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Cleaning Grease off a Deep Fryer

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How do I clean my fryer? Its caked up with old grease.

By kevinhulin from Wilmington, NC


Recent Answers

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By Michelle P [3]07/20/2009

I use a baking soda paste (baking soda and water) or just straight baking soda. Works great everytime!

By JSRP [15]07/17/2009

Oven cleaner (even off brands) will work and will not hurt the finish. Just make sure that you are outside when you do it because the fumes are heavy!

By Helmut [8]07/15/2009

Make sure it is dry, then spray it with Engine Shampoo or Engine Degreaser, let it stand for an hour, and wash it
with hot, soapy water and a stiff brush. In extreme cases, you may have to repeat the procedure, but usually once is
enough. It does not hurt aluminum or stainless steel. Have Fun!


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Archive: Cleaning Grease off a Deep Fryer

I have been given an old, but reliable deep fryer that has years of baked on grease all over the pan. Can anyone tell me how to remove the grease and clean it up?

JW from Melbourne, Australia

RE: Cleaning Grease off a Deep Fryer

I used WD-40 to clean 5 years of grease off my oven hood screen. It took a little elbow grease, but it worked. All shiny now. (08/04/2005)

By shisaiah

RE: Cleaning Grease off a Deep Fryer

I have cookie sheets that had years of stuff on them and I purchased Dawn Power Dissolver and sprayed them and they came clean. It may take several times and let soak 30 minutes, but it should to the trick (08/04/2005)

By Cheryl

RE: Cleaning Grease off a Deep Fryer

I would use Easy Off No Fume oven cleaner to take grease off your deep fryer. You can also use Easy Off to clean your bath tub, it works great. (08/05/2005)

By Karen

RE: Cleaning Grease off a Deep Fryer

I'm not sure about using WD-40 on a deep fryer? Don't try this at home kids. (06/25/2006)

By Me

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