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Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

I have two cats, 16 and 19 years old, both spayed. They both eat a low protein vet cat food to help with an early stage kidney problem the oldest has. They have two oversize litter boxes that are kept clean, no change in the litter brand. They see a vet twice a year, two weeks ago was their last visit.


The youngest, 16, has been peeing in the bedrooms, on the beds, on the floor around the litter box for the past year (finally caught her in the act, couldn't be sure which one it was before). I use an odor destroyer, but it is now getting out of hand. I caught her climbing up into a plastic shelf and peeing on it/in it. Is she getting senile?

The vet had suggested bringing a litter box into my bedroom, but if she is climbing a shelf to go pee, I do not think it is because she is too tired to go downstairs. The house only has two floors so it is not far. They have their own door to the litter box so they are not prevented from getting there.

Choices are getting very narrow here. I do not want to confine her to one room in the basement. She has slept with my husband and me every night since she was 8 weeks old. Any suggestions?

By Kellys cats from NB, Canada

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November 16, 20050 found this helpful

I'm glad I found this site, I hope someone can help me out there. I have a 6 year old cat and she tends to pee wherever she pleases. It is getting very frustrating. It's getting to the point where I can't handle it, peeing on plastic bags, on the floor, my clothes, my purse. Please, if anyone has any advice for me I would be very greatful.

Thanks so much,

Penny from Ontario

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June 25, 20100 found this helpful

It's quite possible that your cat has either kidney stones or a bladder infection. My friend had a female cat named Callie who was doing the same thing. She was peeing on just about everything, including my friends bed, numerous times; she was an older cat also (I think she was 17?).

We took her to the vet who said after doing a urine test that Callie had a bladder infection & also tiny little crystals in her urine. He prescribed some antibiotics, but also warned that it's possible the antibiotics wouldn't help much due to her age & whatnot. The vet said the little crystals in her urine caused pain & made her not able to hold her bladder very well - and that the crystals themselves were a big problem. He also suggested a change of diet might help, but I can't seem to remember what he had recommended.

So, to suffice, the antibiotics didn't really help much at all, & within a few days Callie was peeing all over again. The vet pretty much gave my friend two choices, live w/ the peeing everywhere or put her down. He said because of the crystals in her urine there wasn't much he could do & especially given her age, her quality of life would go downhill soon & if she wasn't suffering already, she soon would be.

My friend ended up having Callie put to sleep because she didn't want Callie to be suffering anymore, (& washing the bedding daily was getting to be a bit much)

I can't seem to remember what the crystals in her urine meant though!

Your cat seems to have the same symptoms as Callie had, however, & you mentioned your older having kidney issues - have they done a urinalysis on her (your younger one)? Perhaps you could ask your vet if maybe your cat has crystals in her urine? Maybe they have better treatments for it now (it was at least 5 years ago that Callie had this issue).

I hope this helps a tiny bit!And I hope things get better with your cat!

Oh, I gonna say as well:

Have you tried maybe moving the litter box upstairs? Just to see if she'll use it instead? Maybe there's a bathroom you could stick it in upstairs for a few days just to see if it helps before going back to the vet for more answers.

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June 25, 20100 found this helpful

I apologize profusely in advance if I am not being very diplomatic and I am not trying to be mean but it isn't sounding to me as if you're really concerned about their comfort but rather more concerned about yours. What's wrong with having a litter box on each floor? Do you know how old 16 year old and 19 year old cats are in people years? 80 and 92! How would you like to be those ages and be expected to go to one toilet in the basement when your bladder is full and you're that old? I bet you would find a closer place to pee pee too! And confining a family member to one room alone is cruel. Please just place a litter box upstairs in your bedroom, where the 16 year old you say sleeps with you and your husband since a tiny kitten, like your vet suggested!

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June 26, 20100 found this helpful


Put out more litter boxes! Your fur babies need a closer place to do their business. Did your Veterinarian recommend a urinalysis? If not, you should have one done. Please make them more comfortable. Sher, Bears & Punnie

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June 26, 20100 found this helpful

If there is no medical reason for the cat to be doing this. she is probably upset with you or someone else in the home including another pets. Some cats prefer to be an only "child".

