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Suave Green Apple Shampoo for Urine Odors

Suave Green Apple for Cleaning

Suave Green Apple for Cleaning

I have three males in my household. I had tried everything to get rid of the smell of urine in the toilet area. Scrub, scrub, scrub with every known cleaner. Not even vinegar would do the job. I was shopping at Big Lots and I was talking to a woman and she said she uses shampoo for urine smells. WHAT! The brand is Suave Green Apple at Walmart for $ 1.64. She suggested the sinks, shower and floors too. I did try it on those areas but find that my Bar Keeper's Friend does the ultimate job in the shower. So I'll use both in the shower. What impressed me the most was the result of no more urine smell! Whew! A squeeze onto the sponge did the job. This bottle will last forever! I clean toilets twice a week.

What a saving plus, I actually found a solution. So all you out there that have had it with cleaning and still having the urine smell, well pick up Suave Green Apple Shampoo. I promise you'll be so glad you did.

Jennifer, CA



By Allison 21 158 03/19/2007 Flag

That's pretty neat about it getting rid of urine odors, but are you sure its a good idea to clean the toilet with a sponge? Wouldn't the sponge grow LOTS of bacteria, which would get redeposited back onto the toilet the next time you clean?

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By Vi Johnson 286 801 03/19/2007 Flag

With sponges 8-10 or even more for 99 cents they are disposible, better safe than sorry.
Great Granny Vi

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By Sam (Guest Post) 03/19/2007 Flag

Hmmm....clean your bathroom twice a week, dispose of the sponges after each use, that would be 104 sponges a year into the landfill; just how long does it take 104 sponges to deteriorate?

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By kidsNclutter (Guest Post) 03/19/2007 Flag

Too many disposable items in our society. Did you never hear of laundering cleaning cloths with bleach to disinfect them then drying in a hot dryer? You can do it to sponges too, or soak them in a bucket of bleach water, but rinse well & air dry them b/c they could catch fire in the dryer. Always rinse well b/c bleach can react dangerously w/ other cleaning products. What do you use to clean your bathrooms (toilet area)? If it's paper towels or wipes they can be eco-unfriendly as well, in a different way. Everything costs something, in terms of money and also the environment. Every product must be manufactured from raw materials or recycled materials then used & disposed or of laundered & reused, or recycled. I personally would not consider cleaning sponges disposable until they are well worn. I choose cotton terry cloth bar towels & sponges which I launder when I have a load. That doesn't take long in our house. But that is a personal choice. Everything has its pros & cons.

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By Marge Mayhew 3 149 03/19/2007 Flag

Thanks for the tip! I can't wait to try it. I hope no one is losing sleep over how many sponges I might throw into the landfill. For those of you who may be stressing......... I use a sturdy paper towel for that job and just pitch it when I'm done!

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By Jennifer 10 123 03/19/2007 Flag

I always use paper towels for cleaning. I really wanted to scrub the area well so I used a sponge. Haven't had to scrub the area since. So sorry for not being more specific on the sponge use. I usually apply about the size of a nickel to a few wet paper towels then I wipe down and wipe it off(drying). No more scrubbing now! It was the smell that I was the most pleased to get rid of. I guess I should of elimated the sponge in photo! As far as landfill deposits, be serious. You can sanitize/sterilize most anything. You could use a rag instead and bleach it in washing machine/sink dry in dryer or hang out to dry. Whatever works for you.
Jennifer CA

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By Tina Brown 5 100 03/20/2007 Flag

Back to the urine smell, glue the seat down and teach them to sit to pee. lol Better yet, give each male in the house a chance to clean the mess up themselves. You could get the toilet cleaned 3 times a week, set their days and have cleaning supplies handy. Teaches them to respect how they treat property and when they go to other people's homes, they won't be missing and leaving a nasty trail.

I guess I just don't believe that all housework should be a woman's chore. Everyone lives there and it should be divided up. Believe it or not, it can happen!

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By Paula 14 328 03/20/2007 Flag

I am going to have to try the Green Apple Shampoo, hope I can find it at the Dollar store. I will have to also try the paper towels for cleaning; I have always used cloth rags and then wash them in the machine with bleach both in the wash and the rinse. Think of all the energy, water, and bleach I have been wasting all of those years!

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By Mary 12 195 03/29/2007 Flag

great tip Jennifer!

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By Liz WI (Guest Post) 04/11/2007 Flag

What! Do you bleach their underwear like mad too? I mean, guys dribble all the time. And, hello, even paper towels go in the landfill as well. I use old ratty T-shirts and cut them washcloth size to clean the bathroom. I wash them seperately from the rest of the wash, but in a smaller wash cycle and then hang them to dry. By the way, the cleaning solution you wiped around the toilet to sanitize it also is on the cloth in a concentrated form, thus sanitizing it as well when you wash it. I understand the Eww factor with toilet cleaning. If it really bugs you, resort to the lysol santizing wipes and find some other way to save the earth.

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By Linda 6 17 05/21/2010 Flag

OMG, all the criticism. The point was Green Apple shampoo for the residual smell. Thanks for the tip. Folks, come on don't be so critical. I use old towels torn up, wash them until they fall apart and then throw them away. It is a good tip, I'll get some green apple shampoo and try it. Peace.

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