Troubleshooting Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker


My 5-year-old Kenmore refrigerator is dispensing water, but no longer making ice. I have read that I could use my blow dryer to defrost the water fill spout, but I am not sure where it is. Is it on the icemaker itself or on the opening under it that connects it to the freezer or somewhere else in the freezer? Some guidance would be much appreciated.

By Vivian from Falls Church, VA


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By Kathy 1 17 12/22/2010

You may just need to change the filter. This is usually the first sign for us that it is changing time. They run about 45 dollars. The filter is normally located on the bottom of the fridge where the vent is. It is pretty simple to replace, check your manual to be sure.

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By Joe 1 01/18/2011

I changed my filter and ice maker did not work. I read all these posts and did try the blow dryer trick but then noticed my receptacle that holds the water where it freezes the cubes was not filled so I took a little water and started pouring it down the white spout and as soon as some water reached the compartment that holds the water the water started coming out in the normal manner and arm started moving, was I surprised! So I am not sure the blow dryer trick worked or my inserting some water manually to get it going but thought I had to post this anyway. Check your ice/water compartment that holds the water to see if there is any water in it and if not try pouring a little water manually.

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I just used a hairdryer to defrost the water spout. Then manually poured water into the ice molds and voila it works! I am going to cancel the repair appointment. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

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By JOBI 1 09/17/2011

Use your blow dryer on your fill cup. Sometimes, the fill cup will get frozen up with water. Once you melt the ice in the fill cup; should work fine. Give freezer time to get cold before new ice starts.High Humidity was my cause for build up.

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