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Removing Double-Sided Tape From Ceramic Tile

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How do I remove double-sided tape from ceramic tile?



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By Maryeileen [76]03/28/2008

You could also try Goo Gone.

By smilingfaces88 [7]03/27/2008

WD 40 will remove double-sided tape from your floor

By LuvMyGingerKids [45]03/27/2008

Use a plastic scraper to remove the outer sticky side of the tape and the middle part of the tape. There should only be "stickies" left. Use baby oil or vegetable oil and a scrub sponge. This will take up the stickies. Then use an all-purpose cleaner (or whatever you normally use to clean your tile) to clean off the oil.

Voila, should be good as new afterwards!

By cajun62234 (Guest Post)03/27/2008

Mineral Spririts or Goof Off should work good

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