At What Age Do Dogs Go Into Their First Heat?


At what age does a female Chihuahua go into heat? Twice now in as many days I think I've seen blood on my white shorts and it's not coming from me. She's my brother's dog and he is sure to freak out never having a female dog before. I'm leaving in 2 days and want to help him before I go.

By Peggy from San Antonio, TX


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By Brenda 1 03/13/2011

A female dog usually goes into heat around 6 months of age and ever six months or so after her first. If he doesn't intend to breed her, he might want to have her spayed. Not only does a bitch in heat make a bit of a mess but she also will attract the attention of every frisky male for miles from the scent of her "heat". - Brenda (dog breeder for 23 years)

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By Peggy 63 173 03/14/2011

Thank you Brenda for the quick response. That would be about right then for her. She's a week short of being 5 months. Yesterday she acted like she didn't feel good all day, just laying on her pillow . Bless her heart, I felt bad for her.
He does plan on having her spayed but is recovering from a heart attack and just haven't had a chance.I've grown so attached to her I've threatened to doggie-nap her. I just love her, is going to be hard to go home and leave her.

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By Cricket 205 896 03/14/2011

Msburny, shy of 5 months isn't unheard of either. I have had many dogs go into their first heat between 4-5 months of age. It's good to hear he plans to have her spayed. Hope he can do it before she's "discovered" by a male!

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By Marcie 6 220 03/14/2011

Get her fixed! Dogs can go into heat very early. A male dog will find her, the scent goes for miles. Please, please, get her fixed or there will be unwanted puppies in 8 weeks.

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