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Cleaning Your Dryer Filter - Dryer Sheet Build-Up

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Cleaning your filter screen for your dryer will help it run longer and more efficiently. Take your filter to the sink. Run water through the screen. If it holds water, it has a coating left on from your dryer sheets. Take an old toothbrush and wash it with hot soapy water to remove the residue. Rinse throughly. This will help your dryer run better. Read about it here at this site.




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By ilana (Guest Post)12/11/2005

how to clean a front-mounted lint screen/filter?(Kenmore)

By Tori [21]02/27/2005

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Linda, for your incredibly helpful tip! I never would have believed this, since my dryer filter "looked" clean, but I tried the "water test" after reading your link, and I am now a believer!


By (Guest Post)02/27/2005

The instructions that came with my dryer said to NEVER wet the lint screen filter or wash it with water. I realize that different brands may use different materials for their lint screens.... so washing may be okay for some brands. I'd double check before I did that just to be safe.

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