Use Microwave to Help Remove RX Labels


After many times of trying to remove labels from empty pill bottles to remove my identity from them before discarding them, I hit on a new way tonight. I was standing at my kitchen sink, next to the microwave. I filled my empty pill bottle with water, sat it in the microwave, heated the water in the micro for a few seconds or minutes. I removed the bottle from the microwave, dumped the water out and just like that the label peeled right off that bottle. No more struggling with labels for me.

By Arlene from Lancaster, PA



By Tamara 6 19 06/24/2008

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I discard many bottles every month, and remove the labels with my fingernails. NO MORE! Hurray! I wouldn't have thought of this!

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By Dorothy from Somerset Pa (Guest Post) 06/24/2008

This is a great idea. I like to keep the bigger RX bottles to put little items in them for storage, like my sewing things. Pins, needles, paper clips, and items like that. I always try to take the labels off of them. This will make it a lot easier to remove them. Thanks for the good idea, Arlene.

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By Kim 5 06/24/2008

No electricity version:

Vegetable oil or baby oil works to remove the stickiness, without wasting electricity. Peel off what you can and then wipe or spray on the oil, let it soak in for 15 mins or so, then peel.

All medication bottles are recyclable too. They are either #1 or #2 plastic and can be recycled anywhere, even your recycle box from your trash service.

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By jan king 1 319 06/24/2008

A hairdryer works great, too! That's what I use to get the labels off prescription bottles. I also use it for getting price stickers off packages and books.

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By Frances 1 3 06/25/2008

Another way to remove lables from med bottles or just about anything is use a blow dryer and heat the lable up for a few seconds, then remove them.

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