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June 26, 20100 found this helpful

It really sounds like a bladder infection, or at least a bladder irritation. Be sure to have the vet check for this. the test is not part of a regular visit. I have had the same problem. I got a product called Tinkel Tonic. Most natural pet stores carry it. It did wonders for my cat. Another product that helped is Comfort Zone with feliway. I still use both of them all the time. Good luck.

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June 28, 20100 found this helpful

Thanks Everyone for your response. I am going to go back to the vet and ask for an urine analysis and to check her bladder carefully. I will try the Tinkel Tonic and the Comfort Zone. I will add the cats have lived together for the past 16 years with no added pets, and my son came along 5 years ago, so I do think it must be a bladder infection or senility or she is just getting old. I really do hope that she gets better, and that it is not urine crystals. Thanks

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June 24, 20100 found this helpful

I have 3 cats, 1 male and 2 females. I have had the male and the oldest female fixed already. I have recently had the youngest female fixed. Since then the oldest female has been urinating on everything from blankets and beds to clean and dirty clothes. I don't want to have to get rid of her so please tell me what is the best thing for me to do. Thank you.


By Tara from NC


Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

I think the best thing for you to do is consult with your vet to rule out any medical issues. If her health is fine, perhaps the vet can give suggestions to help with the behavior. (02/08/2010)

By mrs.story

Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

She is doing this because she is very mad at you. Make it up to her, baby her a bit and hope she stops. Sometimes just the vet smell gets them to do this. I had 4 cats and I ended putting one down when she started peeing in the stove burners. But the day she walked down on the top of the couch and turned her back and peed on my face that was enough for me. Give her a little bit longer until the smell and everything goes away. It is just jealousy. Good luck. (02/08/2010)

By hercybaby

RE: Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

I've been there. The first thing to consider is a bladder infection. When my cat started doing this, that is what he had. A trip to the vet helped a lot. They are afraid of the litter box because going there hurts. My cat was feral originally and never thought the litter box was a really good idea. I have solved the problem with a product called Comfort Zone with feliway. And if I am around when he uses the litter box, he gets a treat.

He is always sitting next to the litterbox looking hopeful. I got one of the Comfort Zone plug ins and plugged it in and forgot about it. Then I noticed that he never peed in the dining area where I had the plug in. I just ordered 3 more and we have not had an accident since. Each one covers a 14 x 14 room. Wherever there is a smell of the pheromone they will not mark (pee or scratch). (02/08/2010)

By Lizzyanny

Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

Probably a UTI, my cat was doing the same thing. Took her to the vet at someone's suggestion and what do you know the poor little girl had a UIT. All fixed, no more peeing all over the house. Good luck. (02/09/2010)

By caraing

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February 8, 20100 found this helpful

I have two cats at home, one female, the other male. The male is the younger one, and we've never experienced any problems with him. However, the older female we got from a shelter is a different story. She is very sweet and is quite the snuggler. While we enjoy her cuddlyness to the max, she has (what I think) an "ego" problem.

She holds herself as second in command, next to the parent of the house, and as equals to the children. However she has the habit of "letting it fly" whenever she pleases. I do believe we have tried everything short of using actual tools (sonic or electric alike) to discourage her from being a certain place. She has caused well over $ 1,000 in damage to our couches, and we've run through several of them just because of her. We have tried spraying anti urine and scratching chemicals. There have also been changes of the litter we use, where the cat box is located, even her diet.

A new couch? She'll pee on it. A new (expensive) rug? She'll pee on it. Large plastic trash bag left over night in the downstairs bathroom? She peed on that, too. Adult's bed? She peed on it. Younger child's bean bag chair? Peed on both of them. Newly carpeted crawlspace under the stairs? There was a pillow in there, and she peed on it. Also a blanket and she peed on that, too. Cover up blankets and pillows in crawlspace with plastic tarp? She peed on it. Three times in one day.

We are at the near end of our ropes, with one firm vote to take her back to the shelter. Another to clean up the mess (again) and keep her. And the last to find some possible explanation that may provide us with a way to stop her attitude.

We really don't want to get rid of her, but we will not have our house held hostage by this cat that feels the need to pee for whatever reason. Referrals to a cat psychology specialist or expert is honestly what I'm looking for as soon as possible.

