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Keeping Dogs From Pooping on Grass

Keeping the neighbor's dogs from pooping on the grass can be a challenge. This is a guide about keeping dogs from pooping on grass.

A no dog pooping sign in someone's lawn.
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March 31, 2011 Flag
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I have people who live next door (I don't consider them neighbors). They have a dog. I have asked them on separate occasions not to let their dog poop on my grass. They have a backyard which the dog could use. They are smokers and anytime they go to their car, they let the dog run loose and naturally he hits my grass.

I have tried some products, the only drawback is I had to spray my lawn every three days. Does anyone have any suggestions to keep him from making my lawn his personal bathroom? My lawn guy will be getting my grass ready for the summer, and I really don't want him being greeted again by the dog poop.

Sure I was told that they would pay the extra money he would charge for picking up their dog poop. The problem I have is they will not honor my request. I don't want to harm the dog, just keep him off my lawn!

By Beverly from Detroit, MI

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Dogs are not suppose to be off their property without being on a leash. Since you've talked with the dog owners about this issue and it's not being addressed to your satisfaction, then take it a step further; call the local dog warden of your problem and let them deal with your issue on your behalf.

If the problem continues after the warden's first visit, call again. The first visit is usually a warning and after that it gets tougher. If the owners love their dog, they will keep it confined on their own premise.

A fence makes good neighbors, so check the fence laws/regulations in your state/county. These change and you want to be up to date with what a neighbor must pay or may not have to pay if you decide to put up a fence. An agreement of what type of fence can be put up on a borderline for an example and find out the cost. You can put your own up off the borderline so many feet from it, but at your own expense and neighbor cannot dispute unless it's an electric fence, another example.

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We used to have the same problem. My husband would pick up the dog poop and put it back in their yard. Didn't help. Then he started putting it right at their front door. A few times of stepping in it and they stopped letting the dog go in our yard.

I also saw a sign in a catalog (can't remember which one) that was in the shape of a tombstone, it said "Here lies the last dog that pooped in my yard!" You could maybe make up something like that. Good luck!

Margaret from Denton, Texas

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Get an airhorn and every time you see the dog poop in your yard, blast away with the airhorn. Will not hurt the dog and will get your neighbor's attention. Will also get other neighbors attention; maybe it will embarrass them into being more considerate.

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Buy some black pepper from the $1 store and spread it liberally where the dog usually enters your yard. I use it on my porch when my neighbors' cats start spraying my door. It keeps them away from quite awhile. You will have to reapply it if you water, if it rains, etc, but it might "teach" the dog to pick his own yard over yours!

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What can I get to keep dogs from pooping on my grass?



Keeping Dogs From Pooping on Grass

Try "Grant's Dog and Cat Repellent" I found it at a local nursery, but you can order it online. I used it to teach my dogs to stay out of flower beds, but learned it's also effective to keep cats that are allowed to run out as well. You need to use it daily until your animals learn where they can and cannot go. If it's other animals - you could put up a fence. (04/04/2007)


Keeping Dogs From Pooping on Grass

Place the large Pop bottles filled with water on your lot, I don't know how large your lot is. But we place one on each corner. The dogs won't poop where they think it is food. Sounds off the wall, but it works (07/08/2007)

By supersweep

Keeping Dogs From Pooping on Grass

My next door neighbor lets her dog poop in the area behind my patio in heavy vines so she doesn't have to clean it up. I complained to the manager, but to no avail. I want to put something on my driveway so it won't go there, and something right on the vines. So I need something to pour on the driveway that won't hurt the cement, and something for the vines that won't hurt them.

I don't care about the dog. How about some results? (11/20/2007)

By Charlene

Keeping Dogs From Pooping on Grass

Try a sign for the owner. Do a search for no dog poop on the grass tin sign. (02/08/2008)

By Jim

RE: Keeping Dogs From Pooping on Grass

Keeping Dogs From Pooping on Grass

We live in a subdivision, HOA. A nearby woman walked her two small dogs every day to our front yard, she did bring a bag to pick up after them. I had finally had enough of her, would have gone outside except still in pj's, I opened the window and yelled at her and told her not to bring them in my yard again. That I had already discussed this with the board of directors and my next step was animal control and I would file a complaint against her. She walked away shaking her head up and down "yes". I am sure anybody around here heard me but she has not been back. She is now using the yard on the corner. I am not sure what is wrong with her. They say ignorance is bliss. (04/30/2008)

Keeping Dogs From Pooping on Grass

I have had people tell me to spread lye in the area, but I really don't want to hurt the dog I am not sure of this I guess its best to ask a Vet. (12/29/2008)

By George in Naples,Fla

Keeping Dogs From Pooping on Grass

My next door neighbor was letting his dog poop around my mailbox, which is next to the road. One day when I saw the neighbor working in his front lawn I greeted him like a good neighbor. I told him I was having a problem with dogs pooping around my mailbox and I was puzzled as to what to do to stop it. I told him that I didn't want to put any poison down around the area as I didn't want to harm the dogs. I told him that I was thinking about sprinkling pepper all around the mailbox to prevent this. Well, the next day I didn't see any fresh poop around the mailbox, nor the day after, nor the day after that.....and so on. I never did put any pepper down around the mailbox, but it solved the problem. I never mentioned this topic again with my neighbor. (12/30/2008)

By John C.

Keeping Dogs From Pooping on Grass

My subdivision there are 2000 homes probably 1/3 to half have dogs and that may be an understatement. Dog poop has filled the side of my house in front lawn countless times and at times even my driveway. I have had it! I contacted the HOA today to notify them of what I can do since it is against HOA policy to post any type of signs accept if it is approved. My 3 year old son stuck his hand in some today and I am completely lost on what to do. I am diffidently buying a security camera to install on house to at least catch some who are doing this.

I used to love dogs and I have grown up with them my whole life but since I have moved here and have seen the insensitive disrespectful dog owners invade my property with dog crap (sometimes with worms coming out) I have now grown to hate dogs and think that this whole dog owner thing in society is complete madness. I can't believe people will put the health of my kids 2nd to their dog. This is madness people, madness! (06/13/2010)

By finly77

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