Inexpensive (Earth Friendly) Christmas Gift


I'm a bit low on money this holiday season, so I was trying to think of homemade gift ideas, and came up with this. It's thrifty, it helps recycle, and it's environmentally safe! All great things! I have a few "recipes" for natural, non-toxic cleaners that I got from a co-op natural foods store.

One is a scouring powder and another is a multi-purpose spray. I saved some nice containers from other non-toxic products I use, cleaned them, and then made up some of the natural cleaning product recipes and put them in the recycled containers.

I printed my own labels on my computer and put those on the front. I plan to make little gift baskets with the cleaners, some sponges, etc. I have several relatives with children and/or pets, so I'll be giving these homemade non-toxic cleaners to them this holiday season.

The cost of the ingredients for the cleaners was very low - mainly I just needed vinegar, borax, etc., all of which are fairly inexpensive. Happy Holidays to all!

Homemade NonToxic Cleaners for Gifts

By Lisa from WI from Kenosha, WI



By Mary A (Guest Post) 12/21/2005

Care to share your recipes? I have asthma and can't use most commercial cleaners.



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By Barbie (Guest Post) 12/21/2005

Awesome idea...last year I made bath salts, body and hand sugar scrubs put in a basket with rice bags, the type you heat in a mircowave and put on aches and pains....I got compliments all year, especially about the rice bags.....never thought of cleaners and such...great plan....you could add numerous items from the dollar store to go with them...thanx for the idea...I agree with the other poster tho....care to share your recipes...????

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By Stacey Silva 54 466 12/21/2005

Yes, I'd love the recipes too! Thanks, those sound neat!

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By jmz2005 (Guest Post) 12/22/2005

I would love those recipes. These sound great! Thanks!

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 12/22/2005

Here is one posted on our site:

All purpose cleaner


Here's a link to more:


Susan from ThriftyFun

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By Joyce 4 32 12/22/2005

I can't use commercial cleaners due to allergies, I'd love to have the recipes for the cleaners that you have made too! It's such a great idea anad a gift that is useful and not just put on the shelf to collect dust. Please , if your willing to share , could I have the recipes too. Thanks in advance

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By Jennifer (Guest Post) 11/22/2008

Last year I gave homemade potporrie (an orange, a lemon, 4 cinnimon sticks, 1/4 c. of whole cloves) and packaged them in a brown paper bag with ginham ribbon. Everyone loved the idea, and boiling it on your stove gives your home some much needed moisture in the winter and fills the air with festive aroma!

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