Bee from Calabasas, CA


Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

Have you taken her to the vet? My dog did that awhile back and we found out she had a bladder infection. After she took her medication she was back to normal. Hope you get something figured out. (05/16/2005)

By Felicia

Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

First of all, is she spayed? Spaying your female cat will help very very much. Right now she is marking her territory and spraying everywhere she can think of. Her instincts are telling her to let all male cats know her presence and spraying on everything her way of doing that. She is probably going through her "cat heat" also known as "estrus".

You can try to move her litter box near the areas she sprays (pees) the most. Having your cat spayed whilst she is in heat can cause complications during the surgery like increased vessel size and lowered clotting ability. Consult your vet to determine the best time to get her spayed, if in fact she hasn't already been fixed.

Last of all, is her litter box cleaned everyday? Cats are very clean and like to maintain good hygiene, that's why they clean themselves so much. If the litter box is dirty, she will go to the bathroom elsewhere.

Here is a website full of information on this topic:
Believe me, you are certainly not alone in this. I went through it with all three of my cats. Best of luck to you. Check out the internet as their are endless topics and forums on this. (05/16/2005)

By shedrivesz

Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

After re-reading your post I realized your cat is 6 years old. She is probably past her heat years and may have already been fixed. The comment Felicia made regarding a bladder infection is something to consider. If you brought in an addition to your family such as a new baby or another pet, she could be doing it out of spite, or if you were away on vacation for a while she may also spray out of spite. Cats can be quite spiteful and have very sensitive feeling. I do hope you can figure it out. (05/16/2005)

By shedrivesz

Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

We had that problem with an older cat. Our vet gave him Valium for a short time. He was woozy for a day and then was fine, did not act drugged or odd. He did stop peeing everywhere though. Ask your vet, it's worth a try. (05/16/2005)

By pampredchefdeb

Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

I have a male cat, who is 8 years old and he was doing the same thing. We had taken him to the vet numerous times, but each time it turned out that he wasn't sick. The vet recommended two things, both of which we tried. One is a medication that they can prescribe that is a kitty prozac. You rub it twice a day on the inside of their ear. We did that for a while which helped, but I didn't want him to have to be on this type of medication for the rest of his life.

The second, which by the way we are still using, is Feliway. They make a plug-in, similar to the Glade plug-ins. We have 2 of these plugged in now, and they have been a lifesaver. Petco sells these, but they are rather expensive there. I recently saw some on BizRate which are about half the cost. Good luck, I hope you find a solution, sometimes cats do this for no apparent reason. Mine was. (05/17/2005)

By MissyD

Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

Your veterinarian can help you sort out behavioral problems as well as physical ones. This is important for your kitty as well as your sanity. They can also suggest ways to eliminate the odors so the cat doesn't go back there. Medical attention is important and a lot cheaper than replacing a bunch of carpet and furniture. (05/17/2005)

By guest

Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

Sounds like your cat has cystitis. It is caused by ash that is in certain brands of cat food and is very painful and will result in death if it is untreated. Please take your cat to the vet immediately. (11/16/2005)


Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

I have a solution. I have the same problem. My elderly female cat pees on rugs, clothes, dog beds, floors, etc. and here is what we do:

I bought a ferret playpen, it is like a dog kennel, but has 2 ramps and 2 stories and and shelves to sleep on. (Dr. Fosters/Smith) She has to go in it at night and when we are not home. Pretty much like a puppy. I put newspaper all on the bottom, because even though there is a litter box in the kennel as well, she pees everywhere, but in the litter box. I have food and water in it, too. It is big enough for her to sleep in an unsoiled area. I keep a litter box, food and water inside and she can stay in it for hours. The pan slips out of bottom and I spray clean with OUT Petstain odor and remover daily. I change the newspaper on the bottom as much as I can, too. This way, she can live her days in a loving home and not drives us crazy or drive us to get rid of her. (10/05/2006)

By Paula

Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

My eight year old cat is doing the same exact thing. I don't know what to do. My mother is considering putting her down if we don't get the problem solved. So we're going to take her to the vet as soon as possible. I hope nothing is seriously wrong with her.

The things I have heard about this issue are:
Peeing could mean she's stressed, the environment could be bringing it on, the lid on the litter box could be annoying her, a urinary tract infection, or emotional things.

By Kortnie

Female Cat Peeing Everywhere

They are marking territory, an old female cat I have at home doesn't like the other ones, another female and a male, coming over the bed, so he pees on it. Now no one is allowed in the bed, but it is a territorial thing. (12/10/2007)

By Luis

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