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How you clean up a bleach spill will depend in large part on where it was spilled. This is a guide about cleaning up spilled bleach.



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Question: Cleaning Up Spilled Bleach

My daughter spilled a quart of Clorox bleach on her car seat. What can be done to absorb the strong order?

Mike from Colleyville, TX Editor's Note: Mixing bleach with other compounds can create toxic fumes, especially vinegar and ammonia. Always use caution, common sense and read the package contents and warnings before proceeding. Here is a link from the with more information:

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By Grandma Margie (Guest Post) 12/25/2006

I was under the impression that the bleach had spilled on the seat of a car, not a child's removeable seat. It does seem the best solution would be to flood the seat with water many times to dilute/remove the bleach from the seat fabric and padding. That is a problem! Do you have a wet/dry shop vac that you could use to suck up the water if you tried this? Does anyone know if there is a dry chemical or product that would neutralize the bleach instead of using water? I barely passed my chemistry class in high school many years ago so I'm no help there. LOL This sounds like a tough one and I wish you the best of luck in solving it!

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Question: Spilled Bleach on Laminate Flooring

Bleach was sitting on the top of my dryer. When the washer was spinning it fell to the floor and the cap flew off. It spilled about half of a 1/2 gal bottle. I sopped it up and then washed it with soap and water. Then I dried it with dry towels. Is there anything else I can do?

By Sue

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By Louise B. [6] 01/05/2015

I would suspect that you have done all that can be done, and hopefully, if you acted quickly, it will have been enough. I would agree that you should try the manufacturers website to see if they have additional advice. If the flooring does not discolour, than you should be alright.

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Question: Cleaning Up Spilled Clorox

What do you recommend to clean-up a large spill of Clorox bleach on a concrete garage floor?

By Larry from Clermont, FL

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