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Frost Free Freezer Has Frost In It

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Why is my frost free freezer getting frost inside it? Is my freezer/fridge going out? My fridge is about 10 years old. I was thinking maybe the seal isn't sealing correctly. We have already replaced the seal around the fridge which was $70.00 to replace. Should I get a new refridgerator? I don't know what I should do. Any suggestions would help.

Thanks in advance.
luv2craft from Normalville, Pennsylvania



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By Robman07/19/2011

If your door wasn't closed this could definitely happen. If it's still happening though, you've got a bigger problem.

Generally speaking they say you shouldn't repair your appliances if it's going to cost more than half the cost of a new one - great rule of thumb. Although a new fridge might be a little bit more cost effective in the long run, if this is the only issue you're having I'd just repair it and be on your way.

I was having a similar problem and I just put my model number into this site and it gave me a whole list of common issues with the model of my fridge. Frost build-up was one of them! I got the part, watched a video on the same site and fixed my fridge in like 3 days.

*Just realized how old this thread is. I'm sure you've solved your problem by now but hopefully will help someone else.

By Micki (Guest Post)02/04/2008

After not opening my freezer for about 5 hours, there was frost everywhere. Could it be that I had not closed the door tightly? Would any thing else have caused this?

By Jackie Martin [1]03/03/2006

It could be that the frost free workings of the fridge is no longer working. I would suggest you empty the freezer and defrost it in the old fashioned way. After the frost is gone, check the sides and back of the freezer compartment and see where it is still cold. It could be the coils in the back of the freezer are still iced up. I have taken a hair dryer to mine and thawed it out. It worked. This is only a suggestion. I know we need a new one, but, it is not possible at this point in time, so it is thaw, thaw, thaw, just like the old days for me!!


Our old fridge (15 yrs at least) was in the house when we bought it.
It still looked nice, worked well. But we decided to get new appliances and sold the old. So we purchased the new fridg at Sears. We were amazed how the electric bill dropped aprox $30 or more a month The new fridge paid for it self!!!

By Me (Guest Post)02/24/2006

I agree. If you can afford it buy a new one. The older ones are huge energy wasters. It will pay for itself in no time.

By Carol (Guest Post)02/23/2006

I know this doesnt answer your question. However, I think the life expectancy for any appliance is 10 years... You'll be surprised at how much energy (money) you save when you get a new one!

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