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Removing Water Marks from Stainless Steel Dishwasher Front

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My dishwasher front is Stainless Steel and has these streaks that do not come out with the stainless cleaner I bought. Does anyone know how to get rid of these water marks?

Karen from Coral Springs, Florida



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By robanns04/24/2015

I have the same problem. Did you get an anwer that worked?

By Lori L. F.12/30/2014

It's very easy. Just wipe it down with a wet Magic Eraser and then wipe it down again with a plain wet rag to remove any chemicals from the Magic Eraser. It works like a charm!

By Lenny K.05/11/2014

I had stains that looked like water drip tracks. I tried rubbing alcohol and vinegar, neither of which worked. Then I tried silver polish--I found a very old, cheap bottle among my cleaning supplies. I just tried it and then used stainless steal cleaner to clean off the residue. It worked amazingly well!

By swancm03/01/2014

I tried everything including Bar Keeper's friend and nothing worked. Finally, I stopped in a hardware store and they recommended Brasso Metal Polish. This did the trick! It has a very fine abrasive, so be sure to rub in the direction of the grain and be prepared to use a little elbow grease. It completely removed the drip marks from the front of my stainless steel fridge!

By Susan M.01/06/2014

Ok took me an hour, used silver polish and then used the water and vinegar mixture. The silver polish was a bear to try and rub off so the mixture helped with that. Get ready if the water stains have been on there for awhile. It will take more than one polishing and alot of rubbing. Good luck, but I did get mine out.

By Suzi 01/17/2011

Ok. Here is the best and easiest way I have found to get those water stains off my stainless steel appliances. I have been trying everything that I read and I found that none of them have worked. I went to the store to find Barkeepers Friend, because it was also recommended, but the store didn't have it. What it did have saved my appliances! Both products are made by Weiman. The first one I used was the Metal Polish. Worked like a dream! The stains came right off (and I have been fighting them for 2 years!) next I used the Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish (this one I already had, but it just cleans finger prints etc. not water stains). The cleaner cleaned up the Polish residue. That is it. So simple. I know it is not some special concoction, but it works perfectly. Enjoy your stainless steel again, I am!

By Barb09/28/2010

Barkeepers Friend!

By Barb09/28/2010

Barkeepers Friend works miracles!

By Kirsten02/13/2010

Horrible hard water stains from our well water. Tried vinegar/water mix, olive oil, WD40 - all provided minimal help. Silver polish (just the cheap stuff you buy at Walmart for your silver serving dishes) did wonders! Our refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and sink all look brand new off the showroom floor!

By Diana03/16/2009

I was so excited to read about the vinegar or olive oil "fix" for cleaning water drip spots from the front of my stainless steel dishwasher. My husband managed to make this mess while I was gone for several weeks taking care of the grandkids. I have tried both, and the olive oil minimizes the problem slightly, but I can still see the drip marks. Any more ideas for me to try?

By Arizona FAmily (Guest Post)02/21/2009

I had stubborn stains on my stainless steel appliances. No matter what I tried the marks and streaks stayed put. I came on here and used the vinegar tip. I used a much stronger solution on a paper towel and then wiped clean immediately. It took 3 wipings but it came out nicely. Then I took WD-40. Wow! My appliances have never looked better. Thanks for the tips. These actually work!!

By jan (Guest Post)03/24/2008

OMB - i used olive oil today on my dishwasher front, refrigerator front, stove front and microwave front and wow - THEY LOOK GREAT! just put a little on a dry, lint free cloth and rub.

By Dakota (Guest Post)02/13/2008

You can use lemon oil that is used for furniture polish and any stainless steel sink or appliance, as well as, shower doors and faucets. Rub on and buff with a clean dry lint free cloth.

By Rose Mary (Guest Post)02/13/2008

Spray with WD40 and wipe with dry cloth. I learned this while working at a laundermat. We had to do this on the big triple loader washers.

By Debbie (Guest Post)02/13/2008

Don't bother with the fancy stainless steel cleaners, try a vinegar solution instead, about 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water, spray on, wipe off with soft cloth! Should do the trick!

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