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Lip Gloss Stains - Grease Spots on Clothing

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Does anyone know how to remove lipgloss (with wax) from colored cotton pants?

Lily from Cranbrook, BC


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By spunkz95 (Guest Post)09/07/2008

Mixing regular or diet Coke a cola with Tide usually does the trick for cotton, even with dried in stains :D

By nat (Guest Post)11/12/2007

I left lipgloss in my school shirt, the bottom snapped open then it went all through my white school shirt:S
I used hair spray and it worked fine. My advice HAIRSPRAY
Oh and u should watch the movie:)

Recent Answers

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By (Guest Post)01/16/2009

We got lipgloss on carpet, and nothing has worked. Any suggestions?

By carla (Guest Post)12/05/2008

I left my lip gloss on my back pocket. It exploded and went all over my jeans, and I have wash it twice and doesn't come out. ;(

By Teresa. (Guest Post)11/07/2008

I had lip gloss in my sweater pocket when it had exploded and can't seem to get rid of the strain

By Teresa. (Guest Post)11/07/2008

I had my lip gloss in my sweater pocket when it had exploded in my pocket and can't seem to get the stain out.

By lizzy (Guest Post)05/21/2008

Kerosene works but it might stink up your clothing, just make sure you wash it well (=

By Chastidy (Guest Post)12/09/2007

I spilled a red candle once on my carpet, we just moved into our new apartment and i was frantic to say the least, I called a friend. She told me to rip a paper bag to the size of the wax spill, place it over the wax and iron the paper bag. Repeat the process with new pieces of paper bag till it all comes up. IT WORKED to my surprise! This may apply to lip gloss idk, but good luck! or just for future reference! Chastidy

By sarah (Guest Post)11/05/2006

anyone know how to get coloured lipgloss out of clothes?(already been in the dryer)


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Lip Gloss Stains - Grease Spots on Clothing

My daughter left a tube of lip gloss in her jeans pocket. I washed and dried the jeans along with other clothes without realizing it was in the laundry. Now I have little grease spots all over a load of clothes. I have tried fels napha soap, murphys oil soap and a commercial stain stick. Nothing is removing the little grease spots. I know the original drying didn't help - what can I do to remove these spots?

K. Barnhart

WD 40

If the stains have already been through the dryer then the typical degreasers usually won't work. You actually have to freshen the grease for degreasers to work. Spray them with w-d 40 and then use dawn dishwashing liquid. I heard this trick on Oprah and it worked for me. (09/07/2004)

By Elizabeth

Greased Lightning

As I told Ann, who has grease or oil from a pickup truck on her beige 100% cotton pants, I've had great luck removing grease stains with a product called Greased Lightning. Although not cheap, I buy it at Wal-Mart and can sometimes find a coupon for it. Good luck Kathy (09/07/2004)

By FlaKathy

Dawn Dish Soap

Try Dawn liquid dish soap. I use it on my husband's grease spots on his shirts. Just put a bit on the spot directly and wash. Don't let it dry on the spot or you might get a stain from the soap. (07/09/2005)

By Anna

Getting Lip Gloss Out of Your Jeans

I had this sticky lipgloss in my back pocket and I sat down. I got it all over my jeans but what worked for me was dishwasher liquid. I got my jeans wet, then put on the liquid soap then reallym really scrubbed. Then I rinsed them out and let dry to see how it worked. If all of it didn;t come out then keep doing it until it does and then when it looks like most of is gone, put them in the wash and there ya go! (08/18/2005)

By Cindy

Fast Orange

My sister left lipgloss in her pants and it got all over my dress shirts. I washed them three times but it didnt work. But then I use a little Fast Orange (hand soap used for cleaning greasy hands). It worked great. (09/12/2005)

By Ben

Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover

Our daughter pulled her Basketball practice jersey along with our sons practice jersey from the dryer this a.m. and discovered that it had lipgloss (mauve) stains from our other daughters tube that was left in her jeans. My wife tried oxy style spray then 409 then InvisisGlass and none did much. Then she tried Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover. Put it on a cotton ball and rubbed it in until the red was gone. Worked like a charm. Expensive stuff, but it turned a tragedy for a teenager into a non-event. (11/04/2005)

By T. J.

Mechanics Hand Cleaner

Try mechanics hand cleaner. Rub it into the spot and wash again. it is designed to remove grease. There are many kinds. Ask for some at any auto parts store. (11/28/2005)

By Susan from ThriftyFun


I got greasy stuff in my hair once on halloween and I washed with everything and nothing worked. Then I used dishsoap (Palmolive) and worked great for me I hope it works just as good on your daughters hair. (11/28/2005)

By Lisa

RE: Lip Gloss Stains - Grease Spots on Clothing

FYI to All. Susan is correct. The mechanic's hand cleaner IS a dollar or two, and removed lip gloss from my shirt that had been washed and dried twice. I spent $4 on the cleaner I got, as you also had the option to get a little bottle with a brush attached on the side, which I found both appealing and useful. I would never have thought to buy mechanic's cleaner to remove lip gloss, but it sure worked like a charm on the first wash! Thank you for saving my favorite shirt Susan, I owe you one! (02/28/2006)

By gbettygurl

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