stick, eventually, it will fall off and it's a pain. They may slide around, you start to see spaces, in between the tiles, etc. Similar to a floor only worse. They aren't designed to lay upwards flat, they fall down. You basically either have to glue them down for durability or mud them with tile glue.

If ever you want to change your mind. That makes it hard to take off virtually destroying your walls. Here's a link to it. I found it at Home Depot. It comes in different styles and sizes. The website is limited. In case the link won't load. You can do a search on Home Depot-Backsplashes.

Hope that helps! Just an added idea. :) ... atchall&N=0&Ntk=P_PartNumber

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [429]02/23/2011

Also, you may want to think of some nice molding around the top to keep it in place. Good plan!

By Mary Lou [14]02/22/2011

Clean the laminate thoroughly with something like STP. Rinse and dry well as well. Sand the laminate lightly in all directions with a fine grit sandpaper to make a tooth for the adhesive tiles.I agree with Lorelei that you should use another thin layer of adhesive on the laminate itself, perhaps No More Nails to reinforce the stuff on the back of the tiles. Whatever u use should be waterproof and mold resistant if possible since they will be exposed to so much water. Maybe clear caulk like is used in bathrooms would work as the second adhesive but I would spread it thin with a putty knife.

By Myrna [15]02/20/2011

Yes, peel and stick tiles can be used as a backsplash, but don't rely on the self adhesive to work alone. You will need to spread thinly another type of adhesive to the wall prior to placing tiles.


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How does one make the pattern for laying adhesive floor tiles around the bottom of the toilet?

By Jet

Most Recent Answer

By Gerald B.01/15/2015

I would suggest that you use my invention. It is replacong the tile by covering it with a full-size commode surround. You can order it from me. I've attached an ad so that you can see what I'm talking about.

RE: Installing Self-Adhesive Floor Tiles

Question: Using Peel and Stick Tiles on a Countertop

I live in an old home and can't financially replace my countertops with Formica or the other normal ways. I found some peel and stick tiles at our local home improvement store. I asked the salesperson if I could use the spacers and grout it and he said he didn't see why not.

Can I do this to get the look of grouted tile? Right now there is old veneer on top and I put contact paper over that. I definitely need to change it and this is an inexpensive way out for me for now. Please help.

By Sandra

Most Recent Answer

By HAPPYINHARNED [13]08/20/2011

I would look in the clearance area of Lowes or Home Depot or a tile store, these tiles are marked down cheap. Less than a dollar a square foot and I think the linoleom tiles are $1 a piece. Tiles are cheap.

Question: Using Peel and Stick Tiles Around a Fireplace

I have a gas indoor fireplace in my house. Can I use peel and stick brick look tile and what would I need because of the heat from fireplace? This is a metal fireplace.

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

Has anyone used peel and stick tile in their bathroom? Do you have to use extra glue do to the moisture?

Kelly from Miami

RE: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

I have it in my bathroom. We used no extra glue on ours and it has held up to normal use. When we were potty training our son, that was a different story. I changed the tiles around the toilet 2 times before I just gave up. (06/18/2007)

By halloweenfreak

RE: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

I put stick and peel tiles in my livingroom, dining room, and kitchen when we ripped up the old carpeting, as an inexpensive option. They aren't very sticky, you can re-apply with extra glue and it's good to buy an extra box for repairs. (06/19/2007)

By pamphyila

RE: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

I used it in my bathroom and I'm very pleased with the stickiness of it. As there is a bad part of the floor, that tile cracked. When I went to pull it up to replace it, it was stuck really good. I had to pry it carefully, as the wood under there is bad. Also, since our bathroom is small, we had plenty leftover for changing tiles if needed. I got a box of it from Family Dollar for 10 bucks and its very nice compared to the ancient linoleum we had there! (06/19/2007)

By Lily

RE: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

Oh, and also I started out using a utility knife but found out it can be cut to fit with good scissors. (06/19/2007)

By Lily

RE: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

It does come up at the seams after a few years. Depends on the wear and tear and washings, don't let water slip between the sides of the tiles. The tiles also tend to shrink slightly after 10 years, exposing the seam lines. They are not a very permanent solution. (06/19/2007)

By cookwie

RE: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

I work for a hardware store and they recommend using a vinyl tile floor adhesive. (06/19/2007)

By Liz

RE: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

We just put vinyl stick tiles in our kitchen and dining room and were all ready to use extra adhesive. But when we read the package, it was very clear that we should not use any extra adhesive because it might interact with their adhesive. I went online to see what everyone thought and sifted through a bunch of posts, mostly saying that we should NOT even consider using peel and sticks. Most of them said that extra adhesive wasn't necessary.

We had already purchased them and decided to just go for it. We painted Kilz primer on the flat subfloor and also filled in the joints and screw holes with joint compound (sanded flat too). The tiles we got (Novalis) were extremely sticky and we had a hard time pulling them up on the few that we didn't stick down exactly straight. We went and rented a 100 lb. roller and rolled over the finished tiles to make sure they were very stuck down (it cost maybe $15.00 for a few hours). They have only been in for a couple of weeks but seem very stuck down and water resistant.

That said, for my bathroom, I would probably use a sheet of vinyl instead because I know how much water my boys get on the floor. I'm not sure the extra adhesive would prevent water from getting into the subfloor. I have also heard reports that it oozes up from between the tiles over time and is very messy.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out. Jess (06/19/2007)

By jess

RE: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

It seems like there is quite a bit of advice for both sides. I put very inexpensive white peel and stick in my bathroom. I never had any problems with them lifting or chipping. The only problem I had was the color, I would never put a white floor anywhere again.

I decided to change to lino and I practically needed a jackhammer to get the tiles off. They didn't seem that sticky when I put them down. (06/19/2007)

RE: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

We used it on the walls in our bathroom. (06/25/2007)

RE: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

I have used Stick And Go self adhesive wall tiles in both my kitchen and bathroom and they work really well. They have a large range of tiles to choose from too and different sizes. As long as the wall you put them on is flat, clean and dry they stick really well. (05/28/2008)

By Zoe

RE: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

RE: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

I have Stick And Go tiles in my kitchen as a back splash and I love it. I have not had any trouble with them. In fact I am going to order some more to do my bathroom. There are so many things you can do with this tile without using glue. (08/28/2008)

By Venita

RE: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

Used the metallic for my kitchen back splash. Easy to install and looks great. My friends think I spent a fortune. (09/25/2008)

By Ivory

Archive: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

I'm using peel and stick tile in my kitchen. I'm putting it over existing square tile. Is there anything I need to do before sticking down the tile?


Archive: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

I have replaced the wood in the kitchen floor of a mobile home and want to put down peel and stick tile. How do I go about doing this?

By Jazzy Kay from Birmingham, AL

RE: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

I have replaced all the carpet in my mobile home due to pets. Make sure you buy an adhesive for vinyl tile which most peel and stick tile is. Start in the center of the room and place adhesive directly on the floor, trowel even, and start placing tiles. Wipe up extra with a damp cloth on the tiles. It easy and looks great.! It is time consuming, but worth the effort. Good luck. (09/06/2009)

By afraylick

Archive: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

What is the best way to install peel and stick tile in a mobile home?


Archive: Installing Peel and Stick Tiles

A few of my self adhesive vinyl tiles did not stick. What should I do?


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