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Burnt Fabric on Electric Iron

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I want to know how to remove burnt fabric on the metallic side of an electric iron.

Laud from Accra, Ghana



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By Janette [87]01/22/2009

Try hand sanitizer. It works for me on everything else. If by chance it doesnt take it off,you can purchase iron cleaner at JoAnns fabric store. Wal-Mart might carry it also. Good luck. ~Janette~

By Patricia Taylor01/22/2009

Super fine steel wool....the kind used between coats of paint on furniture or cars. I think it's "0000" courseness. You can find it at Walmart in their paint department, or at auto paint stores, but it will cost less at Walmart. It usually comes in packages of 12 balls of steel wool, but you can find hundreds of uses
for it, such as cleaning grimy fingerprints off cabinet doors, polishing stainless steel cookware, etc. I also use it to clean the non-stick ironing surface of my iron.

By Tracy (Guest Post)01/22/2009

They also sell an iron cleaner that comes in a tube like toothpaste. It removed some burned on starch and fabric from my old iron.

By c w [1]01/22/2009

My first thought would be to try alcohol. I'd 1st scrape off as much as possible GENTLY so as not to scratch the surface.Then soak a rag with alcohol & let the iron sit on it for a while to soften the charred remains, then scrape some more?

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