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Cleaning Tea Stains Off of Glass Pitcher

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I make iced tea everyday. My glass pitcher has brown stains on it. How can I clean them?

Robin from Marietta,GA



Recent Answers

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By Kathy L.11/08/2014

I just used distilled white vinegar on both my glass coffee/tea pot and plastic tea pitcher and it worked very well.

By Elaine09/29/2007

We have the same issue with our coffee decantor. I have found filling the decantor, or in your case your glass pitcher for tea, with water and then place an Electrosol Dishingwashing Detergent tablet in the water to dissolve. Let it sit for an hour or so, then wipe and rinse. You will have a squeeky clean container with no elbow grease needed :-)

By Hope09/29/2007

I make several pots of tea every day. The easiest way to clean the pots and pitchers is to sprinkle baking soda and salt inside then use a sponge [reserved just for this use] to wipe off all the stains. Use the hottest water from your faucet to thoroughly rinse. Everything is naturaland inexpensive, too.

By Lora (Guest Post)09/29/2007

I used to work as a waitress and we cleaned the glass containers with ice and salt placed directly in the container. You shake the container and roll it gently in your hands so the ice moves around with the salt. It worked well. All you do is rinse when complete.

By lisa (Guest Post)09/28/2007

Bleach will eat away at the stains quickly. Swish and rinse.

By ruthvalley gal (Guest Post)09/28/2007

I have cleaned out vases and pitchers with a tablet of Denture cleanser and filled up with water. Let set for a few hours, shake periodically and then rinse thoroughly.

By Margie Minard (Guest Post)09/28/2007

I find that filling the pitcher with hot water and adding a couple of tablespoons of granulated or gel dishwasher detergent, waiting an hour or so, and swishing with a cloth just makes my coffee carafe sparkle! Be sure to rinse very well. White vinegar may do it, too.

By (Guest Post)09/28/2007

I use clorox clean-up on my tea stained very well. Just be careful it is bleach and be sure to rinse well.

By Julie - Australia (Guest Post)09/28/2007

Use salt with a little water. This works well for tea cups too. It does not scratch & is really cheap.

By Marty Dick [152]09/28/2007

Try some vinegar and water in it... Let it set for a while and it should come out clean as a pin.

By mcw [80]09/28/2007

Also make a paste of baking soda and a few drops of water. Rub with cloth, tea stains will come right off.

By joan pecsek [88]09/27/2007

Fill the pitcher with hot water and drop in several denture cleaning tablets (use the cheapest kind you can find). Let sit overnight. Next day, pour the water out and wash the pitcher with a rough wash cloth (I save old ones for things like this). If the stains are built up you may have to do this several times. After that do it once a week for maintenance.

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