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Cleaning Up Spilled Bleach

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Bleach Bottle

How you clean up a bleach spill will depend in large part on where it was spilled. This is a guide about cleaning up spilled bleach.


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Question: Cleaning Up Spilled Clorox

What do you recommend to clean-up a large spill of Clorox bleach on a concrete garage floor?

By Larry from Clermont, FL

Question: Cleaning Up Spilled Bleach

My daughter spilled a quart of Clorox bleach on her car seat. What can be done to absorb the strong order?

Mike from Colleyville, TX Editor's Note: Mixing bleach with other compounds can create toxic fumes, especially vinegar and ammonia. Always use caution, common sense and read the package contents and warnings before proceeding. Here is a link from the with more information:

Best Answer

By Grandma Margie (Guest Post)12/25/2006

I was under the impression that the bleach had spilled on the seat of a car, not a child's removeable seat. It does seem the best solution would be to flood the seat with water many times to dilute/remove the bleach from the seat fabric and padding. That is a problem! Do you have a wet/dry shop vac that you could use to suck up the water if you tried this? Does anyone know if there is a dry chemical or product that would neutralize the bleach instead of using water? I barely passed my chemistry class in high school many years ago so I'm no help there. LOL This sounds like a tough one and I wish you the best of luck in solving it!

Solutions: Cleaning Up Spilled Bleach

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