Making a Dish Less Salty


How do I make my dish less salty?

Fred from Newark, DE



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By me 3 88 03/02/2007

If it's soup or stew you can drop in a slice of potato to absorb the excess sodium, most other things i don't know. good luck

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By Carla J. Sanders 3 65 03/03/2007

A little sugar can sometimes balance out too much salt.

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By Jacquelyn Valentine 13 189 03/05/2007

Yes, the sugar and the potato are what I would have suggested, especially the potato. I put a whole potato in to absorb excess salt. It really works well. Even if it is not something that you want a potato in, you can remove the potato just before serving the dish.

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By mary (Guest Post) 03/05/2007

Is the potato reality or a myth? I think Alton Brown on the food channel dispelled the efficacy of a potato to sop up extra salt. My memory could be wrong. I have used a potato before and it never worked that miraculously.

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By cillabill (Guest Post) 03/05/2007

Well, I use potatoes in both stews and soup. I don't see how adding a potato could absorb the extra salt -- wouldn't the potatoes already in it do that?

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By Mirjam (Guest Post) 10/26/2007

The best thing I have always found is to add some dairy, especially half and half or cream. It totally reduces the saltiness; the more you put in the less salty your dish will get.

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By Katy 3 5 04/22/2008

I don't know if anyone still reads this post, but I'd like to point out that it is a common myth that a potato will make a soup less salty. It DOES absorb salt, but it also absorbs LIQUID, thus making the remaining liquid just as salty as it was before. You can't take salt out of liquid once it is dissolved. Adding sugar does not reduce the salt, it just makes the dish sweeter. (Maybe if it's sweeter you don't notice the salt as much?) The only way to remedy the situation is to add more liquid and other ingredients, so that the amount of salt is "spread out."

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By Martha 5 51 05/13/2008

Simple solution, Make your own soups, Dishes etc from Scratch and don't add any salt, You really won't notice the missing salt, I have excluded it from all my baking and cooking for yrs, I run a bakery as well and I've had people amazed at how good the food is and NO SALT was ever added! It's really all in our heads when we think we have to add Salt.

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By Greg H. 1 08/02/2013

Adding sugar to a salty dish does not work. I found adding vinegar, lemon juice or better yet crème frisch is the way to go. Sour cream also works in a pinch.

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By Harriet B. 1 2 03/10/2015

Try the peeled potato chunks work great... add more potatoes!

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