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Removing Odors From Jar Lids


I'd like to save some glass jars that pickles, salsa, tomato sauces, etc. come in, but I can't get rid of the odor on the lids. I've tried soaking them in baking soda, bleach, etc., but I haven't come up with anything that will eliminate the smell. Any suggestions?

Carolb from Ontario, Canada



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By Kelly 20 512 06/11/2006 Flag

I have never tried this on metal lids, but I use lemon juice (full strength) on my cutting boards after acidic foods (like onions, tomatoes, garlic, peppers) and I never have a trace of scent! I also rub it in my hands if the soap doesn't rid it. Maybe wet a towel and wipe them down or soak them if needed?

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By Sharyl 14 74 06/13/2006 Flag

Hi We usually put water in them and very gently place them in a flat part of the freezer and just leave them for a week or so - this works only sometimes

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By Coreen (Guest Post) 06/13/2006 Flag

Just keep soaking them with water for about a week or ten days, changing the water every day. I've done lots of them. This works for plastic 5 gallon buckets, too.

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By Sherrye (Guest Post) 06/14/2006 Flag

I have put the lids out in the hot sun for a few days and the odor will be gone. Works especially good for lids on "Dill" pickles when I want to reuse the jar.

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By judy (Guest Post) 06/14/2006 Flag


I use dry Mustard mixed with water and leave it in the jar for about 24 hours.

It should not be a thick mixture, but rather thin so you can shake the jar.

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06/14/2006 Flag

try making a paste using water and baking soda, allow to sit then rinse well

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