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Eyeglasses Anti-Fog Liquid Left Residue

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I made the mistake of using an anti fog liquid on my new eyeglasses about 6 months ago. Ever since, they are constantly streaky and filmy. I've used almost everything to remove the film that the fog product put on the lenses but to no avail. Does anyone have a remedy for removing this type of product from plastic lenses?



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By Alexusf (Guest Post)05/25/2008

Hi, thanks for all the responses! I've tried vinegar and I also have used an ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner and eyeglass cleaner and ammonia. My lenses are plastic with no coatings on them. I used a product called "Kleer Fog" which says its for glass or plastic lenses. It works keeping the fog/steam away but makes it impossible to keep them clean. EVERYTHING streaks now and they are always smeary. I don't think I can get the warranty because I used the product myself.

I'm definitely going to try rubbing alcohol- and the hand sanitizer which is also alcohol. I'll let everyone know!

By Lisa Cameron [1]05/25/2008

I have found Fantastic OxyPower Multi-Purpose Cleaner cleans all of my glasses better than anything I have found so far!

By Linda (Guest Post)05/23/2008

I don't know if this will work but can't hurt to try. I clean my glasses with hand sanitizer. I keep a travel size bottle (1.5 ounces) by my computer. I put one drop on each lense. Use my finger to spread it around, one drop will do both sides of a lense. Dry with a cloth or soft paper towel. It may work, maybe need to use more than one drop, spread it around and let it set awhile before wiping it off.

By Kim Churchman [3]05/23/2008

You didn't mention whether your lenses are glass or plastic. If they are glass, acetone (nail polish remover) would work well if your lenses have no special coating. Maybe the product ate the coatings you had.

By (Guest Post)05/23/2008

Hi, I'm an optician and I have not heard of this. I am wondering...
1. Do your lenses have an anti-reflective coating?
If so, does the non fog product specifically state that the product should not be used on AR coated lenses? If you are in the clear, you may have a viable complaint with the company who makes the anti-fog cleaner.
2. Are your lenses under warranty? This is usually a year, if so, they may be remade under warranty.
3. Are you sure the film you are refering to is actually a film and not perhaps a crazing or something inside the lens (this happens with polycarbonate lenses sometimes) another warranty issue.
4. I have had success in removing stubborn " stuff" with alcohol Try bringing them to an optician as we have stronger stuff and can determine if your problem is fixable. much luck.
A thrifty optician!

By thrifty optician (Guest Post)05/23/2008

I just re-read your post, your glasses should be under warrranty, as they are not a year old.

By (Guest Post)05/23/2008

You can also try rubbing alcohol. Worth a shot!

By Meg (Guest Post)05/23/2008

If you used it on plastic lenses, you're unfortunately out of luck, however if they're glass, rubbing alcohol should remove the film.

By C. R.05/23/2008

Sorry, but your problem may be that the stuff you used is for glass lenses, not plastic lenses and you may not be able to remove the problem. Maybe you should ask your eye doctor ?

By Marty Dick [163]05/22/2008

After you remove the gunk with vinegar wash your lenses in liquid hand soap

By April [187]05/22/2008

Did you try vinegar??

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