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Purple Primer for PVC Stain on The Floor


How do you clean PVC purple primer off of linoleum?

By Judy from Enid, OK


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By Deanj 917 01/03/2011 Flag

I have done that and I don't think there is anyway to remove the purple colored primer short of replacing the linoleum.

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Question: PVC Primer Removal

How I remove PVC primer off my linoleum?

By Terence

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By Deanj 917 05/23/2012 Flag

I don't believe you can. Or at least I don't know of anyone who successfully ever removed PVC primer from linoleum. My suggestion is to call a plumber in your area and ask if they have a cure. They use the stuff all the time and must have some experience with spills.

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Archive: Purple Primer for PVC Stain on The Floor

I am trying to remove a stain from vinyl flooring. I had an almost empty bottle of Oatey Purple Primer for PVC, CPVC turn upside down on a cloth which then ended up on the floor. There is a purple spot about the size of a 50 cent piece. Any ideas?

Bill from Virginia


RE: Oatey Purple Primer for PVC Stain on The Floor

We had the same problem and found a suggestion on the internet to try using Goof Off. I was afraid that it may damage the vinyl flooring but decided to try it anyway. It worked great. If there is damage to the finish on the vinyl, I can't see it yet. (11/23/2007)

By J. Martin

Archive: Purple Primer for PVC Stain on The Floor

The hubby spilled the purple plumber's glue on the new linoleum. I have tried everything to get it up, and nothing is working. I am to the point of cutting it out. Any ideas? Thanks guys.

By Kate from Hudson, FL

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